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Letter to my inner child

Dear inner child, I'm so sorry you are in so much pain. Your parents were cruel and did not love you the way you deserved to be loved. They didn't understand mental illness and chronic pain. You didn't know they aren't your biological parents. That would have made lots of sense of what you endured. But they can't hurt us now. Dad died 14 years ago and mom is trying to figure us out. We don't even live in the same state as mom. We have only seen mom once in 14 years. It's going to be ok. We have a girlfriend now that is redefining what love is all about. She's incredible and accepting. We are finally comfortable with our genderqueer identity. Everything is better now. We can finally embrace the shadow without fear of PTSD triggers. It's time to heal.

#ShadowWork #MentalHealth #Trauma

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Therapy homework

@flutterbunny helped me with my therapy homework tonight. I think it turned out really good. I'm doing more shadow work with my therapist and we're gonna do some healing for my inner child. This is what we did tonight:

Shadow journal

• What are you insecure about? Why?Chest-gender dysphoria. Weight-affecting health.

• What do you think is your best quality?
Your worst quality? Why are they "good" or "bad"? Best-a good listener to emotional struggles. Best cuz I enjoy helping people. Worst-too trusting. Worst cuz it ends up that people take advantage of it and I have a tendency to trust the wrong people.

• What makes you feel the most alive? When I am out exploring the world with friends and trying new things

• What are you passionate about? Advocating for bodily autonomy

• What is something you're jealous of? My metamours being able to spend time with my girlfriend. People that have a car and that have independence to do something by themselves anytime they want

• What's holding you back from living your dream life? Transportation

• How well do you handle change? Pretty well compared to others. As long as I have enough advanced notice.

• What do you wish people knew about you? That I’m a good friend. People kind of don’t take the time to get to know me the way that my girlfriend did. So people hardly know me cuz they don’t take the time to try.

• What emotions do you try to avoid? Why? Jealousy. I avoid it cuz when I feel like I’m jealous of people I’m not focusing on the good things in my life and I’m focusing on the things others have.

• How would you define your spirituality? Earth spiritualist. I worship the goddess. She might just be spiritual deity. Also a kitchen witch. I cook and make things for people to heal their inner wounds.

• What drains your energy? What gives u energy? Drains-talking to my mom. Gives-being creative

• What makes you proud of yourself? When I help other people and it improves their lives. When I’m able to do my chores easily. Whenever I do self care things.

#ShadowWork #MentalHealth

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What are some techniques you are doing on this healing journey?

Inner child work.
Shadow work.
Self-Help Books

What are some advice, pointers, & suggestions you'd give someone who is on the journey who feels hopeless. Clueless. Weak. Unmotivated. & any other "negative" adjective.

Pinterest is only doing so much.
Therapy is helping yet some days sessions feel pointless.

Any & all help is greatly appreciated.
#Anxiety #Depression #Migraines #Chatspace #CheckInWithMe #undiagnoised #MentalHealth #Insomnia #Grief #Healing #Therapy #selfhelp #ShadowWork #innerchild #PTSD #Trauma

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Has anyone done shadow work on themselves?

I read that our shadow self is our ego and the opposite of what we show the world. Who is your shadow self? #ShadowWork # personality #spritual

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How To Reparent Your Inner Underdog Child

1) Tell them they aren't obligated to prove themselves to anyone anymore.

2) Show them you are supportive of them regardless of their level of achievement.

3) Assure and show your Inner Child Underdog Child it's ok to pursue activities strictly for fun!

4) Show them your love for them is unconditional regardless of what their future holds.

#Parents #innerchild #Healing #Trauma #reparenting #newthought #Selfcompassion #radicalselflove #underdog #ShadowWork

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Where do I belong? Wtf is wrong with me!?

I don’t fit in with mom groups, I don’t fit in in a group setting, I don’t fit in with people who don’t understand major medical or mental health issues. I don’t fit in with my family. I don’t fit in with the “in” crowd. I don’t enjoy company coming over because this is my ONE space that I have that I feel comfotable and can just be me.
Idfk where I belong.
I’m the friend who won’t call you but I’ll be here the second that you need me. It’s not because you’re not important to me, it’s just.....idk the way I’ve always been. I suck at keeping contact with people.
I suck at actually finishing anything. I could go to put something away in the cupboard and find that there’s no room, sooooo, I have to clean out that cupboard first. While cleaning the cupboard I have to put some of those things in a different place and throw some things away. While I’m trying to find a place for those new things I find another place that I have to clean and rearrange in order to put the new things away. And the whole time I still haven’t put the original item away and I have 10 new fucking projects started. I’m 100% sure I can put it all away and feel accomplished for once but then... My boyfriend will walk in and start talking shit about how I can never just do one thing and I take it so personal and in my head all I’m hearing is how much I fuck shit up and how lazy I am and how disgusting I am. That leads to what a bad mom I am for not being able to have a perfect house and not being able to teach my child how to be “normal”. Then I feel like my boyfriend is pissed at me and I’ve let him down again so I give up and go lay down. I get a blanket and an ice pack (because now I’ve given myself a migraine) and turn on the tv and fall asleep from being so mentally.
You can usually find piles of stuff around my house but I know what’s in those piles OR I’m very meticulously cleaning and organizing things like I have major OCD then I can’t find anything I need and get depressed and the whole self sabotage situation starts all over.
I always look for new challenging projects to do and will obsessively research the hell out of it before I do it. I’ll get to where I’m 95% done with this new exciting challenge and realize that I did it and walk away from it before it’s 100%. So I have 10 unfinished projects sitting in the closet and get upset when I open the closet door so I just keep it closed and tell myself I can’t start anything new until I finish the new things.
Once again I’ll be super depressed so I’ll go sit somewhere and get in my phone and even though I said I wasn’t going to find something new that would be so amazing that I could start and start my 2 days of obsessively researching everything I need to do it.
Wtf is wrong with me.
Ugh. I have so much more to say but I’m running out of room :( #PTSD #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Selfharm #MajorDepressiveDisorder #ChiariMalformation #ChronicPain #IntracranialHypertension #lonely #help #ShadowWork

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Now and Forever More #MightyPoets  #Love #Hope

Who takes care of you when the dark shadows of the world are knocking at your door.

When your light is dimmed, your blind and you can't see anymore.

Look inside, you'll find that beautiful bright light. It's there inside, growing and waiting for you to connect and explore.

It's hope and love, just open it, they are knocking at your door. Reminding you, you are enough, you are loved and you don't have to be scared anymore!

You have the power to save yourself, you always have. You are beautiful and so much more!

#MightyPoets #Love #Hope #YouAreBeautiful #Healing #ShadowWork #light #enough #Grow #scared #Scars #somuchmore

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#ShadowWork #selfreflection

#BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #NarcissisticPersonalityDisorder #PersonalityDisorders #selfawareness #Acceptance

If you aren’t in a good place mentally then please save this and come back to it when you’re better. This isn’t to make yourself feel like crap either; it’s to help bring about #RadicalAcceptance