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    I’ve fought 8 long years for health. In that time I’ve been dismissed, let down, told nothing was wrong and left to my own defenses. I’ve suffered from depression and anxiety since I was 32, now 56 I’ve had a total abdominal colectomy with IRA in 2017, failed… only to get an ileostomy with hope for regaining health and weight in 2021. Now at 87 pounds, I’ve lost hope, doctors fail me, no offer of tube feeding or supplemental feeding, I can’t eat without pain, now on pain medication. Still I suffer. I’m at a loss, I’m trying to make each day count, I’m grateful for the life I’ve lived, but I’m not ready to go yet. I’m scared, yet I don’t have the energy to even attempt to go to doctors appointments with any hope, as they continue to fail me. I don’t understand why others are given help and the doctors I see won’t do a thing! I feel like I’ve just been left to wither away and die.

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    Being pressured to find a full time job.

    I am 27 years old. My current situation in life is so weird at the moment. I don’t know what to do or what to think. My boyfriend (who is 25) works full time remotely. His pay is more than decent. I on the other hand have no job. Sort of. I work part time at a bookshop. Mostly on weekends. I was pressured into finding a job. I did. Now I’m being told to find a better, full time job with much better pay. I can tell that if I won’t, my boyfriend will leave me. So, in my mind, I don’t think I have the capability and mentality to underhold a full time job. I don’t think I have that strength. Even getting up early in the morning to work on the weekends is hard enough already. Also i forgot to mention, we live with his parents. His mom recently underwent a huge surgery and still recovering, his dad is kinda losing it. He also has depression and anxiety and being manic. Now being in the household with all this down, negative energy is really getting to me. It makes it hard for me. I am afraid my relationship is in jeapordy. I don’t know what to do. I am afraid. #gettingajob #findingajob #Lifeishard #Growingup #Life #Depression #Anxiety #underpressure #Pressure #afraid

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    Give it time

    <p>Give it time</p>
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    Are you afraid?

    <p>Are you afraid?</p>
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    Community Voices

    Warning - #Holiday #Depression #Anxiety - when going on holiday - what to prepare for that you may not have thought about - My 6 tips!

    One of the biggest #trigger s to #desperation , and #Depression coupled with tremendous #Anxiety is the #unknowns - #Medication shortage fear is one.

    #Holidays for anyone who lives with these #illnesses can be hugely #distressing !

    I'd say that we're already feeling #anxious when preparing to go away, and yet, we aren't given the tools to help us, should a #Crisis set in while away in a Foreign Country, without our regular safe #drs near.

    Here are my 6 tips that I hope will make your #Holiday pleasant.

    Before packing your clothes, please ensure that you have ordered enough #Medication well in advance of your trip, and perhaps a little more of your #Medication than you usually take, as a precaution. Luggage gets lost. Flights get delayed. There's massive uncertainty with #COVID etc.

    We absolutely have to feel #safe regarding our #meds - and it is #Dangerous should we find ourselves without our #meds and not being able to #GET replacements.

    Tip 1. Always take your #Medication on board with you. Never let the bag with them out of your sight. - This gives a feeling of #Safety and #Comfort

    Tip 2. Always have your #Doctors phone number and contact details both in your handbag, as well as the bag holding your #Medication .

    Tip 3. When you arrive at your destination - before you unpack it's very important, for #peace of mind, to find out where the nearest #Dr and/or #Hospital is. Take their phone number and address. Keep these on you, plus a copy at your hotel or wherever you are staying. Believe me, this will save you #severe #Anxiety and stress, and you will be able to enjoy yourself.

    Tip 4. You may very well be put into situations where you start to feel #anxious and possibly #afraid . It does not matter whether it 'makes sense' to anyone. Even if you are on the beach, #Anxiety can kick in. So always, if you are on anti#Anxiety #meds , take them with you. Always. It is also perfectly acceptable to leave if you feel it's overwhelming. #Migraines are my 'go-to' sadly due to no understanding of #mental illness.

