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Zebra Life

My daughter and I were walking our dog today and, out of nowhere, my ankle just decided it was done. Luckily, we were close to our house so my husband could help! It's also nice that I already have a few boots because I sprain my ankles all the damn time. Gotta love that zebra life. 🤦 #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #hypermobileehlers-DanlosSyndrome(hEDS) #EDSAwareness #Hypermobility #HypermobileTypeEDS #Zebraproblems #zebralife #ChronicIllness


First Post

So, hello, I’m really bad at #firstpost stuff so I’m not sure what to say. I don’t want to say too much but not to little,

Let’s maybe start with who I am? I’m Emma, I’m going to physical therapy again to help with my Eds hypermobility. #zebralife #EDS all that jazz, I’m a little worried because last time I went I was told I didn’t fit their criteria to have physical therapy which is stupid. I’m not 80 and I’ve not had an op, so why am I there? People just don’t understand my condition and when I have to ask someone the milk to carry on the way out of the supermarket when they already have two big bags full of shopping I look lazy I know, but my shoulder slipped out because of the weight of the milk! It’s not my fault. Or when I’ve been walking for 20 minutes and need a break because my knees are rocking back too far with each step, or when I’ve been standing for hours of work and my back is killing me and my muscles are so tight because they are trying to keep me standing. People just don’t understand that what is easy and simple for everyone else it’s actually a really big task for people like me.

That’s why I’ve joined this group to hopefully find people with the same issues and struggles. It’s can get so lonely when no one really understands what it’s like right? And even more frustrating when you have to explain it over and over again.

So hello, hope you all have a nice day ❤️



Humour is everything week13

I always try to turn my frown upside down. I like to joke with nurses at hospital about mundane things to lighten the mood, I find it helps both them and me!

I wear sick bowls as hats and blow up medical gloves to look like a chicken. Humour is everything when you are chronically ill.
I make a point of writing things down everyday that make me happy, no matter how bad it's been.
#52SmallThings #zebralife #zebrastrong