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Special Item

OK. This is probably weird but I am giving it a try. So say you are going to a place, any place, doesn't matter, and you can't bring people or pets, so you have one item you are allowed to bring with you. What would your special item be? Have some fun with this, I hope! #Friends #Friendship #friendships #MightyTogether #MentalHealth #FamilyAndFriends #New #lonely #alone #NoOneFightsAlone #StrongerTogether #Together #SocialInteraction #social #wellness #EmotionalHealth #Health #relate #Chat #Share #post #safe #SafeSpace #Connections #Positivity #positive #Fun #Mindful #Mindfulness #Kindness #ActsOfKindness #ActOfKindness Self-esteem Self-worth #self -love #Confidence #Life #Lifestyle


I was todays (16) years old when I...

...realised, that the german phrase "wie geht's?" (how is it going?) often doesn't NOT mean "how are you doing (feeling)?". For example it could mean something like "how are you getting on with your assignments/to-do's?".
Germany is my mother tongue and I always lived (and still do) in Germany.
#SocialInteraction #Neurodiversity #teenager

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This group is now a private- full privacy- group!

Hi everyone! We just made this group private instead of it being a publicly seen group.
This means all group content will only be visible to members of the group.

Now everyone in our group can feel completely comfortable sharing about yourself and anything about your life in here, and posting your own posts in here and no worries about letting us really get to know each other so we can achieve this group’s purpose-to grow new, genuine friendships because what’s in this group is only for us to see!

#Friends #Friendship #friendships #MightyTogether #MentalHealth #FamilyAndFriends #New #lonely #alone #NoOneFightsAlone #StrongerTogether #Together #SocialInteraction #social #wellness #EmotionalHealth #Health #relate #Chat #Share #post #safe #SafeSpace #Connections #Positivity #positive #Fun #Mindful #Mindfulness #Kindness #ActsOfKindness #ActOfKindness #Selfesteem #Selfworth #Selflove #Confidence #Life #Lifestyle

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New Friends Destination For Current And Soon To Be New Friends! #Friends #MentalHealth

Doesn’t this image and idea look like a paradise?

Link to join us in this new adventure:

New Friends Ages 40-55ish

We all came on The Mighty ultimately to make new, real connections and to grow new friendships to get rid of this terrible thing called loneliness/being alone that is not good for anyone’s mental health and we all want better mental health.

We all want to have friendships too based on the simple fact that we are humans and humans need to feel connected to other humans.

And the twist with this group, is to all pitch in to make this a place on The Mighty where we don’t focus on our illnesses, because we are more than our illnesses, so much more. And we don’t want to forget that about ourselves. We don’t want to have our personalities get lost, all of the different, cool, unique things that make us who we are as people.

So let’s all pitch in and start just chatting about everyday stuff like you would with any friend, about life in general, sharing things about yourself- just a couple examples -your interests, something you found funny, etc., whatever you would think that this is something you would like to share with a friend, and having some fun being social- because we all know we need to really connect and keep growing new friendships with our mental health in mind.

One smile emoji or even one word can start a friendship. Some of the most comforting words in the universe are “me too.” “Hello.” “How is your day?”…(if you don’t have another conversation starter or reply to join in).

New friends can change your life and your mental health for the better.
Add in anything to get the ball rolling and grow some new friendships here.

We can’t wait to get to know You.

#Life #MightyTogether #Positivity #positive #Kind #ActsOfKindness #ActOfKindness #lonely #alone #MensHealth #MensMentalHealth #good #funny #Fun #happy #Happiness #RoomForJoy #Joy #Mindful #Mindfulness #Together #StrongerTogether #ItGetsBetter #TogetherWeAreStrongerCampaign #FamilyAndFriends #FamilyWeChoose #relate #relatable #Chat #Hope #WhatWeLoveMostAboutLife #wegotthis #NoOneFightsAlone #youmatter #Connect #Connection #SocialInteraction #social #Lifestyle #LifeLessons #Selfesteem #Selfworth #Confidence #Selflove #wellness #Health #EmotionalHealth #MentalHealthAwareness #FriendsForSurvival #TheMighty ’sMentalHealthHeroes

