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How’s family & friends treat you after getting you’re diagnosis ?

After being in the process of getting, or when you’re diagnosis. How family & friends &society treat you know?
In my experience was & is still sad. When I was in a better stage health wise, as well financial. I had my family around after so many years been along (dysfunctional family). I lived an hr distance with traffic, so it was so “difficult” for them to come & visit. I used to drive every weekend but as thing at my marriage got bad (domestic violence) as well my health. It was hard to visit them, they was aware of all. My “friends” was all the time in my home. But when my health start to get bad, in fear of quimioterapia or losing my life. Everyone vanish. All what I got from my sister;(who I consider my best friend, a mom) “why you doing this to me, getting such serious Sugery in my birthday month”. I thought it was a joke, but no, it was serious. When through it along. Never got a visit, or call. They was always busy. Make fun of myself through social media, saying that a exagerrate my symptoms & I’m just making up my sickness. There are moments that I thought all was in my mind, sadly is all real. Today I’m a fighting all this because of my children and most important for Me! Thanks to all those Angels supporting others in their hard path!!

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Instant Menopause!

I was just diagnosed with a very rare form of uterine cancer. Which means hysterectomy and most likely also losing my ovaries and fallopian tubes. I am not even 50 years old yet! I have no desire to have more children. Admit to be terrified of them discovering it has spread. But is it weird that right now I am freaking out about the fact I will go into instant menopause? And I cannot assume I can have hormone therapy, at least initially, because it would increase cancer risk I am guessing??? ANYONE have any experience with this part of it? I have NO one to talk to so looking for useful information. I am also open to any good humor on menopause or cancer! 😃 😷 👩‍⚕️ #UterineCancer #cancerhumor #Cancer #Humor #menopause #Hysterectomy #TotalHysterectomy #RareDisease #UterineSarcoma