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Can’t sleep at night

It seems like i never sleep. I have #Nightmares that stem from my Domestic Violence. I fight every night not to fall asleep afraid of bad dreams. When i do have these #BadDreams i wake up crying, shaking and feel displaced. So many days i feel drained from lack of sleep and feel like I’m sleep walking through the day. Glad im here.

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Bad Dreams about past memories

TW: abuse, family dysfunction.

Everytime I see my father, I have bad dreams for days afterwards.

He was in and out of our lives as children, him and my mom split up several times until she finally decided to divorce him when I was 24. That was after many years of verbal abuse and some physical as well. The physical abuse was never directed towards me, although one of my younger sister did experience it. Me and my siblings have no contact with my father, however his family still supports him (my aunt, uncles, grandma) - despite his abusive nature, drug problems, and neglect toward his children.

I recently saw him at a funeral and allas the nightmares started again. Memories of childhood, nightmares where my mom would take him back. The funeral was last weekend and my dreams have been consistent since then. I wake up covered in sweat, scared and confused. I don't understand why this is happening. I don't know if I need to seek professional help for the dreams to go away. It's inevitable that I'll see my father at some points, at funerals and big family events. How do I make sure I don't have these dreams for days/weeks afterwards?

#CheckInWithMe #BadDreams #Childhoodtrauma


Sleep is escaping me #Insomnia #BadDreams #Anxiety #Depression

It’s 4:19 am here and I woke up at 3:30, no reason to be awake. I’m in the process of weaning off a medication right now and despite being prescribed something for sleep here I am. I feel anxious and sad probably due to bad dreams. I just want to be able to sleep well.


Nightmares in c-ptsd

Been having a lot of bad dreams and nightmares past few months, I'm not reliving an even as such but similar scenarios or experiences, some very scary dreams with messages of how I use to feel as a kid growing up now I'm terrified of going to sleep cus I don't feel safe. Any suggestions to help with this or anyone experience similar?
#ComplexPosttraumaticStressDisorder #CPTSD #PTSD #Nightmares #BadDreams


Bad dreams. Am I living in fear? #Anxiety #Nightmares #Fear

What as living in a world where COVID-19 exists done to me?!

For the last four days, I am having awful dreams. They are all fear-based. I’m stuck living and interacting in these bad dreams having to deal with fears. I just am not sleeping.

I’m a lucid and vivid dreamer. I have been all my life.

And the thing is, when I dream I don’t feel like I sleep. I feel like I’ve still been awake and doing all of these things. I haven’t gotten restful sleep in a very long time. I have always dreamt in color, pastels or higher saturations, usually.

I take prazosin which is supposed to help and it is not enough. 😢 I just wish I understood. #BadDreams #worry


bad dreams #BadDreams

woke up at 4am this morning and found my hubby asleep on the sofa, he is suffering with a bad shoulder and was the only place he could sleep. well I went back to bed , finally fell asleep at 7am for an hour and had the most horrible dream. I dreamt my mum blames me for everything bad happening in her life , she looked after me for 10 years when I was in my early 20’s I was so ill and was under constant supervision. well my mum had COPD ,I know I couldn’t have given that to her but my dream was to vivid.
she blamed me , said I was selfish , she said I caused everything, and it’s my fault she might die .
I woke up shaking, and burst into tears.
been a difficult day . x Kiley x