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BPD Positives

Contrary to popular (and mostly wrong) belief, there are positive attributes to having BPD. Of course it doesn't negate how miserable and destructive this disorder is to our everyday life, but it does shine what little light there is on our personalities 🥴 If you couldn't tell, I have a grim outlook on everything, but I'm at least trying!⁠

For one, people with BPD tend to be very creative and expressive through art. I'm not sure what exactly the correlation is, but we do tend to have a community of artists amongst our crowd!⁠

Which then is really no surprise with how insightful we are, having resume-quality experience with emotional turmoil, manic euphoria, and overwhelming numbness. And because we endure this emotional rollercoaster 24/7, we understand some of the deepest and most painful situations and emotions. ⁠

We have our lows, and then we have our lowest lows. But continuing with the black-and-white trend of our disorder, that also means we have our highs and highest highs! We love unconditionally, with the purest love that could almost out-beat a mother's. Almost.⁠

And it all goes to say, with the daily shitstorm we fight off every minute, from the criticisms, biases, perfect imperfections, and the fact that our own brains are literally try to kill us, we are probably one of the strongest group of people in the world. I said what I said ❤️⁠

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BPD Criteria

It's my favorite time of my life - mental breakdown, BPD overload! 🙃 As if losing one's job, learning that the love of your life has been cheating on you, and mourning your mom's death as if it was yesterday is a lot already, let's just add a BPD relapse into the mix!⁠

And since I'm going through a lot of rapid emotions, the usual BPD criteria, and waiting for my insurance to be approved to start @talkspace again (just wait for the post I have planned for that!) I figured I would do a re-post (more fitting to the brand now!) of the 9 criteria of BPD!⁠

Designated by the DSM-5, at least five or more of these traits must be met in order to be diagnosed with BPD, and even then most therapists or psychiatrists will take a deeper dive into each to really solidify the diagnosis - it took me a year to finally convince my therapist that I had this disorder. Then it took another 3 years to be diagnosed with Bipolar alongside it, but that's a story for another post! 😅⁠

I plan on doing a deep dive of each criteria, both the clinical and personal definitions of each, so make sure to follow and sign up for my newsletter for when this hits! By the way, I'm really really bad at sending emails - work in progress!

#bpdawareness #Borderline #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #borderlinepersonalitydisorderawareness #borderlinepersonality #borderlinerecovery #Bpdfeels #bpdlife #Bpdstruggles #Bpdrecovery #bpdthings #bpdwarrior #Bpdsupport #MentalHealthAwareness #MentalHealth #mentalhealthmatters #thebpdproject #thebpdp


I just woke up #Depression #anxyety #Bpdfeels

I just woke up an by my side is my husband whom has started to criticized a commentary I made about a news he was reading on his phone, and make me feel like it doesn't matter all the effort and time I'm putting to graduete from the university, he has also made me feel bad in the past blaming my sickness (I have bpd and anxiety and depression) he always tells me that he loves me but then he says something like I have a princess personality and doesn't know what to do with me and my episodes, I feel he just doesn't want to be with me for the right reasons for who I am he always says that I have change but when he meet me I wasn't in treatment or didn't know what I had. I feel awful every day is he really in love with me or the person he think I am and if he is why always treat me like I'm less of a person for wanting to be who I am. I'm so confused right now and just keep in bed unther the sheets holding my tears and felling awful. Hope someone can say something to me

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To the person I love

You don’t know I love you,
At least not in the way I’d like you too.
You smile shoves needles and thread through the broken pieces of my heart.
Your touch feels likes lightning and suddenly I don’t feel like I’m falling apart.
I feel like a teenager, finding any excuse to see or talk to you,
And everytime you leave I miss you and wish you’d miss me too.
I just want you in ways I know I’ll never be able
But I will settle for what we have now, because you keep my mind stable.


I ate four chocolate’s today and was given the comment “where’s your willpower?” And that makes me so mad. It might not seem like it to you but forcing myself to eat and enjoy four SMALL chocolates takes a lot of mental power for me. Most of my will power is spent trying not to kill myself in a bout of suicidal tendencies or someone else in a fit of rage. You never know everything someone else is dealing with, or has dealt with in their past. Be fucking kind.
#BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Bpdisexhausting #bpdsymptoms #Bpdfeels

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Walking contradiction

You hear a lot about black and white in BPD but you don’t hear a lot about the contradictory nature of someone with BPD.
Now, don’t go getting mad. I’m only speaking from experience. I fully admit to being a walking contradiction.
It often frustrates people. Makes people think I’m a liar. That I’m hard to trust. But I’m here to explain it to you the best way I can because unless you understand it, you’re going to think those things and they are simply not true.
Let me set the record straight first. I am an open book. I tell it like it is. What comes out of my mouth is what I meant to say in that exact moment.
Now, let me explain. I say things I mean IN THE MOMENT. They are tied to HOW I FEEL, my emotions. Having borderline personality disorder, this means, it changes constantly. So, my views on things are constantly changing. I can mean one thing and the next day contradict it because I feel differently about it that day.
IT DOES NOT mean I lied. It means that I feel DIFFERENTLY about the situation. That my mind CHANGED. Things change and that’s normal. Maybe not at the slow pace they normally do, but that’s how they work for me.
This may be frustrating for you normies but imagine being me. I am constantly contracting a lot of the things I believe. Like, parts of my identity. Now, don’t get me started on identity, we can hit on that another time.
So, next time, try to be understanding. We are just going with our emotions. Constantly changing. #BPD #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #EndTheStigma #BorderlineThoughts #Bpdfeels