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Found a way to cope today...

I've begun to do one thing each day to improve my situation. Sometimes that's making progress on converting my family's life to be entirely online. Sometimes it is stocking pantries. Sometimes it is cleaning. Sometimes it is reading, writing, or running for health purposes. Sometimes it is creating a new meal that we all like. Today, I set my guided meditations and a few yoga classes to download to my phone so that I could ensure that I don't need to worry about internet speeds to manage my coping. I feel a little more prepared. #Anxiety #CopingWithAnxiety #Depression #copingwithdepression

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What sometimes help me out of my personal rabbit hole. #Selfcare

I know how easy to get lost and caught up in overthinking to the level I become completely overwhelmed and unable to function. When I do the harder it is to find what helps me get myself out of rabbit hole I create and come out being able to just pay attention to the present moment that’s not hijacked by unhelpful/unproductive ways of thinking.

I was introduced to Mooji (mindfulness in general), years ago. It has been only in recent years that I learned to slow down enough to actually listen with any kind of attentiveness, awareness and understanding. While I still can’t get to this state all the time, much less on demand. I’ve accepted that’s okay. That’s even what adds to the misunderstanding/misconception/misinterpretation of mindfulness. It really is okay that most people can’t find peace 24\7. That’s a completely unrealistic expectation and creates a sense of failure in trying learn how mindfulness can be helpful to us for even just moments in a day. So I’ve become kinder to myself that it’s enough of an accomplishment to find and connect to a sense peace for only a, minute/hour/day at a time. Mooji is now 1 source that I come back to, when I’m able to remember, when my mind is able to take in his overall message/pointings/lessons. It’s at those times it can help calm me. This source reminds me of what’s important to me and helps me stay the course, maintain hope in my up and down rollercoaster of a process of getting and staying well inspite of the daily challenges.

#Selfcompassion #Mindfulness #CopingWithAnxiety #Anxiety #BipolarDepression #BipolarDisorder #copingwithdepression #CPTSD #MentalHealth

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Mental Health Resources - Apps

Photo is a great checklist for anyone!

Here are two links. They are blog posts (no advertisements) that prove smartphone app resources you may not know about. Do not assume because it is free that it is not as good. Not true! I hope you find these as helpful as I did! ❤️

Free Mental Health and Wellness Smartphone Apps:

Meditation, Mindfulness, and Breathing Smartphone Apps:

#MentalHealth #MentalHealthResources #Meditation #JustBreathe #Mindfulness #mindfullness #CopingTips #coping #CopingWithAnxiety #copingwithdepression #PTSD #Depression #Anxiety


How do you cope when you can’t even get out of bed?? #coping #copingwithdepression #Suicide #PersonalityDisorders #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

I don’t even feel like getting out of bed..I just want to lay here and ignore all of my responsibilities...I just can’t even pretend like I’m ok today


A 30-Day Off of Adulting: A Proposal (3/3)

Finally, Action Steps. This is when you formulate the tasks you need to achieve your goal. The difference this time is for you to breakdown these tasks into smaller tasks.


Let say that your objective is to be consistent with your medications so by the end of the timeline, you will have lesser risk of missing a dosage and its side effects. Usually, your action item is to drink the meds on time, and "I will be conscious enough to stick to it". Instead of the usual, this time we are going to break down that tasks into smaller tasks:


(1) I will set an alarm which is 5 minutes early to remind me of when to take my medication.

(2) I will not turn off the alarm until I finish drinking the medication.

(3) I will have to cross it off my to-do-list for the day.


We have broken down the steps for you to follow. At first, it will be tactical. The goal is to automate this actions to your system, since the goal is to establish a habit. 


Quick insert > go back to your objectives, and draft your final objective. After which, you can revisit all other sections and see how it goes with your FINAL OBJECTIVE.


This is a summary of my proposal for myself. I hope I was able to give you an idea about how you can make the approach work for your situation.


Keep in mind that efficiency and success rate of the plan is a case-to-case basis and may result to different results. The important thing is you have taken the first step for you to become better. Also, the development of this approach will take time, you have to be patient with that too. Always remember to step back and clear your head. Once you are back to yourself, then you can continue.


A wise meme once said that planning is never a straight line, it is an actual scribble. 

PS: The methodology can be seen scientific but there is no large-scale study made or used to claim success.
#Anxiety #Depression #CopingWithAnxiety #copingwithdepression #coping


A 30-Day Off of Adulting: A Proposal (2/3)

Personally, I draft the final objective after finishing all other parts. I just keep in my mind what I want by the end of the timeline. Once, all of the parts have been drafted, I revisit this part and finally, formulate the final objective and make the necessary adjustments to the rest of it.

Timeline. Second important thing to do is to identify your timeline. What is needed here is your transparency to yourself about the timeline you would like to use. This identifies how you will breakdown the tasks into bits and spread it across your timeline as well as considering the objective in mind.

Logistics. This plays well with Timeline. Knowing the available resources can make the efficiency higher. The better your resources are and their high availability will be a game changer for you.

The logistics can be broken into two category (1) People, and (2) Inanimate. Logistics on people, helps you identify people on people who you can rely to on s specific task. They can be your significant others, family members, and/or friends. These are individuals who are willing to help you in this 'uneasy journey'. The Inanimate Logistics are things (which are not humans), which you need to help you finish a task to achieve your objectives. This may include cleaning materials to help you clean the house, specific food ingredients needed to prepare for a food you've been wanting to make, or a ticket you needed to watch a movie you've been thinking about.

Financials. Usually, it is included in the Logistics as well. Since this is a big factor for me and for most of us, you'll understand why this can be separated. This is a kicker to identify your limitations on which resources can be used with money or can be asked for free. If you have limited sources, this allows you to make adjustments to your planning.

#Anxiety #Depression #CopingWithAnxiety#copingwithdepression#coping



Managed to pull myself back from the edge of the darkness and urge of isolating and potentially using by going to a coffee shop and getting iced tea and ice cream, and now listening to my favorite podcast while trying to do my homework. Proud of myself for coping.
#Anxiety #Depression #CopingWithAnxiety #copingwithdepression #CopingTips #Addiction #MentalHealth#MightyTogether