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    Need Idea

    In my country there is no roles for psychologists. I am psychology activist and also a student and reader. I want to get help from government to give me a chance to change some things which is realy important. from your side which book is good for psychology law book for a Islamic country? In my country I have faced many time the psychologist and psychitrist is giving trauma to client by their words☺ Give me Ideas I am going to start helping my country soon.I need Ideas.Afghanistan people are facing bad life cause of not having psychitrist and psychologist. A genral psychology gratuade is doing acting of a clinic psychologist this hurt me so much. I have applied for government to give me chance to change and give knowlege to Dr how to read new things which are in world.

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    “The Body Reveals The Mind”

    I totally recommend this book. It is a book based on psychoanalysis that amplifies your knowledge on the way you think, feel, and act in various situations of life. This understanding was of great importance in my life & led me to self-knowledge. This book taught me how our character traits are formed, and how they will be reproduced in the body. The nervous system will be formed during the 5 stages of our lives . And it all start in our mother's womb!
    With this content I learned how to deal with my character traits in my day to day life.
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    Appreciate your thoughts on therapy

    Hi there - genuinely in a difficult space needing to hear some others thoughts on this scenario - i have years of therapy with current amazing psychologist T - i have had previous therapy before and never experienced what i will describe happening today. My history is child se-ual abuse, eating disorders, then into therapy where i was groomed and abused there too. mixed painful experiences.

    This year I’ve had this strong feeling for needing comfort/hugs. i don't really have a place where that happens. Earlier in year i got sick from overdose & could have died. my T was with me, first time i asked for a hug, she said, “i would love to” and hugged me. 2 months later i asked for a hug and she hugged back but i left feeling like i had abused her. then she was off sick for 5 months.

    since coming back to therapy, I've done my very best to be honest with T. told her about feelings of needing hugs & feeling like id abused her. She said i hadn’t abused her and she could have said no, (which she has done with people but not me) she also said its okay to want your needs met. but when i have felt like a hug since i don’t ask her - i told her i don’t ask her. i don't know why i am feeling so unsafe and needing that physical comfort. some part of me wishes she would ask if i need a hug at the times i need that but I’m pretty sure any therapist can't ask that- it needs to be client led. it's like i want to know that she cares enough to want to hug and i am not forcing but i can't seem to accept or understand what genuine care is. i get so confused and i am guessing this is stemming from my previous abusive experiences. This T has gone above and beyond for me in ways before - when hospitalised buying me self-care products, pyjamas, and writing a wee card. We have a very strong rapport 5.5years into therapy. thank you for your help #Therapy  #MentalHealth  #CPTSD  #PTSD  #Trauma  #attachment  #Abuse  #psychology  #BPD  #EUPD


    Vulnerability is Powerful

    I remember a time where my family gathered at the dinner table. It was not the standard gathering of parents and children, who pass the salad and spilt bread, like we see on tv shows. I never had that. Instead, we had our own version; the dinner table where my parents were almost always absent due to their line of work, and where my grandma was the one in charge of feeding us. Whether my parents were sitting with us at the table or not, I distinctly remember always having my siblings around me. We would share our school stories between us and most often, have my older sister help us with homework once supper was over. That was over 10 years ago, when we didn’t have jobs or odd sleeping/working schedules. Today, I’m lucky to even see my own twin brother more than twice in 24 hours – despite living under the same roof. I eat by myself most times or in the company of my dog, who only joins me to beg for a nibble. I miss the times where I heard their stories and shared my own.

    Dr. Starla Fitch’s 2015 TEDtalk on human relationships talks about the importance of human contact. Her message is impactful in the simplest form as she merely suggests for us to give hearing, seeing and talking to each other a chance. Her message is brilliantly important: We are social beings and when social contact is denied we threaten our own lives.

    Humans. We are odd creatures. Brene Brown, renowned author, speaks about human vulnerability in her 2010 TedTalk. As I heard the words coming out of her mouth, I began to question my own shame and heartbreaks and struggles. For many years, my weight has been my biggest challenge to overcome. In school I was briefly treated by a school psychologist for bulimia. Prior to treatment, I had already accepted my binging habits as a part of who I was and I did not see myself as being out of control. So much so, that I only attended therapy a few times, believing I did have control. As any teenager would, I promised my mom that to start anew and dedicate myself to school as an emerging freshman in high school. Yet, my disgusting tendencies continued well into high school and not much changed.

    It was only at the end of my high school career that I’ve learned to contain my anxiety and fears through reflection and healthy eating. You can say I’ve transformed from a chocolate binging addict to a broccoli obsessionist. I had to let go of my shame, my past hurt and embrace a new me. I had to change for me, not for my mom, not for a school psychologist, but for me. I had to be okay with not knowing this new lifestyle I was to embrace would guarantee a positive change, instead as Brene Brown says I had to accept my vulnerability as a way of life and sought comfort in knowing she was right.

