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    The Evolution of Grief

    Grief changes over time, or perhaps more realistically it’s our thoughts, our feelings, and emotions, that become altered and change with time. The grief is still there. Other life things are added, and the grief then presents itself not as predominantly. #Grief #BreastCancer #Cancer (-not me, but my daughter) #Family #PTSD #Depression #Thoughts

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    Celebrate Indigenous Life Month

    Check out my friend Kimber Harris! (She has propped me up and promoted things I've been involved with and I finally have the chance to return the favor!)

    Kimber has been selected to be a #campaignadvocate with American Indian Cancer Foundation for the month of June for #celebrateindigenouslifemonth ! She is also leading a #CommunityConversation on June 7th. She has been selected to share her experience facing HER2+ breast cancer as a young adult.

    Register and attend her Community Conversation.

    Follow #aicf on social media, like/comment/share the posts to help raise awareness of #indigenoushealth , #BreastCancer , #ayacancer AND #cancersurvivorship .

    June is also #cancersurvivorshipmonth !

    You can also show support by wearing #lavendar on June 4th and 23rd. The 4th is #NationalCancerSurvivorsDay and the 23rd is #CelebrateIndigenousLife Day!

    #ayacsm #ncsd2023 #ncsd

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    I can’t be the architect for my daughter’s life. Should I mail this letter? It’s another attempt at reconciliation. #Family #PTSD #BreastCancer

    I thought I’d try to write to you again to ask what is bothering you? I don’t understand why you’ve decided to not have any communication with us. I’m willing to listen. I’m open to listening.

    I keep thinking it’s because of Instagram and me commenting on your posts,or your featured story videos,which, you use to like my commenting. It is social media. If I wanted to look at your photographs, or read what you’d put up, why would you think that’s “stalking you?”-If you don’t want people to see it then don’t post it.

    Then I wonder if it was something I said in the past, or something you perceived as a wrong done to you.? Is it because I didn’t get counseling for you as a child? I guess I never fully realized or recognize your anxiety or depression till you were older. I never asked you if you’d want counseling when you were younger, and you never asked that from us. Perhaps, if someone had told me, like a teacher or school counselor I would have gotten you help.

    Is it because I’ve had PTSD episodes in life before.? I don’t know what affect that had on you or your sister. We tried our best to raise you. I’ve been in counseling several times, for PTSD and also for emotional processing, and anticipatory grief.

    It’s my business, and my concern. I needn’t feel guilt, or shame, or be judged or stigmatized, for working on my emotional health and mental well-being,no matter what is happening around me.

    Sooner or later we grow up and should realize what we’re responsible for, what we’re accountable for. I thought we’d already talked about the resentments you’d had regarding us.

    Anyhow, as adults, I thought we were friends or certainly friendly. I miss the times when you were my daughter. What happened to change that?

    I’m sorry I wasn’t given an instruction manual on how to act or what to do, when one’s child has stage 4 metastatic breast cancer, and has decided to cut off all communication with parents.

    Perhaps, it’s because you don’t see us as loving, or supporting you? We’ve tried. We can only do what we do, what and how we know to do things. We can only love how we know how to love. How we convey our love as individuals is all different.

    On your end, to us, you don’t say anything, you don’t respond. I feel the rift between us is just there, and it bothers me. I know there’s been miscommunication and misunderstandings between us. Can we open a dialogue. I want to understand. I’d like to help make things right between us.

    I Love You Always,


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    I'm new here!

    Hi all -- my name is Felix and I'm here because I recently had a friend diagnosed with breast cancer and was helping her navigate insurance choices. I've had the opportunity to learn a bunch about insurance in my professional life (I work at a primary and behavioral health clinic called Curio) so thought I would see if anyone else needed support. Helping her through the experience was certainly eye opening.

    #MightyTogether #Insurance #chronic #Anxiety #Cancer #BreastCancer


    I am not ready

    I am not ready for my Mom to pass away. #BreastCancer

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    Spinning Plates

    This is a visual representation of what I feel like I'm doing. I'm keeping all the plates spinning all the time. Running from one to the other to the other so they don't all come crashing down. My depression, my breast cancer treatment, my husband's health, all the things associates with my mother's death and probate and lifetime of her lousy financial decisions that I now have to clean up and trying to pay off the house so that we don't lose it because my single mom daughter and granddaughters are living there rent free.

    It's. Just. Too. Much.

    #Depression #Anxiety #BreastCancer #Grief #Art

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    I'm new here!

    Hi, my name is ForeverNESoccerMom2. I'm here because I was just diagnosed with breast cancer last week, and came across this group.

    #MightyTogether #Anxiety #Depression #BreastCancer

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