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Hydrangeas #are so wonderful and very trustworthy 👍😄❤️🎪

Have a safe and healthy weekend and COVID lives and has not changed 🙄🙄😷😷⛵️⛵️✈️✈️Sail away to find peace ☮️ ☮️☮️☮️✅✅✅🛳🛳🛳

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Very well done 👍 #are they perennial or do you add seeds

They charge color during the day I think and have a blue and purple and white I think ❓👍#


So right So wrong.

I don't talk about everything I go through with my bipolar disorder for fear of appearing weak. Recently my dad confided in his friends about what he sees me going through. These men are not the type to keep things to them selves. I know they told their families. I know my parents are concerned but now I'm chronically embarrassed. On the outside I'm a pillar of strength, inside I'm actually fragile and childish. I'm anxious, what will everyone think of me now? In the past some people have reached out to me but it's never enough. I imagine the people who tried to help are perplexed right now. I'm quiet but my dad has spilled the beans. I just can't get over how embarrassed I am. I just want to hide. I want to talk to some friends of mine but I'll only burden and concern them with my abnormal need for clarification and reassurance. I feel my dads friends and their families are upset with me, I've complained about them in the past. Who knows what all my dad said about that. #Bipolar depression #Paranoia #Anxiety #Bipolar triggers # borderline personality disorder # insecurity # unresolved #resentment #Embarrassed #Family #are we friends? #am i a fair weather friend?


Say Something.

I have a weird so called friend, all she does is stare at me. She watches how I walk, talk, volunteer and anything else I do. I've brought this to her attention and she denies it. Even my parents have asked me what her problem is.

She always positions herself in an area where she can stare at me without my knowledge. What the hell? What's with the secretly eye boning me about? I maybe overreacting but if the staring were for positive reasons she wouldn't have to hide. Maybe she admires me? We haven't talked in a while ( at times I give her a quick hug) but she knows I battle with anxiety and bipolar disorder. She struggles with depression and anxiety. For me to notice her doing all this means I have to be looking at her too. I'm constantly surveiling my environment, I notice everything but I'm not all creepy about it. She is younger than me and I've noticed her imitating me in little ways.

I know this sounds stank but when I notice girls emulating me -I get mean. I've fought, bled and wept to be the woman I am today. I fear these girls make my struggles look like some fad. I do not want to be a role model, I just want to be me.

I'm not very open about my depression or insecurities which makes people feel like I'm hiding something. All people do is stare at me. I'm a natural negative thinker and the staring certainly does not help. I would never turn her down if she needed to talk but her actions are really irritating me.

I'm pretty mature for my age but this situation is making me feel childish. This girl is living with both her parents, she has brothers and sisters and all kind of other family members to look at. Why is she staring at me? #Bipolar disorder #Paranoia #Depression #Anxiety #are we friends?


#are we part of the same painful tree?

Hi there, my name is Amy Schmitt. I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. I am wondering if that is a part of your world and if we can trace our family's origins near one another, and therefore the DNA and origins of our pain. I pray that we can isolate the genes responsible for our pain and one day change what it is to have EDS.


#acute & right angle people.

#are you an acute or a right angle person? Being acute myself, and being put into inpatient care without my own concent enough meet the same people, all of them were very acute to! #acute or obtuse are geometric words for any angle but "90 degree" or right angles. I call most people 90*ers because they fit into the "average" of what most of us call "normal". Even though we all know there is no such thing. Acute,90*er, who cares. I'm just curious if what people w/mental illnesses are? I'm a happy ACUTE! What are you?

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