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Communicating with loved ones who've passed? Who knows.

I found this glare/white light on this image after I had taken it.

Just before I was taking pictures of the art on the wall made by my fiancee and some by her mom.

We had spent the day hanging the diamond paintings she makes.

Later when I was alone I wanted to get some pictures of the finished displays.

I was talking to the spirit of her mom just before this picture, just saying things like "you'd be real proud of her" and "she misses you a lot".

I know it's not really a 'ghost' but it is a pretty cool coincidence that this random trick of light appears after saying some positive things into the atmosphere about her mom and her (and touching something her mom made).

Doesn't matter what it is, I thought it was a cool picture and it gave me a positive emotion when I saw it. Proud I was able to help my fiancee in her therapy a bit too.#Grief #Caregiving #BreastCancer

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5 Young Adult Books Featuring Characters With #Cancer

Being diagnosed with #Cancer is really hard. Finding a book with characters to “guide you” along the way shouldn’t be. So here are 5 YA books featuring characters with #Cancer :

1.”Ask My Mood Ring How I Feel” by Diana Lopez

This read combines the challenges of growing up, Tex-Mex culture, with facing a mother’s cancer diagnosis and how to cope. The author’s aunt was diagnosed with #BreastCancer , so readers should hopefully find this might align with some of their experiences (I hope). It’s the summer before eighth grade, and Erica “Chia” Montergo is feeling so many things that she needs a mood ring to keep track of her emotions. She's happy when she hangs out with her best friends, the Robins. She's jealous that her genius little sister, who has #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder , skipped two grades. And when Erica's mom is diagnosed with #BreastCancer , she feels worried and doesn't know what she can do to help. When her family visits a miracle room in a famous church, Erica decides to make a promise to God in exchange for her mom's health. As her mom gets sicker, Erica quickly learns that juggling family, friends, school, and fulfilling a promesa is stressful, but with a little bit of hope and a lot of love, she just might be able to figure it out.

2.”Brave Enough” by Kati Gardner

Author Kati Gardner tells her story authentically, as she had a #LimbAmputation and #Cancer . *This might be triggering for readers who are battling addiction. Teenager Cason Martin is the youngest ballerina in the Atlanta Ballet Conservatory. She never really had a choice of whether she learned to dance or not. Her mother, the conservatory's artistic director, has made all the decisions in Cason's life. But that's about to change. Cason has been hiding an injury, and it's much worse than anyone imagines. Davis Channing understands all too well what it's like to give up control of your life. He's survived #Cancer , but his drug #Addiction nearly killed him. Now he's been sober for seven months and enjoying his community service at the hospital. But just when he thinks he's got it together, Davis's ex-girlfriend, who is still battling her #Addiction , barrels back into his life. Cason and Davis are not friends. But, as their worlds collide, they will start to depend on one another. Can they both be brave enough to beat the odds?

3.”Finding Balance” by Kati Gardner

Jase Ellison doesn’t remember having #AcuteLymphoblasticLeukemia when he was three years old. His #Cancer diagnosis only enters his mind twice a year. Once at his yearly checkup at the oncology clinic and when he attends Camp Chemo in the summer. No one in his “real” life knows about his past, especially his friends at Atlanta West Prep. Mari Manos has never been able to hide her #Cancer survivorship. She wakes every morning, grabs her pink forearm clip crutches, and starts her day. Mari loves Camp Chemo—where she’s developed a healthy crush on fellow camper Jase. At Camp, she knows that she’ll never get “the look” or have to explain her #LimbAmputation to anyone. Jase wants to move on, to never reveal his past. But when Mari transfers to his school, he knows she could blow his cover. That’s the last thing he wants, but he also cannot ignore his attraction to her. For Mari, she only wants to be looked at like a girl, a person, and not only known for her #Disability . But how do you move on from cancer when the world won’t let you?

You can find author Kati Gardner’s blog at

4.”The Fault In Our Stars” by John Green

Despite the tumor-shrinking medical miracle that has bought her a few years, Hazel has never been anything but terminal, her final chapter inscribed upon diagnosis. But when a gorgeous plot twist named Augustus Waters suddenly appears at #Cancer Kid Support Group, Hazel's story is about to be completely rewritten. Insightful, bold, irreverent, and raw, The Fault in Our Stars is award-winning author John Green's most ambitious and heartbreaking work yet, brilliantly exploring the funny, thrilling, and tragic business of being alive and in love.#LungCancer

5.”Don’t Die, My Love” by Lurlene McDaniel

Julie Ellis and Luke Muldenhower have always been school sweethearts. Now both are in high school and deeply in love. Luke, a talented football player, is almost certain to receive an athletic scholarship to a top college. And no matter what her parents say, wherever Luke goes, Julie intends to follow. When Luke can't shake what he thinks is a virus, Julie persuades him to see a doctor. Luke's test results are alarming, but Julie believes their love is stronger than anything. Can love survive, now and forever?

I hope that every reader can find a book to relate to in this list 💞

#themightyreaders #Cancer

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I’m switching Chemo Drs, I’ve had enough

During this time where I’m going through chemo should be stress free as possible. What happens when the oncology Dr and staff is your stress point?

It all started with the day before my first (only so far) chemo treatment. I was called at 2:35 pm, the nurse saying I have to go the hospital right now and get labs completed. What. I never travel up to that area past 1pm. Traffic is horrendous. Well I toughed it out and went and got them. The next morning, Wednesday, we show up for my first treatment, sign in and sit down. A lady comes out and tells me “I dont know how this happened but I didn’t schedule you to come in to get a tour, answer questions, tell you about labs and give you this notebook”. Then hands is to me. Hubster and I were like, ok.