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Friend time

I got a chance to talk to a friend I haven't spoken to in a while. It was much needed on my part, even though she was the one who called to vent. I just felt relieved that I hadn't lost her friendship in spite of my own negligence in contacting her. Isolation is my go-to when my mental illnesses are acting up, which has been almost non-stop for the last two years.
#SocialInteraction #uplifting #Isolation


Screaming at myself to speak… #Anxiety #AnxietyAttack #SocialAnxiety #SocialInteraction #SocialAnxietyDisorder

I’m undiagnosed but I feel like I have social anxiety. Many, many times in the past I have been in group settings or in a social space with people that I am unfamiliar with and just completely shut down. It’s not out of choice. I’m literally in my head SCREAMING at myself to speak but at the same time I feel totally alone, isolated, trapped, tired, drained, judged, worried about saying or doing the wrong thing. I feel out of place and very overwhelmed. In recent years after quarantine, this problem has seemed to lessen as I realized that much of the reason for this feeling was my own lack of self confidence and self love. I thought little of myself so why wouldn’t anyone else think little of me as well? All through quarantine I worked on it and walked out a new person, Now I am much more social in group settings and I don’t really care or even think about anything going wrong when I speak; but today? Today I attended a school event where there was food, music, loads of people, and good vibes. I assume that it’s because I attended this event alone that those feelings of being overwhelmed all flooded back. I’ve gotten pretty comfortable with being alone but I overestimated how much having one person I’m comfortable with truly makes a difference in how public and social events such as this affect me. I’m usually able to just latch onto an aquaintance for a sense of comfort but today there were only 2 peoples’ presence that could’ve made a difference and they didn’t come. To everyone at the party and to anyone in the past, my behavior at this point looks purposely standoffish. ESPECIALLY to my mother! But even today when I told her that I was overwhelmed, she heard what I said but didn’t comprehend what I was saying. Her first instinct is always “what happened, did anything happen?” Instead of “are you okay, what are you feeling?”. Even with those alternative questions it’s hard to truly vocalize what this feels like to people who don’t experience it, especially in households where they don’t take mental health seriously and instantly sub categorize your feelings into something less meaningful like “tired” or “lazy”. And it’s ultra annoying when they try to compare their experiences to yours when you know it’s not the same. I’m not putting down anyone else’s experiences but the anxiety that comes with hyperventilating, shaking, intrusive thoughts, crying, extreme worry, and hopelessness is VERY different from simply being nervous in a stressful situation. (I only say this because my dad often tries to match my level of anxiety which causes him not to understand the severity of what is going on in my head)


Mighty Events

I just signed up for a couple of workshops that I was interested in doing. Thank you for sending out these emails. I’m excited to spend some relaxing time with other mighty people. 💖 #MightyEvents #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Anxiety #SocialInteraction #CreativeOutlets #Depression


#SocialInteraction #Society

To me, the best results in society come when they’re not forced! I often have to self reflect myself, because I don’t want to become the same controlling person, as I feel can be to me. When rules become so technical, it sometimes can negatively affect people with disabilities and difficulties in life... Being as understanding as I can be, is very important to me, and my patience has been tested at max this past year! What does it matter if someone doesn’t think the same thing as you? Believe the same thing as you? Have the same outlook as you? IMO it doesn’t! Not to mention, just because I have issues in life, doesn’t mean the whole world has to cater to me. As long as people aren’t directly hurting you or others, why would I be angry. Tolerance and being a decent person go hand in hand. Just some thoughts I get that causes my social anxiety to go up... #SelfReflect #FreeThinking

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Farmer's Market

The weekly farmer's market is across the street from my new apartment and I finally got myself out the door to go for the first time this morning! I find that I kind of collapse when it gets to the weekend and I don't want to deal with any kind of social interaction, so this was good. I spent the rest of the day cooking and baking, including this beautiful ratatouille, which was some much needed self-care. 😊

What did you do this weekend?

#SocialInteraction #Weekend #Selfcare #Healthy #DistractMe


How do you ask people to avoid triggers without explaining why?

I have #Anxiety and certain things trigger anxiety for me. For me, some of the things that bother me might make people think I’m just being nerdy or geeky, but they are legitimately a problem. I also don’t think it’s my job to explain why things trigger me to people. What are some ways you go about dodging the questions of ‘why’ while still getting the point and importance across? #Advice #SocialInteraction #explaingthingsishard