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Angiomyolipomas in kidney and simple liver cysts. #angiomyolipomas #liver #KidneyPain #abdominalpain #diverticular Disease

I have had a number of seemingly unrelated symptoms but more recently a number of them got worse. I had an ultrasound and ct scan which showed a simple liver cyst (does not say what size), diverticula (not inflamed) and angiomyolipomas on left kidney (1.1 cm). My doctor says no way pain from liver or kidney blames everything on digestion. Does anyone here have ever had any experience of pain from a simple liver cyst? This seems to flare up for few days then eases off. I usually get nausea and bloating with this. Lying on my right side recently seemed to trigger it off for 2 days. It also flares up temporarily when I exercise (running or long cycles). It is located in top right abdomen under ribs and flares up to shoulder and even back sometimes. Got all clear from gall bladder.
I also get some pain in my left side/back (kidney?) that comes and goes but this is currently not bad. Along with periods of proteinuria and 'moderate kidney disease' (creatinine high, low egfr). Tired of being ignored by doctor who blames everything on stress.



I am a chronic asthmatic and have other health issues as well. I can manage my asthma most of the time by taking my daily medications. I am feeling very annoyed right now, because all the pharmacies in my town have no supplies left of my daily asthma medication because of the run on them by panic stricken people, who would most likely never have to use it! Due to my age and health issues I have been self isolating as much as possible, only leaving my home to get food or medicines. Now my situation has just became far more serious, pitting me at an even higher risk level! Panic has never solved any problem, just creates more difficulties. It is so sad to see so many people not caring that their irresponsible actions may create a serious life or death situation for others!
#Asthma #panic #Complex health issues #Migraine #Neuropathy #Arthritis #diverticular disease #Anxiety #Depression #sinusitis #Allergies