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feeling low to no energy to pursue my plans (if I do have plans, really can't tell at the moment)

I'm trying to be active and productive. I have spent the whole day (now it's 5pm) waiting to reach the point of my to do list where I would have had to study.

Here I am, 10 hours after I woke up, and still haven't done a thing. As yesterday and as the day before.

I've actually found an inspiring spot and have all my stuff in front of me.

The progress today is: I have opened the file I should listen to and focused for 15 minutes. Then I just watch myself opening up pages, daydreaming, thinking, unfocusing. -.-

Good thing: I'm in a public place and they're playing some music - "I Want It All" reminded me of how I used to feel, when I was 11 yo, listening to Queen.

I do have energy and enthusiasm inside. A LOT.

I miss it. I sense it, but I don't feel able to grab it and take it up here.

[People who knew me before remember this, my old self, and maybe something of it it's still visible, I'm not aware].

It's part of me, I could burst and explode, if only this drowsiness would fade away. I have a sun inside which got suffocated through the years and now I can't move. I just follow the days as they go by and this crushes me.

I've tried several strategies, in the past three years, but I can't find what could work for me.

I've tried to concentrate for short periods of time, then take a break, then study again and so on, but it has worked for a few days and then stop.

Same applies to anything else.

(I change my way of studying as my needs do, though, so I don't expect a method to work all the time).

Does anyone have tips to focus on the short term, heading to bigger goals?

(I'm referring to college's exams in particular, in my case!)

How do you manage to mantain a regular studying activity? If you manage to do so, otherwise feel free to comment down below you too, if you wanna share something. :)

How do you like to study?

Btw: "My Fairy King" and "Great King Rat" are two curious songs by Queen I really like. I'm trying to take my light and my younger spontaneous and full-of-enthusiasm self out and these songs resonate in a particular way, now eheh ^^

Thank you for reading - a hug to everyone ~

#concentration #Motivation #Tips #study #Goal #help #enthusiasm #lowenergy #active #productive #Procrastination #Inspiration

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Its Me Again

Hello. I am #CheckingIn to see how everyone is doing. I hope that you are doing well. I have been doing OK. Today I got deeper into my new masters degree program. This will be my 3rd Masters degree, and most likely the last one that I will be getting. I am learning to become a mental health counselor. My #Goal for #MentalHealth is to focus on the workplace. I want to help make the workplace a more wholesome place to work. Most of the time we spend in our day is at work. Why not try to make the best of it for people?

#god knows just what it is that I needed, and he also knows how much others need what I needed, too. I wanted a psychologist or a mental health counselor on property when I worked at #UniversalOrlando . However, I did not have one. It was hard for me to understand what was going on with my job and where the stress was coming from. I could not figure out if it was an #Internal or #external #Stress . I kept thinking that maybe it was because my father was sick... and eventually he died on March 7th, on a sunshiney monday in I.C.U room number 4. I was traumatised when he died... as I held his hand.

I have had horrible #Insomnia , but there are nights where it is better than others. I thought that perhaps maybe another person could relate? If you can, what do you recommend when you feel the "I do not want to die," feeling as you lay down in the bed? Somehow during the day I could sleep easily even though I do not nap. But.. at #Night I do not understand what happens!

Speak to you all soon.. and thank you for #listening .

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The "daymare" I am living within.

This is a place where we can share our #Thoughts and our #feelings to one another. I have been #Trying hard to make things right with my life, and I know that it is difficult. I think a lot of us in this world feel a bit #lost right now. It is understandable because of what is happening in #ukraine and #russia at the moment. It is also #difficult to deal with #MentalHealth at the same time when you have a #MentalIllness that does not ever take a break. #Medicine can only take you so far in this world to make things #stabilized in the mind.

When #stressful situations occur, it is more difficult for those who have mental health conditions to handle than that of someone who does not have it. It is because we are already battling a mental war trying to use our #Therapy skills to apply to the #behavioral aspect of things while the medication helps take care of the #Neurological aspect of things. However, on the right kind of #Medication we are able to handle things a lot better. Of course we will always have some kind of #Sadness in our lives, as it is not the #Goal of medication to make us #robotic . However, the medicine we take does help to ease the existing conditions we already have so that we are less #sensitive to the #Extremes we would feel without the medicine.