During chemo treatment the Oncologist comes in does his talk, saying he’ll prescribe anti nausea medication for home. I reminded the nurse about it cause I checked my pharmacy before we left, no rx phoned in. She said he’d do it by the end of the day. Friday comes. Still no anti nausea medication. I call the office leaving a message about the medication and my increased migraines since treatment. No call back that day. Saturday morning he calls. Tells me to call my neurologist regarding migraines. Said he call in anti nausea meds and a rinse for the thrush I’m fighting.

Now we’re on Thursday (8 days since treatment) and I call again in the morning. Where’s the rinse and the anti nausea medicine? No call Thursday or Friday. No medication phoned in.

Besides all that mess. Treatment morning I stated I have rides to chemo but not to these labs before every appointment. She was real dramatic about how they “could” do it BUT a staff member would have to drive it over to the hospital. Her tone made it clear to my hubster and me that it was very discouraged.

All of this is causing me such anxiety and stress.

I called another cancer place under the same Piedmont umbrella today asking if they’d take me on. Monday I have to call and have my records sent over to them. In the meantime I’m to go to my next treatment on Tuesday the 27th.

I really hope they take me. A plus is they have on site labs, hematologist and more

Anyone else experience things like this? What would you do?

#Cancer #BreastCancer

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Started Chemo 2/14/24, I think I have an UTI

I’ve been treated for chronic UTI’s for 2 years now. A couple months ago I was put on Methamenamine or something like that haha. It’s to prevent UTI from even developing.

Can I take antibiotics while I’m going through chemo for breast cancer? I read a few articles that say no. To use them sparingly.

Chemo seems to have amplified my ailments. Migraines, stomach pain, nausea and uti’s. This is going to be a bumpy ride, especially if more of my issues get amplified too

Any suggestions?#Cancer #BreastCancer

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Saw my chemo schedule today online. Freaking out

When I spoke with the Dr he said I’d have 4 rounds of one drug. 3 weeks of another. First date is this Wednesday 2/14.

Thats the first of 16. Four treatments is a round. Not what I was expecting. I ending up freaking out and sleeping a 3 hour stress nap.

Strangely enough when I awoke, about 10 minutes later I received a phone call from my credit union stating there was fraud. During the call alarm bells went off. Things he was was saying weren’t like other calls I’ve received. I told him these are things you should know as an employee he didn’t say anything. When I said I’ll call back he hung up mid sentence. I called the CU and they confirmed no fraud was on my account. She helped me change several things to further protect our accounts.

Very strange day. My husband was hoping to take vacation days and take me. It’s not going to happen. Not all of them.

Liter before the cancer diagnosis we were days away from putting our house up for sale and move from GA to AZ. My chemo schedule goes through June. Possibly July with the other 3 weeks he mentioned.

This delay is another stress heap on top of the other 2 today. I will get through this it’s just all a bit daunting at this moment

#BreastCancer #Cancer #chemo

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Any advice as to what to bring to chemo?

I start my first round 2/14/24. I have a cooler, blanket, sleep mask, tumbler for water. I’ve ordered anti nausea bracelets and ice packs for my hands and feet. Is there something else that you brought that you’d suggest?

#Cancer #BreastCancer #chemo

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Ow is not a sufficient word

The port was installed on Thursday 1/25.

I was sent home with a tegaderm film covering the incisions and more. Think it was 6” squared. I didn’t realize a rash was developing. I knew it itched but didn’t dawn on me until Sunday morning. The itching was insane. I took the film off to see a nasty raised itchy painful rash in several areas. Red and itchy everywhere else the film had touched my skin. I couldn’t have anything touch the angry skin.

We couldn’t find the calamine lotion so we headed to Publix. I asked the pharmacist what I could use so close to the incisions. She recommended to switch back and forth between Benadryl cream and cortisone cream.

I woke up this morning with no rash and minimal itching. Unfortunately now that my mind/body is relieved from the maniacal itching the pain has set in Then I accidentally picked up something with my left hand which inflamed the surgical sight.

Finally the pain was subsiding when our 16lb cat Logan (not fat, big cat) jumped up in my lap. I was distracted talking with my husband who had recently arrived home when Logan was attempting to get on the back of the chair and pushed directly on the port. I screamed, Logan jumped and I tried not the upchuck.

That was 2 hours ago. The area is back to just hurting. I will have to be more aware of my big boy.

#BreastCancer #Cancer #Pets


Another step in my cancer journey

The chemo port was placed in my upper left chest yesterday morning. Not what I was expecting, a port completely under my skin. To avoid finding new veins each time. I get that. Was expecting the port to be half in and half out. I’ll still be poked with a needle each time, into the skin covering the port. How is this better? Poking the same place each time?!?

The paperwork said if I was in discomfort to take ibuprofen or Tylenol. First I’d like to point out that cutting into my body in 2 locations. One for the port insertion 3” below the collarbone, the other a large vein at the same collarbone, is more than discomfort. Last 36 hours I have experienced pain. I cannot take nsaids and Tylenol hurts my stomach. I do have 15mg morphine tablets (for permanent nerve damage in my back and failed back surgeries)I was able to take to ease the pain.

My 80 year old dad drove me to the Cardiologist today. I’m having difficulty turning my head right or left without triggering pain, thought I’d be safer with him driving. Realized maybe he shouldn’t be driving anymore. Anyone. Will bookmark that to get back to when I can deal with that can of worms.

I’m scheduled for an Echocardiogram at the hospital Friday Feb 2nd. Will be driving myself.

My first chemo date is February 14th. Happy Valentines Hubby. He’s using vacation days to take me to the chemo days. He gets 6 weeks each year.

Just trying my best to take this all in stride.


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