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# day to day events.... 3-2-21 #but notes taken mostly relating to the day before ...3-1-21

Well, my day yesterday consisted of me getting up early enough to make a noon mammogram appt 30 to 45 minutes away. I left an hour before and had plenty of time to have some coffee before. Is that allowed before a mammogram? Since, I am maybe retired now I tend to sleep in. Hopefully, the results will point to good health.

Since I tend to sleep 😴 in and by no means get up like I did when I worked, when I do have an appt where I need to leave before noon- I get anxious the day before or so about being on time for the said appt.

I prayed a little, I pray to St. Jude, who is the saint of improbable causes. I know one cause that I have in mind there is no way the outcome will change so I pray to st. Jude abou this situation - the one I mentioned in my first entry I was upset about- I pray that things relative to that situation will work out, because I know that particular situation won’t. Will write about this upset in due time. So, far things are going along swimingly. ( more on this later.) Prayer seems to help me.

Today I hope to take a walk since yesterday I did not.
Watched a show on nature on the public broadcast station. This was a program about animal life in the mountains of the Alps. It was beautifully relaxing. I watched w my husband and this was just as relaxing as sitting and talking w him w a cup of tea. Though I did have a cup of tea here too.

I recommmend viewing shows or pictures of scenic beauty. It is enough for me to get lost in the beauty and just relax. Issues I had for the most part just disappeared. I know this may not work for everyone all the time. But, for me last night it worked for me. Especially since I am not working my stressors are minimal - though I still have- and taking in the beauty of the soaring eagle and the majesty of the snow capped mountains of the Alps last night watching especially w my quiet and comfy husband nearby- was enough.

Hope your day yesterday was good. And wishing you a good day today. Hope to get some things done today. It is not even 10:45 a here. Have lots of time to “do”. Let’s see what I get “done.”

Not sure if I should write about the day before ( like I did today) or the day as it progresses or at the end of the day. That I will decide in future posts or as posts go on.

Have a beautiful sun shiny day. Husband off of work today - he is semi retired and works part time- so hope to have a good day while enjoying my husbands company. As always wishing you the best....
Take good care.

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#My Dear Friend #

#I think I have wrote the gambit on this thought #but since no one has heard from him ,the last date for me was 01/11/2021 #I might need to check that date. I do know I have written many different emotions pertaining to this amazing man #.He has many friends and family that love him dearly.And we the ones not knowing what is going on with him ,are worried #.He was having some issues before his page went dark. #he just dropped off, we don’t know what or where ? #I did have a neckname for him come to find out it was 2 one was Skylord and the other is Starlord which is the one I perfer #.The reason being is that when he is happy ,and smiling, and ,devious he touches everyone in his area . #and he has a Beautiful voice, he loves to sing. #he would say, you don’t know me,and I would say alas dear sir I know more than you think.But I will not share but to him. #where ever you are and what ever is going on ,.There has not been one day that you have not been in my thoughts and prayers.And yes this has no doubt been a one sided relationship. #MISS you so very much.O and I did want to ask your zodiac sign is a Leo! #?


#let Go #

#I did something , I didn’t want to do ,I had to let go of someone I never had! Social media can be very painful , I can only speak for my self # He is on tic tic , he is very handsome,but what drew me to him was his sarcastic since of humor. #I have been in a state of depression for a long time ,then I was looking at tictoc and he was doing his video,he made me laugh. #DID not think I could laugh,but he made me laugh and feel something. #we talked at the beginning and nothing serious.But he made me feel things I thought where gone. #he is very special,like my husband .My husband was like that he’s humor was not Sarcastic.He’s humor was something else very special, but people change and he lost that humor, he is serious now. Once in a blue moon the person I feel in love with shows up and it’s pure gold . I guess that’s why I was drawn to Starlord every video was something and I didn’t know it but I found out he could sing, #and he’s good . I have listened to every song he has sung ,at least I think so.Well I said something that pissed him off, I thought he was making fun of something I texted him .So he stopped texting me ,You think I would have left him alone then #but No. #It went on for a bit me ,finding waxes to see his videos. #and sending messages and songs that I thought he might like. I am ashamed of my self , I have never ever done anything like that. # He was and is like a Magnet 🧲 to me.If he finds this and reads this . I am sorry so so sorry my dear Jackie.And I will leave you be. I hope nothing but the best for you. #🦩✌️☮️😎💕


#Christmas Dinner #

#Thought It would be a good time to share #I cooked Christmas dinner with some help from my kids,who I Love very much. # And after dinner pick up. It wasn’t bad , My Mom drilled it into are heads clean as you go then you won’t have such a mess end the end #So no mess at the end .Sat on the couch and I started to get really I mean really sleepy so I came upstairs got in the bed , #that was around 1:00-1:30 and ended up having a fiber flar in so much pain. I felt ok this morning and now I am in so much pain #I am so Angry and the pain is so bad ,So RebeccaI fell you ,people have no idea what your feeling what kind of pain and sadness . That’s why I love this app because we all are together in this #we have each other’s back.We know your pain.And we can share with no backlash from other people #My name is Stella, and I have, Fibromyalgia, Degenerative Disc , Disease, Migraines,and a few more things. #we all are here because people don’t understand what where going through except someone going through the same thing. #but it still sucks, you don’t look sick ,go work out you well feel better #that is my husband , if I could do it I would. I got this fiber flar because I cooked Christmas Dinner #

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Miss our Dann Boy # He was a great protection 🐾🇺🇸🙏♥️🐶🐻✝️😷

We got him from a great breeder who had a very difficult husband but he as Jim would say cheated on a very very good friend of mine and she was devastated but had one of her Borzoi go Best of Breed at Westminster Kennel club and she uses a handler like I always did because even before Lyme, I could fall over my feet and am not into sports except did used to play tennis with my father and friends and just for fun .
We needed the tennis racket to stun the bats who loved to come down the fireplace in the old Victorian I grew up in and it was a very very pretty Queen Anne Victorian and my mother had it put in the Registry of Historic places and the person I sadly sold it to never really appreciated it and I wish I had given the family from Haiti
more time to get financing as they were very very nice and loved the house and my friend think it would probably still be there :-)🐾🐶♥️🇺🇸
#but I wanted to have a hobby kennel and rescue dogs and cats so he was a cash buyer and I very much regret that I sold to the one a family but very well connected with the MA politicians and he put a sports bar in Winchester a town that was dry most of my life .
I thank God I heard about the fire on FB and saw some ver very to me sad photos and Jim and Danny Boy and I drove by after the fire totalled it and they lost a pet hamster but he was not an animal lover and they had a dried out Christmas wreath with lights on it still in May . Bad move . Thank God nobody was hurt but the poor hamster .Sad for the pet and I know my parents would have gotten the poor critter out .

My next door neighbor sold almost immediately because she locked horns with him and his parking his police car on the road , She was the typical social striver and she used to send her husband over to complain about Diamond barking.
My very outspoken mother used to tell her and her husband that if their kids did not hang over the 6 foot fence and tease the dogs, they would not bar,:-(
Sorry for rambling again but I think Bushkin hears thunder :-(((
Be safe and I hope I can get the photos to come on the old Mac .
Hope you all have a safe healthy and good night :-)))