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Mental health and Citalapram

I feel as if a great fog is clouding my brain, it numbs my senses and it makes it hard to function and focus. My brain is less busy with thoughts and that little constant critisicing voice is quieter. I feel alone even when I’m with people, I am not a participant in the world , I watch people living and I am unable to join in. I long to be in that state between dreams, not asleep because of the nightmares but that peaceful place where I’m not present in this world and my brain is quiet. My brain is ungrateful for the life it was lucky to be given, this makes me feel guilty as I am aware I should feel fortunate to be alive, I want to exorcise these thoughts, they invade my mind like a parasitic demon that constantly looks over my shoulder. I fight this battle every day and no amount of bravery can conquer it, no one can save me from myself, every day eithier I or it wins, it is tiring, I am tired. I am stuck in a war within myself it’s and the scars are taking there toll. I arm myself with pills and meditation but it always fights back, I am covered in scars and tattoos. Visual reminders of the time my fight. I am a warrior my shield is my love, for my family, I fight for them when I’m not strong enough to fight for myself. #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #deppression #Citalopram #Anxiety #depersonalisation



Hey PMDD guys!!

Well, I’m 36 and two weeks ago was the first time I heard of PMDD and was diagnosed!

I was prescribed 10mg of citalopram and I’ve basically spent two weeks lying on the sofa in exhaustion with no motivation, falling into deep sleeps on a daily basis.

I’m hoping things will change for the better in time, the mind chatter has definitely quietened but quality of life is still non existent!

I was just wondering if anyone else has been prescribed the same and what experience they’ve had.

Also, does anyone have any other recommendations that have worked for them?

Praying for a miracle! 🙏🏽 #Citalopram

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I've been taking Citalopram (10mg.) for 3 weeks now. Does anyone else have eye dilation? One iris being smaller than the other, it hurts. #Citalopram


Anxiety Depression Citalopram #Citalopram #Depression #Anxiety

I only take 10mg Citalopram for depression and anxiety as intolerant to antidepressants. Does anyone find the 10mg helps with their anxiety. I’ve been taking it a while but still makes me feel abit groggy which I hate....I’ve tried all the others as well. Trust me to be intolerant when I need this stuff, ugh!

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New medication

Hi everyone, I’m new to medication and I’m just starting Citalopram. Just tried Zoloft but the side effects were so unbearable that I could only manage 2 doses. Any advice for mitigating side effects, and has anyone had any issues with Citalopram? Thank you! #Citalopram #Zoloft #SideEffects


My doctor prescribed me with half a pill of Citalopram for my anxiety. My anxiety is keeping me from taking it because I am scared. Any suggestions? ☹

#MentalHealth #Citalopram #Anxiety


4 weeks on citalopram for GAD and feeling awful. I felt fine for 3 weeks but seem to hit a wall between weeks 3-4 can anyone share any positivity plsp #Anxiety #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #Citalopram