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Am I doing the right thing? #Depression #triggers #FamilyTrigger

Hello Mighty Fam,

I just have a challenge I am dealing with that I go back and forth mentally if I am doing the right thing. It’s a long post and I apologise, I just want to give details to avoid confusion.

Here goes...

Well I am 2 weeks shy of celebrating my 1 year anniversary of dealing with my depression. It took about 3-4 years to take the step. I made a decision to award myself the time and dedication I deserve to deal with it, which meant cutting out some things.

I love singing, so I was part of a choir (my cousin founded it. She is a key player in this hence my mentioning of her.) I asked to be given time off to start my journey. I turned down some events I would get invited to, I stopped going to funerals and memorials ( they were and are still a big trigger for me), I basically pulled away from everything and faced my challenge as honestly and vulnerably as I could. I told my family of my decision and reasons behind my scarcity. They have always been supportive but little did I know about some of them.

My aforementioned cousin was like an older sister to me. I haven’t made the best decisions in my life and I would at times confide in her and seek advise. During the time I was secluded, word got round to me through my best friend that she had called to tell her what a horrible person I am. That I am a home wrecker. That I seek attention and I am lying about being depressed. She told her to basically abandon me since I’m the scum of the earth. I was hurt and obviously this caused a slump in my progress.

She (cousin) now treats me like I owe her an apology for the state I am in. And my stubborn self is refusing to take it. I have been asked what I have done wrong, and it’s a question I ask myself time and again and I just do not understand how someone can personalise another persons predicament. (Maybe you can help with that).

My other family members (have been supportive) have asked me to reach out to her and try sort this out, but besides me feeling that I’m not ready to, I also feel like I don’t need that kind of person/behaviour in my life. I love and miss her so much but I can’t afford to go back on the promise I have made to myself to never allow myself to bend backwards for something I do not believe in.

Maybe I am being defensive but that’s my perspective of the situation. But I am open to taking advice and opinions about this. Please do share. 🙏🏽 #CheckInWithMe #DealingWithDepression #DepressionAndDecisionMaking


I see many posts about relationship troubles resulting from struggles with mental health. can anyone give any successful advice on reconciling the two

my boyfriend is the type of person anyone you ask about him will describe as a "good dude". but he is a couch potato. I have desires to live a life of vitality and challenging my boundaries to realize the beauty of what I've been given. often times I feel he promotes my depression and slump because he never wants to leave the house. other times I'm having an episode or want to communicate, but he shuts me out. I dont want either of us to suffer needlessly anymore. I just need advice from someone who has had a similar experience. thank you I'm advance for taking the time to read my concerns and proving useful answers. #Depression #Relationships #DealingWithDepression

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A Personal Note To Myself #Depression #Anxiety #alone

Last night, in between tears and rage, I decided to create a personal note to myself so that I have something to read when I am feeling down again. The following lists are what I know is true based on my personal experiences.

1. You are alone in this whether you like it or not. So fucking accept that.

2. Stop making people around you miserable. If you have an issue on something or you need to rant, fucking keep it to yourself. They have their own issues too.

3. Always be happy around everyone. You can do this, you did it before, you can do it again. Remember, fake it till you make it.

4. You can’t rely on anyone but yourself so deal with it.

5. If you feel stressed, take a fucking Xanax instead of dragging people around you with your own issues. Again, you’ve done this before, so you can do it again.

6. Happiness can and will always be bought.

7. Never ever talk about your mental health issues. They aren’t your shrink. You’re adding fucking stress to them.

8. When talking to someone, let them do all the talking, if they ask you how you are, say that you’re perfectly fine. No matter fucking what.

9. Don’t forget your emojis, people think that everything’s fine when there are emojis. So use them often.

10. Learn how to control your emotions. Stop crying at the slightest reason. You used to control that, you can do it again for sure. Practice makes perfect.

I may add more soon if ever. #Depression #DealingWithDepression


'Dire Warning'

Cast me away with the waters
while the tears fall from my face
script my sorrow in the sadness I hold
while I try to find a hope, a place

See the straining of my heart
as I search for the ghosts inside
trying to dig up the memories of life
before my sanity crashed and died

I'm lost to the world I once knew
to the soul that lived and breathed
I'm gone to the barren desert of my pain
drowned, broken, crushed, cleaved

Take away that pitying glance
the idea that you can fix me is a lie
I'm not some wayward angel with broken wings
I'm the one you run from and hide

So walk away, no - run
I'm not bringing you down into this mire
I'd rather crawl this road all on my own
to be burned to ash and made a liar

Then to see my sorrow touch you
to see the breaking in your eyes
so cast me out, throw me away
before you fall
before you break
before you live the life that is my lie

-TerriLynn Le Blanc ©2018 Quotes from the Dark
#MightyPoets , #Depression , #copingwithdepression , #hurt , #darkthoughts , #CopingWithAnxiety , #DealingWithDepression , #MentalHealth


Finding a good therapist #help #SeekingTherapy #DealingWithDepression #Depression

I’ve had a tough time finding a new therapist since leaving a managed care HMO. Either I find one who doesn’t manage/prescribe meds or ill find a group of practitioners who take insurance but the one person on staff who can prescribe/manage meds doesn’t take any insurance.