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#Truth #Poetry #underdog #Pain #darkness

This for all the people like me
Flawed and overlooked
I speak for those just like me
Shy and reserved
Never getting what u deserve
This for all my people who can relate
Don’t this shit seem all so fake
We wake up everyday and do what it takes
Putting a smile on our face, for goodness sakes
It never seems to be enough
Shit always seem rough
But it’s never an opportunity to simply give up
I know someone can understand
If you do please raise ya hand
I speak to those who already gave up
You definitely had enough
Your going because you must
But truth be told you don’t give a fuck!

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How To Reparent Your Inner Underdog Child

1) Tell them they aren't obligated to prove themselves to anyone anymore.

2) Show them you are supportive of them regardless of their level of achievement.

3) Assure and show your Inner Child Underdog Child it's ok to pursue activities strictly for fun!

4) Show them your love for them is unconditional regardless of what their future holds.

#Parents #innerchild #Healing #Trauma #reparenting #newthought #Selfcompassion #radicalselflove #underdog #ShadowWork