    Here’s why: people who were unable to accept their vulnerability become numb and turn uncertainty to certainty. I numbed my pain. I ignored my therapy sessions. I ignored my mom’s pleas and dove into school work as a distraction. Out of stress, I became rude and out of frustration, my reality became terribly skewed. I was certain my family hated me when they looked at me. I was certain I was meant to be fat and forever ugly. So I became mean. I refused to attend family gatherings and made a point to have them know I didn’t want to be around them. I pretended that my struggles were my own problem and that it didn’t effect those around me. I saw how my mom looked at me, in concern, but pretended she looked at me in disgust. I pretended I was fine. I pretended I was okay and didn’t need any help. I isolated myself from family and friend and in parting ways with human connection, I ultimately paid the price.

    Human connection is built on love and compassion, and one cannot receive it if one does not practice it. All those years I felt alone was because I made myself lonely. So when I learned to love myself first, I was able to shred the blame and rage I had felt for so long.

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    Psychologists vs Lawyers: The Repressed Memories Debate

    Once upon a time there was a wave of psychologists who believed they were helping uncovered repressed memories of their clients but were in fact falsifying memories-unintentionally.

    Now before you decide to side with the lawyers here keep reading. It’s not so simple.

    We all know all psychologists are not equal. But most believe in repressed memories. If repressed memories don’t exist why would so many psychologist believe it?

    Here’s where it gets good. It’s not the concept of hidden memories being debated. It’s actually far more pathetic. What does repressed mean? Repressed implies intenional storing away due to trauma. This is what is currently being argued. People forget and later recall memories all the time. The debate is about where the memories actually went and why. As well as the potential harms of psychologist aided memory recovery.

    Psychologist aided memory recovery is controversial the same way leading a witness, victim, or suspect in a criminal investigation is controversial. It’s possible you’re planting messages that were not there before in the persons head. Let’s say an investigator asked a child if the bad man touched their probates. A lawyer would call foul play. You don’t tell the kid the name of the touched parts. He’s has to tell you.

    Now reading that you probably think. Well the kid probably knows where they were touched. What’s the problem? The problem is lawyers are trained to find every potential loop hole no matter how down right sleazy it makes them. There’s a reason people make lawyer jokes like that. It’s the line of work. It’s POSSIBLE the kid was pressured, it’s POSSIBLE he got confused, etc. and those POSSIBILITIES will be used to get the child molestor off the hook… sad huh?

    Now the majority of complaints about recovered memories were not from those who retrieved them in therapy. It was their families. As an abused child I would never be surprised to find abusive families rallying to protect their nonexistent good name. Thats what they do. But regardless many families had money and hired lawyers and accused the psychologists of brain washing their adult children. And these lawyers sued the psychologists.

    In other words the debate over repressed memories is more about wording and the dangers of subliminal messaging.

    In my own experiences I had a repressed memory come back in my 20s. Without psychologists aid. It just was suddenly there as if it was never gone. So I don’t doubt their reality. Living it baby.

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    #MentalHealth #psychology #positive

    Positive psychology has been described in many ways and with many words, but the commonly accepted definition of the field is this:

    “Positive psychology is the scientific study of what makes life most worth living”.

    To push this brief description a bit further, positive psychology is a scientific approach to studying human thoughts, feelings, and behavior, with a focus on strengths instead of weaknesses, building the good in life instead of repairing the bad, and taking the lives of average people up to “great” instead of focusing solely on moving those who are struggling up to “normal”.

    You can refer to this:

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    I feel so stupid and so ridiculous. *forehead smack* 🤦

    A little while ago I posted about how I'm still in love with my ex-boyfriend. I have now come to the conclusion that I was confusing my emotions. I did love him. I was in love with him, and I loved him with my whole heart and more. But our opinions are so different and how we think if so different, it never would've worked. And I'm okay with this, honestly. The reason I titled this "I feel so stupid and so ridiculous. *forehead smack* " is because I think that by the end, I knew that we weren't meant to be together, and through that, I began lusting for him. I've never wanted to have sex with anybody before. It was never something I thought about. My friends all talk about when they wanna lose their v-card and I just wasn't worried about it, never really cared. And then I met him. He opened up a new part of me and I confused lust for love in the end. I told him about it and he said it was weird, which I expected. Because it is kind of weird. However, it is how I feel. When l lose my virginity I want it to be with somebody I love, somebody who truly loves me. And that's where my thoughts stopped and I wondered. Because he just wants to lose it. He doesn't care if he's dating the girl or if he loves her. He said that it would help, but he doesn't care. Knowing this, and knowing how I feel about him work perfectly hand in hand. I think that because I was in such a state of learning that I wasn't completely broken (via him) that I was in a "fog" so to say, as to where I believed that I was going to, and wanted to spend my life with him. I don't want that. I want someone who is like him, but also completely different. I'm not sure that I want him even just as a friend in my life right now, but I know that he's in my life as he is for a reason. I believe that everything happens for a reason. So he is in my life, and me in his for a reason, whether this reasoning has happened yet or not is unknown, but we will learn soon enough. Either way, my point here is that I have finally learned how to evaluate my emotions to a point where I can look at them and know exactly how I feel. And I am very proud of this. 😁🥰

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