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Medical trauma can leave you feeling voiceless.

You didn’t choose the earth-shattering diagnoses – you had a stroke, you have cancer, you need an amputation – you could die. Medical personnel speak in their terminology, and you feel lost. Suddenly, you don’t seem to understand the meaning of common words, and the world becomes an overwhelming, too-loud place.

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Managing Your Experience of Medical Trauma Step 1

No pain is insignificant. Suffering is universal.

Many people are too quick to say that "no matter what you are going through, someone has it worse" or "there is always someone with bigger problems". It is emotionally dismissive and conveys the message that your struggle is insignificant and that you are concern is, how is the situation affecting you? Full article:

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Supporting a loved one who is ill

Supporting a loved one who is ill is a new and precious part of your relationship. As you embark on a road trip to wholeness, you will grow with that person.

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If you feel helpless or stuck I invite you to contact me and make an online or in-person appointment today!

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Breast Cancer Survivor of 20 years

Lots of trauma triggers for me during diagnosis and treatment. Male doctors telling me my diagnosis in one breath and seconds later said I had to lose my R breast. I was beyond embarrassed about men touching me and feeling me out in my appointments.

During the process I wished that female doctors would be diagnosing, and treating my condition. I grew up in a large family of 7 men and 3 women. I grew up between 6 boys so female issues were very awkward to say the least. And my parents and siblings didn't know about my traumas .

Mammography has made some changes in that there's a women's waiting area. Women are doing more of the mammograms but there's still room to grow.

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I still forget that I can no longer do all that I once could. I forget helpful tips and tricks to make my new norm manageable. With chemo brain and fibro fog, I even forget who I can ask for help sometimes. Being patient and compassionate with myself is the best I can do. #ChronicFatigue #Fibromyalgia #MentalHealth #BreastCancer

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Hello, I have been having a little bit of an emotional hard time these last few days.

When I was 14 I lost my mother to breast cancer. I mean I was 14, a teenager, freshman in high school. Had no idea how to deal with the loss of a parent let alone my mother. Who was going to help me get ready for my first date, first high school dance? Who was going to help me get though my first heartbreak. Yes I did still have my father but he was also mourning the loss of the love of his life. He didn’t know how to raise a high school teenage girl. He did his best. Even taking me to buy new shoes when I went through my first heartbreak 🤣❤️ who doesn’t love new shoes? This was the first loss I had to deal with at a young age.

Well 14 years pass and it’s 2019, I’m 2 days past my 29th birthday. I wake up and head to my fathers room to wake him because his alarm had been going off for a few minutes. I thought to myself, he must be so tired if the alarm isn’t waking him. I get to the door way and my heart sinks. He isn’t waking because he passed away in his sleep. I knew the minute I got to the door. He was pale and my 1 dog was glued to his back and wouldn’t leave his side. Got closer cold to the touch, lips were blueish purple from being cold. Surprisingly I was very calm in this moment and was able to call 9-1-1. This was a long day. A long sad day. So many calls I had to make. So many questions I had to answer. He was my rock, my held everything together the best he could. Even when he had to deal with his own health issues. He had congestive heart failure along with diabetes and was in stage 4 kidney failure. But still everyday was there for me, helped me and raised me to be the strong woman I am today. Always made me laugh with his dumb dad jokes that are funny because he makes them funny while he’s telling them.

I’m relieved both my parents are not in pain anymore and are back with each other living out their eternal lives together. They were each others best friend, love of each others lives. Amazing parents to myself and my older brother. Fun, loving and caring people.

But here I am now 33 years old. I don’t think I’ve totally grieved both these losses and am having a hard time with both of them and missing them dearly. I have an amazing fiancé, whom both my parents would have loved so much. Building this beautiful life together while they are not here to go through these milestones with. I know they are here in sperit but it’s just not the same. Not the same to not have my mother help me get ready on my wedding day, or my father to not be here to walk me down the aisle to this amazing man that came into my life and the perfect time. To be here to meet my future step daughters. To buy my first house (sometime in the future lol) these are the things that are going to be so hard to go through without them. I miss their voices and their laughs and hugs. I miss them so much. Thank you to both of them for helping me be the women I am today ❤️

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Another Diagnosis

I have lived a number of years with multiple chronic/incurable conditions. This week I finished my assessment with my new therapist and in-addition to validating all the existing mental health diagnoses I knew already, she gave me a tentative new one of Borderline Personality Disorder.

Now, other than having seen "Girl Interrupted" I didn't know much about what BPD actually is. The more I've learned though, the more moments from my past have started to make sense. A lot of "ah-ha" moments for me this week.

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