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Sweating Bullets: Revised and expanded edition of: You Can Do Anything You Set Your Mind To. 2022.

An inspirational true story about how an impression made by a high school teacher on one of his students coupled with the thought-provoking lyrics of a heavy metal front man were instrumental in helping a woman lift herself up out of depression.

#inspirational #Truestory #Depression

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Based an actual event #Truestory

I wrote this like 5 years ago, after I decided to ended my 6 years of a very complicated relationship. I do have a background as a substance abuser and so does my partner at that time. Both have a mentally issued, we both still married at that time (yes, it was an affair) but my justification is I already separated with my wife from 2010 and still we haven't divorce. At that time, I didn't know that I had several health issues, such as autoimmune (SLE), bipolar mood disorder, etc. And it made things worse, because my partner accused me using heroin again. The withdrawal symptoms of heroin kinda similar with my SLE symptoms. When she became angry, she was very abusive, physically and mentally. I've been stabbed from the back with her (literally), which punctured my right lung, so by the time I came to the hospital, my left lung was full of blood, I had to go under major surgery. And finally I came to the moment that "enough is enough". I had enough "drama" in my life, so I decided to left her. The interesting part is when we broke up, we actually move to the same city. We both used to live in Jakarta, Indonesia and then moved to Bali, Indonesia. We still bumped with each other several times but that's it. She already moved on and so did I. The difference is she has another partner now (she's still not divorce yet) but I choose not to have a relationship again. For my opinion, it will "drained" my energy. Thankfully, I enjoy my solitude. And I'm grateful right now. For me and for her.

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call me Angie

I would like to introduce myself again. Call me Angie. Last year January 2017, I was fine. The only thing that worried me was my mother. Suddenly she got a rare illness. She was glad that few I was healthy. But suddenly it hit me. In addition, the fellow humans only from "now is not so" or as "your mother exaggerates it". I tried to think positive but there I got it. In addition, these sayings of the fellow humans. Now we continue to try to think positive. Even if the people were mean, and the doctors that they did not care. In addition, a dramatic story I have from the doctors. I do not want to think about it anymore! That's why I am afraid of fear in small and high places. What i never had !! Therefore, we think about a therapy dog, was also decided now we have to search for one and wait. I can't wait 6months ... and it's December, it's often more difficult! I hope the time is up. I am looking forward to the healthy life with my dog. I hope it goes on.🙏🏼🤧💗 #LymeDisease #LymeWarrior #story #ChronicIllness #Truestory #sadstory #ChronicIllness 🙏🏼💜 #

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Encourage independent women #Knowyourworth #Encorage #Empowerment #Absolutely #Truestory #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #BpDbeautifully #Lovemehateme #Memyselfandi #EDUCATE #Respect

Raising little girls is not easy or for the faint hearted - poor fathers across the world struggle letting their daughters go freely into the world when its time - don’t clip her wings for she has to learn - to trust wholeheartedly that she is prepared and ready - Daughter Sister Mother Auntie Granddaughters She Female Feminine - Independence Education Hustler giving her all to fly her path with enrichment and knowledge from you from us from me myself and I

Namaste 🙏💡🙏

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