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A New Lease On Life

"Every sunset is an opportunity to reset. Every sunrise begins with new eyes"

-Richie Norton

Have you ever watched a sunset or sunrise? They're beautiful, right?

Have you watched the sunrise and thought of it as a new lease on life? Each day, we have the infinite power to choose; with that choice comes the freedom to create or recreate life.

#NewBeginnings #MentalHealth #Awareness #reset #mindset #MorningRoutine #firstpost #sahm #setback2success #Depression #Gratitude #Journaling

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Bpd- Rant lol #firstpost

I swear to god, any time I try to mention bpd in public or tell even the closest people, people still look at me like I’ve lost my fuxking mind. Like don’t worry y’all im not fucking contagious. Im a kind kind soul that really struggles and feels a lot in this world that is quite frankly terrifying. Im tired of being told that “I don’t bpd” by my mom, im tired of always overthinking and realizing how everything I did screamed bpd and I didn’t even know what it was. And I’m mad. Im mad that therapy isn’t free and im mad that mental health is still so stigmatized, especially bpd, and especially in black culture. Kanye’s story for example. It makes sense.
Im still team Pete all day lol he learned to manage his bpd which is awesome but yeah.. sorry, needed to rant… I am in recovery ❤️ DBT daily. Found out I had bpd after I’d been tapering off benzos at an extremely high dose and now im really aware so I needed to ramble, lol. Thanks everyone! Look forward to the day I share my story! 🙏🏼❤️ #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #BPDDiagnosis #BPD #BpdRants #Benzos #Hope #Healing


Bull #strength #firstpost #MightyPoets

I wonder if when a bull is placed in a
to be
rode or fought
If they are trying to pretend that things
despite being in the
of a

The bull is in a crises, right?
They have been in captivity
lead around
unfamiliar places,
with plenty of plodding,
Constantly being reprimanded
'Keep up, keep up.'
Suddenly, the bull is let loose
Hundreds or thousands
of faces
encircle it
laughing, jeering, taunting, mocking, cheering
I'm afraid if our sweet bull complained to a doctor
they would up their anti-psychotics
But the bull is just behaving normally,
After all,
bulls are massive, muscular and fat,
they're territorial
they stomp, snort, charge and maul;
So I've heard.
It's part of who they are, right?
So, if a bull is in
far away
from open fields,
beating sun,
driving rain,
competition, predators
Is the bull just trying to pretend
things are normal


First post

I’m gonna be blatantly honest with my posts so I'm gonna add a trigger warning now and to any further posts that may have triggering content.

Hi! My name is Sam, I guess this is an intro to my page. I don’t know what i’m looking to get out of this page but i’m guessing mainly support and an online diary. My main goal is to express myself freely without being attacked or targeted as a person for what I've been through. It also feels nice to have a place to rant and hopefully others can understand.

I hate having a diagnosis for how I think but I guess it helps treat and understand myself better. I feel like I’m collecting pokemon at this point. I've been diagnosed with Bipolar, Generalized anxiety, Panic disorder, ADHD, Depression, and Gender dysphoria.

I hope that’s a good enough intro for now. I look forward to being on this site and expressing myself without judgement and showing my support for others. Thank you all for reading!


#firstpost #Bipolar #GAD #Anxiety #panic #ADHD #Depression #GenderDysphoria


Why does this happen?

*Trigger Warning Suicide*
I’ve been battling depression and anxiety for most of my life and within the last year, I’ve been going through treatment and it’s seemed to be working. I’ve been doing so good then today happened. I woke up feeling like I just don’t belong here. I don’t want to be here. I feel like a grain of sand on the beach. If one grain of sand goes missing, no one even notices. Im mad that I’m here and I’m even more mad that I can’t give my life to someone who wants to be here and deserves to be here. I’m just so disappointed and frustrated with myself. I haven’t been this low in a very long time. This season of life is just so difficult that I don’t know what else to do. I know I have learned the skills to help in this type of situation, but I feel so stuck in my head that they’re just not working. Why does this happen? Going from doing so well, to literally crashing. I just don’t understand. #firstpost #Depression

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My first post #firstpost #BPD #Fibromyalgia

Hi lovelies 😀 Just wanted to say hello to you all. Remember, you are not your illness, you are an incredible and inspirational person to persevere every day. Take care. X

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Hi everyone

Hi everyone, this is my first post here and I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Ariadne or at least that is the name I feel comfortable using. I’m in my second year of college and it honestly feels like I take gigantic steps forward, and at the same time I am struggling to keep up with my classmates. I am a gender fluid person (I use they, he and she pronouns) and on top of the multitude of mental health issues I deal with, I’m struggling to deal with Hypermobile Ehlers-Dahnlos. You can never predict how you will feel and it makes it hard to be freinds with people. Despite that though, I have so much to be thankful for. My family has been supportive of me no matter what has happened and the freinds I do have make a point of being as accommodating as possible to my needs. But just being able to start living my life at 20, in the midsts of a pandemic, is something I think will take years to wrap my head around. I am happy to be here though, and look forward to meeting folks!
#firstpost #Disability #CollegeMentalHealth #behindinlife

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