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    Body Dysmorphia + Triggers

    A combination of environmental, psychological, and biological factors. Bullying or teasing may create or foster the feelings of inadequacy, shame, and fear of ridicule.

    Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) is a serious mental illness. This is a psychiatric disorder that is related to obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). It most commonly begins around puberty, and it affects both men and women#BDD #triggers

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    This is your brain on complex trauma.

    "Complex trauma causes complex triggers." - Dr. Glenn Doyle.

    This quote resonated with me today as I continue navigating seemingly random triggers lately. I say "seemingly" because they aren't known triggers. But...our brains are complex. Like filing cabinets filled with files of memories. Those files, like our memories, may somehow get misplaced or put in a random place, but they always show back up again. When they do, it feels random because we have tried so desperately to pretend they aren't there — but they are.

    Being able to see my brain in this way helps me to normalize the ways in which I continue to process trauma. Does this help you? Let us know your thoughts.

    #Trauma #PTSD #CPTSD #triggers

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    Has PTSD made dating a challenge?

    Being a survivor of trauma can influence every aspect of your life. When it come to potential romantic relationships, navigating PTSD triggers can be a challenge, as Lydia writes:

    What It’s Like Navigating PTSD Triggers While Dating

    Whether it's feeling suddenly triggered, not being able to trust someone or fearing intimacy -- dating can be tough with PTSD. Have you experienced this? If so, share your triumphs and tribulations with us below.

    #PTSD #CPTSD #Trauma #Dating #triggers #Relationships


    A Birthday Party with a Side of Triggers

    I'm just done with the day. I have to go to my brother's step daughter's birthday party tomorrow. My brother is the only one I am close to at all in my family. I already didn't want to go. Just because it's a social thing and I don't particularly like that. Then today I find out that my mother and my sister are also going. This is already f'n strange because they never go to events of any kind. Don't even get me started with that!! But, for some whatever reason, (I'm sure to be nosy and then have some shit to go back and talk) they are going tomorrow. I can't take it. They are both HUGE triggers for me! I can' stand them. I can't even stand the thought of being around them. Let alone having to be civil and smile and be "respectful" to them. I immediately am filled with feelings of anger, anxiety, like just anxious, feel my temperature rising, heart getting faster, feel tears almost coming, want to get up and pace around the floor and punch something. I can't f'ing handle it!! And all I keep thinking is I need a f'ing drink!! In the past if this situation presented itself, that's what I would do. I would just have a drink or two before going and then drink more when I get there. Well, FUCK, now I can't!! And I am betting my brother and sis n law will more than likely be drinking also. Which normally...whatever, I would deal with it. But with my sis and mom being there, it's going to kill me!! I want to back out so bad! I just want to message him and tell him I can't come. He'll know why. But it will hurt him I'm sure.

    I text my husband and tell him and I'm like, why the f they gotta go? He is usually supportive. He just responds, well your brother probably invited them. I respond, well no shit! 🙄🤦‍♀️ His response was not what I wanted to hear and just pisses me off further.

    I tell myself, this is stupid and I need to get the f over it! Like really. WTF?!! Grow the F up!!!

    #Anxiety #Depression #triggers #Addiction #PTSD #SuicideSurvivor #Family #anger

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    Is your phone stressing you out?

    I don't know about you, but I have a love/hate relationship with technology, especially my phone. While I enjoy all the things it does for me, it also demands far too much of my time and has been the source of a lot of trauma triggers for me.

    That's why I LOVED this article by Brittany:

    5 Ways You Can Change Your iOS Settings for Your Mental Health

    Some of these tricks to changing your phone settings could be a game changer for managing the overwhelm that our phones can create.

    Would these help you? Do you have a love/hate relationship with your phone? What other tricks do you use to manage phone stress?

    #Trauma #PTSD #CPTSD #triggers #IPhone #Overwhelm #Anxiety #Stress


    What is your best strategy to deal with triggers?

    #CPTSD #triggers


    For those with #SexualTrauma , how did you (or have you) discovered the #triggers for your #PTSD ?

    In my twenties, I experienced a total of 7 sexual traumas, from sexual assault, to molestation, to #Daterape . I was also drinking heavily at the time. Now, I’ve been married almost 11 years, have cut down my #Drinking (no drunkenness), but randomly I get #triggered , and it’s so bad I can’t let my husband touch me past anything but a hug. One time, it took a full year to get over one of these spells. My problem is, I don’t know what sets me off! Sometimes I’ll get creeped out by a strange person, or overhear conversations, but nothing concrete. Any suggestions? Should I try EMDR (again- I tried it a few sessions, but maybe the therapist wasn’t the right fit)?
    Sorry this was so long. For context, I am a 37 yr old straight female married to a man. All assaults were perpetrated by men. None were caught or prosecuted. No Justice. #MeToo


    Triggers and Crying Spells

    Just spent about an hour in tears 😭 from being triggered. Some people get angry but I get sad. I will admit that I feel somewhat better than before. Trying to focus on good times. Does anyone else with a #trauama history struggle with this? How do you cope?

    #Childhoodtrauma #PTSD #Abuse #triggers #AbuseSurvivors


    Anxiety About Being Cheated On Despite Currently Being Single

    Ever since reading about this TV show where a celeb crush I like plays a character who cheats on his wife (note, said celeb crush at least so far seems a nice guy who wouldn't do that), I am terrified of it happening to me. Though I know, since I myself am a performer, that you have to play some unlikable people after a certain point, I feel so tormented by it. I think I have developed a trigger for adultery. I am afraid of falling in love or getting into a relationship, but that I won't be attractive or good enough and their eyes will wander to someone better. I find myself obsessing over it and getting upset about it, even though it's never happened to me yet, and wondering how on earth will I cope. #Anxiety #triggers #Love #heartbreak #betrayal #Relationships #celebcrushes #cheating #Adultery #Advice #help #Fear

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    Do you react well under pressure?

    I'm you react well under pressure? I have found that some of us with PTSD thrive under pressure because that has become our default state of equilibrium. We are used to being under stress if you will. Others of us get easily overwhelmed and then shut down because our bodies get flooded with stress hormones and we cannot function anymore. I vacillate between these two depending upon the type of pressure I'm experiencing. And usually I handle emergencies well but am less adept at handling extended crises.

    How do you handle stress? Share your experiences below.

    #Trauma #PTSD #CPTSD #triggers #Stress #Pressure #crisismanagement