I have #BipolarDisorder so this is something that is already a #Battle since I was about 16 years old. Sometimes all I can do is put on some lipstick and handle it the best way that I can, even if that means I need to take a few extra #Naps in the day. Whenever you are faced with #extreme amounts of #Stress things are not going to be easy for you. That is #normal . I just #wish that life were a lot #easier to handle though for those of us who have pre-existing mental health conditions that create more conflict and blow up the #emotional responses.

So - If you are #Reading this, please #DistractMe and give me something to think about other than my Dad's liver #Cancer

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Wellness Wednesday: New Year Health and Wellness Goals

We spent time yesterday reflecting on 2021. Today, we'll work on setting health and wellness goals for the new year. Share at least one wellness goal (physically, mentally or emotionally) that you want to achieve in 2022 and how will you do it?

#Diabetes #DiabetesType1 #DiabetesType2 #prediabetes #ChronicIllness #AutoimmuneDisease #MentalHealth #NewYear #Goal #MadeVisible #Lifestyle #Health

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Motivational Monday: New Monday, New Week, New Start, New Goals!

Hi everyone 👋🏽

Let’s welcome a new Monday, a new week, a new start and new goals!

What are your diabetes management or general health-related goals for the week and your plan to accomplish them?

#DiabetesType2 #DiabetesType1 #prediabetes #Diabetes #ChronicIllness #AutoimmuneDisease #mentalhealth #Motivational #monday #Goal #management

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Motivational Monday: Start With the Necessary

Start doing what’s necessary, then do what’s possible.
And suddenly, you’re doing the impossible!

This Monday, let’s start by doing the necessary!

💙 What is your “necessary”? Can be health-related or general.

💙 What goals for the week will help you accomplish your necessary?

#DiabetesType2 #DiabetesType1 #Diabetes #prediabetes #MentalHealth #Goal #Motivation #MotivationalMonday

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Motivational Monday

Name one goal that you want to achieve this week.

The goal can be health-related, mental health-related, diet-related or a function of daily life, such as getting up and dressing.

What is your plan to make this new goal a habit?

Share below in the comments and let’s keep each other accountable this week! 😀

#DiabetesType2 #Diabetes #MentalHealth #ChronicIllness #Goal #Motivational


End of Year Goals

It was a mighty prompt that prompted this writing (haha- get it?) and I usually love the mighty prompts. They are usually a way to stop and reflect- on myself, on my ideas of success, on my my goals, etc. This one stopped me dead in my tracks as I was scrolling as it said the following:

What are your top 3 goals for the remainder of the year?

What really hurt was that I couldn’t come up with one, let alone three! This simple prompt, meant to lift up and celebrate even the smallest goals and achievements in the coming months, shed light to the fact that I don’t even know what my coming months look like. I should probably explain.

Because of my chronic illness, Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension, I’ve had to defer my acceptance to college back a year and take what is called a “gap year”. Gap years are pretty normal, the circumstances of mine is not. My goal is to take the fist semester and get my health under control, and then work to save up money the rest of the time so I can go to college next year in the best position I can be in to succeed. Unfortunately, the whole “getting my health under control” thing is a little harder than it sounds. It’s what we’ve been trying to do since since I was diagnosed and subsequently pulled out of school back in March. So obviously, it’s been going great (not).

As I’m writing this, I have come to the realization that goals don’t always have to be tangible. I don’t have to get x grades for my degree or make x amount of money or anything like that. So I’ve made some goals for the second half of 2021- even if I’m not entirely sure where it’s going to take me yet.

Emma’s 3 2021 Goals

- Smile at people when they make eye contact
- Accept the help as it comes, say thank you, and don’t brush off their support
- Support my friends as they go off to college and be the friend they can always come back to, no matter how far they’ve gone

As you go off and make your own goals, whether they look anything like mine or not, make them with you in mind. You are on your own journey, and are in a different stage of life than anyone else around you. Give yourself the grace to make goals that fit where you are right now, not where you wish you could be. I look forward to cheering you on as you reach for the stars!

#goalsetting #goals #Goal #mightyprompt #mightygoals #mightygoal #3goals #newyearresolutions #IIH #Writing #WritingThroughIt #CheckInWithMe #checkinonme #IdiopathicIntracranialHypertension #IH #IntracranialHypertension #College #gapyear


Selfie a day #selfieaday

I just turned 31 this past week. I’ve had a rough relationship with myself for over a decade. One thing that i am doing to help heal myself is to take a selfie everyday and post it. Not for other people but for me so i can see who i am in that moment. It won’t be the same place or time everyday just in the moment. My #Goal this year is to find out who i am. #Anxiety #PTSD #Trauma #LossOfAParent #Reflection