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Friend time

I got a chance to talk to a friend I haven't spoken to in a while. It was much needed on my part, even though she was the one who called to vent. I just felt relieved that I hadn't lost her friendship in spite of my own negligence in contacting her. Isolation is my go-to when my mental illnesses are acting up, which has been almost non-stop for the last two years.
#SocialInteraction #uplifting #Isolation

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Spring is in the air! Let’s share!

For everyone still trapped in winter ❄️
For the ones indoors with health struggles. 🛌

And also for everyone simply enjoying all the blossom and new buds 🌿

So… let’s share some spring pictures! 🌱🌷 Are you in, too? 😉

How to do it: you can comment right here, or post in our group. All content of nature awakening are welcome! 💐

#Depression #Motivation #uplifting

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A festive wheelchair access

I definitely enjoyed it! I never felt so eager and welcome to drive up a ramp 😁

I went outdoors to enjoy the full moon and the stars when I came along this ramp ☺️ it felt like an invitation to drive up and fly into to night 🚀😆

#Wheelchair #Christmas #uplifting

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Flower, no watering needed!

A new trend: Amaryllis flower, the bulp is covered with wax. No watering needed, nothing else to do but enjoy. No stinky water, nothing to clean, no soil. A great way to enjoy such gorgeous flowers and a good solution for anyone not having any knowledge of plants or people always struggling to take care of them. My new favorite for bad days ☺️ #Depression #uplifting #Plants #Spoonie

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Who else lives for this moment? 🌱

Nothing can beat this moment! When a
seedling finally breaks trough!

(I even prefer seeds to a bunch of flowers 😆)

What about you? Does a new seedling showing up also make your day? … and has the power to turn a bad day into a brighter one? Maybe even is a reason to get up in the morning only to check for?

Above pictured: my Avocado seedling 🥑

#Plants #uplifting #highlight

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Take it easy... #SchizoaffectiveDisorder #breakingthesilence #uplifting #doesnthavetobedifficult #Schizophrenia

Don't try to push yourself to solve all your problems. When you do, doesn't it just sink in that you are trying too hard? Just try to communicate. Communication is key to solving anything. It's so simple too! I am having a good time reaching out to people on social media. This space I have gathered for myself is very comfortable and means that I have a chance at doing better. Take the easier road than just carrying so much weight on your shoulders. It's so relieving to speak your mind. And you will thank yourself later for opening the doors and opening minds. Don't let it break your back when all you need to do is speak up! People will always listen and give feedback. And that is communication.


What was your highlight today?

Please feel free to share your best moments of the day! I hope we soon grow bigger and can browse here trough a wholesome collection of happy little moments, stories of success, things that made us smile and more... We all need these moments to feel human still!

Happy highlight to you!

#Depression #Disability #uplifting #Wheelchair #Pain

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My highlight, the view of the mountains

After a difficult day, a message lifted me up. Someone told me how gorgeous the mountains are today (they often aren't visible because of clouds and dust). It was the motivation I needed to get outside, just in time to enjoy sunset. It made my day! #Depression #greenfriends #uplifting #Disability #Photography

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My highlight of the day #highlight

Hi everyone! I thought it would be nice to start with a new idea. Whoever feels like: let's share every now and then our highlight of the day. (can be text, painting, photography...)

I go ahead: This was mine today. I had a busy and difficult day, but had a long break and found a little stream where I sat down for a picnic. It was calm, both sunny and shady places to choose from, relaxing water sound, little wild flowers everywhere, the smell of summer, butterflies... It was just perfect. #uplifting #Depression #Photography #Nature