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#am I crazy for thinking it was easy?#

#Cancer Cancer has been the easiest thing in my life. Found by accident, surgery to remove it, no chemo no radiation no nothing. Follow up skins yearly for 5 years and I'm cured. Why can't rest of my life easy easy? The rest of my life just makes me want to die. Cannot stand the pain in my back and leg anymore. No one can give me any answers good or bad about how to make it more tolerable, now I'm peeing what seems like 24/7 in this nothing they can do about that either. Again cancer is easy. And I don't even know where to go about my daughter. Had surgery to remove my kidney 3 weeks ago no phone calls no visits no nothing. She doesn't care. Like I said cancer was easy!


Can’t trust myself #am I right or am I wrong

I’m sitting outside alone freezing my butt off after yet another argument with my partner over one of my children. I haven’t seen my youngest son for three years and finally he is coming for a short visit next week. I am overwhelming thrilled, my children, along with my partner, are my sorce if joy, happiness and all that is right in my world, when I am around them the flood of love I feel calms the screeching in my mind and settles my emotions, although this heavenly reaction doesn’t last long, it is a temporary reprieve, an added bonus to being mother to the most amazing human beings. Knowing that my son has just gone through a breakup that has left him broken-hearted I wanted to make myself available to him for whatever he needed, so I arranged to take a couple of shifts off work, I work on a casual basis, so I would only miss out on nine hours all up. To my partner this is totally unacceptable, in her eyes I am not looking out for us by missing out on a few hours pay and I should put us first above all others. We are not struggling financially and I see the time spent with my son when he needs me outweighs the lost income. Now my mind is in overdrive trying to figure out which way to go. My son is so important to me and so is my partner and I don’t want to choose, I feel like either way I lean will be wrong.
Anyone have any advice to give me some clarity ?

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Health tips😍

Following your passion gives you happiness,if you are happy with what you are doing, you will be able to give your best. Look for guidance if you feel like you are not able to find your passion by being successful in your career it will help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle... go for what makes you happy. And stay focused......#am proudlyamilitarynurse#

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I have Function Neulogical Disorder, but everyone says it's 'in my head' and that am making it up. #am suicidal sometimes

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That is my# Lightning the first greyhound I rescued in the early 1980’s My question is not Medical but I need step by step explicit directions on how#

Need easy directions on how to place an order online #am having a very hard time as am not good with computers at all 🥺
I asked my cousins who are one especially is very very good with computers and I thought I would get a simple explanation on how to place an order online ❓❓#
I need a step by step explanation of how to place an order online and my cousins,one who replied that they do not use the SNAP program and I wanted simply a way to even place any online orders due to my late entrance to using computers in 2005 .
I have really really tried to make up a small order for
Fruit online and I honestly thought I had done the order but it did not go through .
I have only placed one order online and it was for a computer part and the company is very very good and make ordering that one order was easy #
Now I am hoping to order some food from,”Walmart #
and I had to LOL because I thought I was making progress but I had three items in my,”cybercart”#
I honestly lol’d as the cart got lost in cyberspace #Big Duh,so if anyone knows basic , very basic simple instructions and not to put with anyone willing to
explain the basics of ,# online ordering food without calling it in which is what I do and I to be safe will order a few items that we are running low on online by phone order and I will attempt to reach out to the state I live in and explain yes on paper I get some food stamps but I am very immunocompromised and cannot without a vehicle safely go to a store 🥺🙏♥️🌝🌚🥺🇺🇸🍁

When I call the program which is run by people who openly say they do not have a clue about how to use Sorry but will say the name of the company actually they now since COVID have added funds but admit they are
Clueless about how to use their own program.
In summary I do not know how to put stuff in the carts but most of all I am clueless about the carts 🥺🥺🐕‍🦺🐕‍🦺🌎🌎♥️♥️ Thank you all 🙏🙏

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House I grew#up in gone by we will not know ❓

#am beyond angry for selling it to the person I sold to :-(( Buyer came along was a fast cash buyer and I wanted my dog kennel so I sold it and many all had different opinions but I wish I had upped the price and held back and I so disliked the buyer as he was a haunt and kept driving by to see how I was doing cleaning out 50 years worth of memories :-(( My next door neighbor sold and moved to get away from him and his 🤣Police car as it# was too low life to her to have a Police car parked on her street :-) I just wanted to get away and to add more rescue dogs :-)Love Dogs and people if pet lovers OK if not Bye Bye 😷🇺🇸❤️♥️🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🙀🙀🙀🙀


So right So wrong.

I don't talk about everything I go through with my bipolar disorder for fear of appearing weak. Recently my dad confided in his friends about what he sees me going through. These men are not the type to keep things to them selves. I know they told their families. I know my parents are concerned but now I'm chronically embarrassed. On the outside I'm a pillar of strength, inside I'm actually fragile and childish. I'm anxious, what will everyone think of me now? In the past some people have reached out to me but it's never enough. I imagine the people who tried to help are perplexed right now. I'm quiet but my dad has spilled the beans. I just can't get over how embarrassed I am. I just want to hide. I want to talk to some friends of mine but I'll only burden and concern them with my abnormal need for clarification and reassurance. I feel my dads friends and their families are upset with me, I've complained about them in the past. Who knows what all my dad said about that. #Bipolar depression #Paranoia #Anxiety #Bipolar triggers # borderline personality disorder # insecurity # unresolved #resentment #Embarrassed #Family #are we friends? #am i a fair weather friend?


#am I Bipolar?

I've been on depression & anxiety meds for over 20 years, and was diagnosed with ADHD about 10 years ago. I take Lexapro, Wellbutrin, & Adderall & that makes a huge difference, but recently I've had several people mention that maybe I'm Bipolar. I have a Stepmom that is so I thought that I knew the signs. Has anyone been diagnosed with one thing but then found out that they had something else?


anxiety ugh :(

to help #am I imaging this
I think I am in a terrible situation that I don’t know how to get out of or maybe I’m wrong!? someone’s prespective !? I love my husband I do but lately he goes from o to 110 and super angry for no reason. Let me start with I lost my dad a little over a year ago and he was my nest friend. I am an introvert,? so it’s hard to lose your beat friend. since then it seems my husband has been work. Fighting with me left and right over the littles year things and the. not bringing it up until days later. Really mean things to the point he told me he didn’t want to make love to me after a perfectly fine weekend. he said he only did it cause he felt he had to even though he made the moves. This broke my otherwise already broken and feeling of worthlessness heart. Then I have a bad back. getting 2nd surgery in early March. I feel last night and am home from work. He does not believe I fell. said I only want to stay home to be by him and told me if I talked to him he would leave. What did I do wrong to deserve this. also recently he fell on his head and has been out of work since middle of December and I have been there for him every step of the way... Sucks to not feel loved. I also cooked, cleaned and organized bee closet in the house this weekend. Did everything for kids and he did not need to do a thing. That’s our usual schedule with me working full time but really...... I don’t get it ... I’m lost, lonely and afraid to talk...

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#am I really here

just last week while at the ER.. looking out of that temp. room watching the nurses & drs. moving about I didn’t feel as though anyone truly could see me ?

hard to explain, as though life was going on outside my room.. I was only watching 🤷‍♀️
No I wasn’t medicated lol...

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