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Hope It reaches you

I hope this letter finds you well. How are you?

I don't think I'll ever get to know, but I hope

you are doing fine. It saddens me And to be

honest, not a day has gone by that I haven't

though about you. I still watch our photos

from time to time and it still makes me

smile, and at the same time it makes me cry.

I will never forget you. Even if the memories

hurt, I don't ever want to forget you. You'll

always have a special place in my heart

because you were and will be my 'special'

love. We had something special. You walked

into my life one day and you made me realize

that you were everything that I needed and

wanted. I thought you were the one for me,

and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with


You were my lover and my best friend. I

could always count on you. We had

everything planned out. After we get settled

than our marriage, then married life and all.

But somewhere along the way, we lost track

of it. I tried to bring back the flame, but it

ended up burning everything down.

I'm sorry. I'd be lying if I said I don't miss you.

Because even before we ended, I've been

missing you for much longer than that, I

wanted us to be together 24/7. I miss you

leaning on my shoulder, I miss my'

'comfy-spot'. I miss me lifting you in in terrace, ,I

miss me starring at you in public cause i

didn't have a care in the world. It was just

you and me.I

think that you did give your 100% to tolerate me.#

You loved me in a way no one else did. You

became a part of me. I grew in the love that

you gave me, and I'll forever be thankful.

You are the love of my life. Always will be.

But love doesn't conquer all, and the reality

is, not everyone gets to hold on to the love of

their lives. But this doesn't mean that l'm

giving up on the possibility of us being

together again. If we're meant for each other,

we'll find our way back to each other.

I had to let go trying because you were no

longer happy seeing me. I was continuously

suffocating and hurting you. I didn't really

have a choice. The tears had to end, and I

didn't want to get to the point where we start

hating each other. Although you probably

hate me now, I'm still hoping that someday

you'll learn to forgive me. I'm hoping that

you'll understand why we became to be like

this and you want to give it a go again.

Nevertheless, your significance in my life will

never change. I love you enough that I would

still want you in my life even if I'm no longer

your reason to be happy. I thought you would,

too. Thank you for the memories, the good

and the bad, and I'll forever cherish them till

the day I leave this world. I was lucky to have

met you. After all, not everyone gets to meet

their love of the lives, and I know in my heart

and mind, that you were mine. I'm sorry for

the times I have hurt you and made you cry. I

really am.

Bubbye Rapunzel

#BPD #Bpdrecovery #bpdawareness


BPD Struggles

I was asked if I felt defined by my condition and honestly the answer is yes. Even on my “good” days I still feel this emptiness and stress. Trying to stay on top of my emotions often creates a mess, there’s so much going on in my mind that I can never express.

My BPD consumes me, it’s always there,
I’m paying for my abusers actions which isn’t fair, I’m left emotionally damaged from the things that they did, when they were the ones who chose to abuse A KID!

BPD has ruined my friendships and makes it’s difficult to cope, but i will continue to never give up hope.
I have faith that I will find the happiness I deserve to receive and not have my whole world fall down when someone decides to leave. I will learn to trust and let people in but most importantly I WONT LET MY BPD WIN!! #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #bpdsymptoms #Bpdisexhausting #BPDStigma #MentalHealth #MentalHealthAwareness #bpdawareness #mentalhealthpoetry #Poetry

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Giveaway | Interview Questions

Throughout the next few weeks I will be posting to my story on Instagram @thebpdp interview questions to gauge how I can best cater my subscription box to you!⁠ These questions will help me determine what products will be included in the box as well as what kind of content I will be posting in the future!

Those who participate will be entered to win a free BPD awareness bracelet before pre-sales begin! Just watch my story @thebpdp and answer the questions to enter - simple as that!⁠

#giveaway #contest #bpdawareness #interview

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How do you cope with your aggression and mental irritation ? Or simply, when your having an episode?

I’ve been turning towards “arts 👆🏼”and crafts lately and it’s been a purposeful journey . #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #MentalHealth #Depression #Anxiety #MentalHealthAwareness #bpdawareness

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There are two sides to everything...Always .

Often the positives tend to get overshadowed by the negatives...I deal with that on a daily! Check the link down below 👇🏼


#bpdawareness #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #MentalHealth

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What’s your current favorite hobby that helps you cope with your mental struggles?

I’ve been making hand drawn stickers since recently to cope with both my bpd struggles and physical pain. How about you?

#bpdawareness #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #MentalHealth

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Hey warriors!

Remind yourselves that you are nothing short of amazing! Wake up every morning proud of who you are and how far you’ve come in recovery. For those of you who haven’t reached that milestone yet, you ARE NOT ALONE. And there is HELP. Reach out to us or anyone supportive and also remind yourself you are strong for fighting your illness everyday! #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #bpdawareness #borderlinepersonalityawareness #MentalHealth

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BPD Positives

Contrary to popular (and mostly wrong) belief, there are positive attributes to having BPD. Of course it doesn't negate how miserable and destructive this disorder is to our everyday life, but it does shine what little light there is on our personalities 🥴 If you couldn't tell, I have a grim outlook on everything, but I'm at least trying!⁠

For one, people with BPD tend to be very creative and expressive through art. I'm not sure what exactly the correlation is, but we do tend to have a community of artists amongst our crowd!⁠

Which then is really no surprise with how insightful we are, having resume-quality experience with emotional turmoil, manic euphoria, and overwhelming numbness. And because we endure this emotional rollercoaster 24/7, we understand some of the deepest and most painful situations and emotions. ⁠

We have our lows, and then we have our lowest lows. But continuing with the black-and-white trend of our disorder, that also means we have our highs and highest highs! We love unconditionally, with the purest love that could almost out-beat a mother's. Almost.⁠

And it all goes to say, with the daily shitstorm we fight off every minute, from the criticisms, biases, perfect imperfections, and the fact that our own brains are literally try to kill us, we are probably one of the strongest group of people in the world. I said what I said ❤️⁠

#bpdpositives #bpdawareness #Borderline #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #borderlinepersonalitydisorderawareness #borderlinepersonality #borderlinerecovery #Bpdfeels #bpdlife #Bpdstruggles #Bpdrecovery #bpdthings #bpdwarrior #Bpdsupport #MentalHealthAwareness #MentalHealth #mentalhealthmatters #thebpdproject #thebpdp

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You are NOT ALONE.

May is borderline personality disorder awareness month. I, personally decided to research more on my condition and how to make life Atleast a bit better for me. I’m also looking forward to hear stories from others and get to know them better. Join this community and support us to create a place where no one feels like they’re alone. 😊 #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #BPDDiagnosis #bpdawareness #MentalHealth #Mentalillnessfeelslike #SupportMentalHealth #PersonalityDisorders