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Compassion fatigue

#Compassionfatigue is when you are to the point of exhaustion in an emotional or physical way that leads to a diminished ability to care for others or express compassion or even empathize.

I feel like this sometimes although I don't know what led to it. Sometimes I'm sitting there all put out because I have to even speak. I wouldn't consider myself even with the gift of empathy in a major way. But there are definitely times when I feel exhausted by all that there is to do or even say or express. Does this mean I am a highly sensitive person? Sometimes I feel like that.

Back to compassion fatigue, I feel like it means someone always has to put a lot into just their day. Or to put it better, someone puts so much into their day and it's exhausting. I feel like I am coming up short on the fact that I feel empathy. Although there are times that it overwhelms me, there are times when I am very compassionate. It does wear me down and out.

I am glad I got it out. I am very astounded that I feel exhausted because I ever felt compassion and empathy that much apparently. I always thought it was beyond my ability to feel anything. I am a good person. I guess I just didn't realize it.

#Empathy #compassion #Fatigue

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Bit of a Rant: Tired and Over it #CPTSD #Fibromyalgia

Poverty is traumatic. Living in your car and fearing for your life every night is traumatic.  Being brown in america is traumatic.  
I finally got myself to a place where I can (just barely, and with the help of dear friends) afford to live.  In Asia.  And I watch all these people on social media back "home" in the Divided States COMPLAIN about "getting fat" over eating and  over shopping during this lockdown/quarantine/work-from-home new normal we have going on... meanwhile, in the rest of the world - like where I live - people have lost EVERYTHING - from business to homes -  because tourism is shut down. We can barely afford to feed ourselves while the western world argues about wearing masks and binges on junk food.
Come the F on!
As if watching the news isn't bad enough, being worried that someone is going to attack my sweet old Thai mother just for BEING,  I then look at IG and see people complaining about having 'too much'.
Get an F'n Grip and check your privilege. #RacialTrauma #Anxiety #Depression #Compassionfatigue
rant over.


Are there any nurses (ER especially) here?

#Bullying #AnxietyTriggers #PTSD #Depression #Burnout #Compassionfatigue #Selfcare #Lateralviolenceintheworkplace #Violenceintheworkplace #transparency #ChronicPain

I once identified myself through my career as a dedicated nurse, but as you can see my hashtags led to 1 of several suicide attempts, with one leaving me on life support and suffering a stroke while in hospital. Now, I am trying to find or rediscover my new identity. The Stigma is still strong out there in society, even in healthcare. Anyone have lived experience or can relate in anyway?

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Numb af #numbness

Day in day out seeing the worst hearing these stories of victimization. I wish I didn’t see or know this part of life. I wish I didn’t know what a trap house was or what happens to kids in one. So exhausting. After 16 years I’m just a shell of a person anymore. Same stories, recycled horrors and few successes. Very sad 😞 #Therapist #burntout #Compassionfatigue #MajorDepressiveDisorder