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Forgetting to ground.

Does anyone else with C.P.T.S.D find when they get lots of new memories back in a short space of time that it's much harder to remember to ground?

I've been really good at applying grounding technics lately, I've been using them a lot and managing new memories and flashbacks well..

over the last week though I have broken through another memory wall into another valt of trauma, the memories behind that wall were pushed back because they are genuinely Terrifying to the point you could make horror movies out of them!

I broke down that wall and kinda kept it on hold until my therapy session yesterday..
Which was sort of helpful 🤪
yet it also backed up that someone with a professional and outside opinion also feels that the way I'm being treated by the police while trying to report, means I'm genuinely putting myself in danger in the now!!
I knew that anyway.. to have it backed up via an outside professional leaves me feeling im even less safe 😱😳🤯

I don't have many more therapy sessions to go and don't know if I can get more funding.. so very soon I may be in this minefield alone without Anyone to talk to about it all!🤪👀

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so lately I’ve been doing really good, somewhat more energy, no depression, often feel really good and have some hope in life. I’m taking my meds religiously and keep track of them and it’s given me some side affects I cannot sleep whatsoever. I sleepy 4 hours tops this has been going on for 2 weeks now. that’s another story but issues at my living situation has been triggering a depressive episode. my roommate has constantly harass and bully me while the landlord and my hubby is away. he threw trash on my car, stalked me, said comments saying I was trying to seduce him ??? threw all my laundry all over the garage, say racist slurs( I’m Hispanic) to other people about me. threatened to have me and my husband jumped and sliced. telling the neighbors I’m this that and the other. taking pictures of my car and went as far as following me driving tail gating me while I’m trying to leave from him yelling at me. my husband defends me and in return we are now getting threatened with cops. The landlord doesn’t want to kick him out either. I know I’m not perfect and of course I defended myself and exhanged words but he takes it too far. I’m 23 and he’s 30 that’s just not normal. since all this commotion I feel myself slip into depression once again. I’m starting to feel my meds aren’t doing anything. what should I do ?? #dangeroursplace #Depression #BipolarDepression #Insomina #hopeless #Anxiety #scared


#livinginyourhead #dangeroursplace

Everyday is a battle racing thoughts that never stop conversations and scenarios that never happen yet your head goes on and on like a broken down record anyone ever finds a stop or pause button please let me kno #EUPD