    Tip 5. If you find you wake up #depressed - remember that you do not have to get up just because the sun is shining. Be #Kind to yourself. Do something to distract you. TV, a book, whatever. Stay put in bed if you want to.

    Tip 6. If you've arranged a dinner out with your friends, but come time to get ready, your #distress #Anxiety - or any other part of your #illness kicks in, it is perfectly okay to politely decline by feigning a #Migraine attack. Sometimes, #whitelies are necessary - with #mental illness. Then watch a good movie. :)

    I hope these few tips help you. I went away recently, and thought I had adequate #Medication - but by week 3 - I was running out.

    I have learned a valuable lesson. Nightmare! Never again...I now know better. Shew.

    Debi xx

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    Recently, I reached out for help and my support team aka my family has gone above and beyond for me over these last two weeks. I spent some time in the hospital and am about to start intensive inpatient.

    A big reason of why my depression and anxiety got so bad was due to the supervisor I had when I was promoted. I didn’t ask to be promoted and the hours as well as the seclusion effected me on top of being made fun of for my mental health as well as being talked down to, screamed at and now nearly attacked durring my shift.

    I’ve reported them on several different occasions to HR, which they have blown up at, even having auto evidence to support what they have done.

    Currently I am working in a different building under a new supervisor as well as part time. It’s been a breath of fresh air. The hospital also has written that there is to be no contact between me and this supervisor, which they have broken twice already.

    I’m afraid that within a month they will try to place my back in my old job under this bad management and I will end up back in the hospital all of the hardwork I’ve done resulting in nothing.

    I’ve been thinking of asking them to keep my part time and at the building I’m at since it seems to be working.

    Any thoughts?

    #Depression #DepressiveDisorders #Askingforadvice #CheckInWithMe #Afraidtomoveforward #afraid #Anxiety

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    I work for a large book store and we are allowed to ask customers to put on mask. Luckily at the store I work at the majority of shoppers choose to wear mask on their own. On the last day I worked, three weeks ago, I saw a woman without a mask when I asked her if I could provide her with a mask, she started to verbally assault me. While my attention was focused on her, her husband came up behind me and started shouting. The woman and the man both came towards me shouting and cussing at me. I called for managment over my ear piece, I even made eye contact with one manager. But no one came. Of course this threw me into a panic attack, and my managers know full well I have panic disorder and PTSD. I was then told I could not take my now 30 minute over due break even though I was in panic! Needless to say I haven't been back. Now I feel like a hermit. I cant leave the house I'm too scared. It's made me feel worthless. Before covid I had anxiety and depression but since covid it's gotten a million times worse now it's just unbearable. I mean I'm ok. My doctor has my on lots of meds to make sure!

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    Dentist #afraid

    Going to the dentist today to fix some teeth. Not slept all that well, my insides are trembling just thinking about the sound the drill makes. I really want to cancel the appointment, but then it will be years before I will get the guts to do it again, and the work needing doing will be so much bigger and more expensive. Hope I will keep my nerve, and get it done

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    Valentines panic attack

    A week from today will be valentines. My friend has been bothering me about getting together and had reserved a hotel and made dinner reservations.

    I’m not interested in them in any way other than platonic. I’m dealing with a lot of mental health issues at the moment. They are currently transitioning. I’m not sure how our platonic relationship became romantic to them and I’m super upset because I know the moment I tell them I’m upset and stressed about next week they will fly off the handle and stop talking to me. Blaming me.

    It happened this past week, we were playing a game of where would you live if you could. The next day they messaged me about how they had a three year goal to get everything paid off so we could move in three years. They got mad at me when I told them it was a game and I’m not planning on moving in the near future.

    I really wanna be there for them durring this time, but I feel like they are abusing me, guilt tripping me into staying their friend. They also know I’m not interested in them romantically nor am attracted to the opposite sex.

    I don’t know what to do, but I really am afraid.

    #CheckInWithMe #afraid #felling like i am not a good friend #Anxiety #Depression #Valentines #PanicAttacks

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