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feeling low to no energy to pursue my plans (if I do have plans, really can't tell at the moment)

I'm trying to be active and productive. I have spent the whole day (now it's 5pm) waiting to reach the point of my to do list where I would have had to study.

Here I am, 10 hours after I woke up, and still haven't done a thing. As yesterday and as the day before.

I've actually found an inspiring spot and have all my stuff in front of me.

The progress today is: I have opened the file I should listen to and focused for 15 minutes. Then I just watch myself opening up pages, daydreaming, thinking, unfocusing. -.-

Good thing: I'm in a public place and they're playing some music - "I Want It All" reminded me of how I used to feel, when I was 11 yo, listening to Queen.

I do have energy and enthusiasm inside. A LOT.

I miss it. I sense it, but I don't feel able to grab it and take it up here.

[People who knew me before remember this, my old self, and maybe something of it it's still visible, I'm not aware].

It's part of me, I could burst and explode, if only this drowsiness would fade away. I have a sun inside which got suffocated through the years and now I can't move. I just follow the days as they go by and this crushes me.

I've tried several strategies, in the past three years, but I can't find what could work for me.

I've tried to concentrate for short periods of time, then take a break, then study again and so on, but it has worked for a few days and then stop.

Same applies to anything else.

(I change my way of studying as my needs do, though, so I don't expect a method to work all the time).

Does anyone have tips to focus on the short term, heading to bigger goals?

(I'm referring to college's exams in particular, in my case!)

How do you manage to mantain a regular studying activity? If you manage to do so, otherwise feel free to comment down below you too, if you wanna share something. :)

How do you like to study?

Btw: "My Fairy King" and "Great King Rat" are two curious songs by Queen I really like. I'm trying to take my light and my younger spontaneous and full-of-enthusiasm self out and these songs resonate in a particular way, now eheh ^^

Thank you for reading - a hug to everyone ~

#concentration #Motivation #Tips #study #Goal #help #enthusiasm #lowenergy #active #productive #Procrastination #Inspiration


It was so hard to concentrate today #Anxiety #concentration

Today has been so rough! I feel like my body is telling me I need to slow down and take some time for me. I found myself really distracted at work. My eyes feel weird...kind of like maybe I’m tired? I’m not sure.

I’ve had a head and stomach ache for a few days now and just feel like I’m struggling. I’ll be okay but today is just rough!

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#blewsmoke #Crazy #concentration #identify

Here I am in the middle of my #concentration and I can't get past all that I've done in the effect all there is slot of #blewsmoke we need to be able to #identify and quickly I hate being #Crazy


Handle major anxiety until I get help

I am going through major anxiety since few days. I am far from home in a foreign country for studies. My husband helps but he is in different time zone and can only help so much over phone.
I have scheduled an appointment for counselling with uni but it's on Monday.
I need to complete assignments in the meantime. Unable to concentrate.
How do I manage till that day.
I am already late on one deadline.
#Anxiety #concentration #focus #Student

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