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It’s been a tough week but today things are kinda looking up. My fiancé keeps saying I’m acting differently now than yesterday and he’s worried about it but he worries about me a lot. I’ve put him through some shit. But today I think what he’s noticing is contentment. I think I’ve finally just come to terms with everything (at least for the time being) and just accepted the outcomes I’ve created. I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m happy with everything but I am understanding of it and I have accepted it. It’s like a wave washed over me. Acceptance is a powerful thing. #Anxiety #Depression #BipolarDisorder #Acceptance #Stress #DontWorry



Hello, i'm still alive. I think I failed my oral English exam or something like that. I got too nervous and couldn't say anything right. I could feel a frantic heartbeat, cold in shaking hands and a lump in my throat. I almost died. D*** it! I don’t know whether I am glad that I am alive or sad because I have not died. 😫😫😫

- #idkwhattodo 😩
- #DontWorry, idn what to do too. ☺️
Thank you #HeartDefect . 🙃
#ifeellikemylifeisover every time I fail exam. 😅
#Headache, you are doing great 🤹‍♂️

For some reason my whole group felt that they were going to be executed...

I hope you are having a good time. That makes me happy for some reason. 🤔

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Just a reminder youve got this! Just breathe take it one second one minute one hour and one day at a time! Breathe! #Anxiety #DontWorry #JustBreathe

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How do we cope with worry

I suffer with anxiety, something that stems from my MS and living my life in a wheelchair. It can be triggered by any small thing. At first when we all went into lockdown I thought it was not too bad, I could cope, even though we knew it would probably be long.
But as the time has gone on, and we enter the fourth week, I am worried. I’m worried for myself, my husband, my children and grandchildren, for my elderly mother - the list goes on.
The death toll in the UK is now higher than it was in Italy at the peak of the virus. Everybody’s personal story is heartbreaking. I live in a town where everyone knows someone who’s died or who is ill with the virus.

I don’t think there can be anyone in this world that doesn’t worry. But what counts is how you deal with it. So, if you have a problem that needs solving, lying awake at night is certainly not going to provide the solution.
But sitting down in the daytime and thinking rationally about it might. You can make a list of pros and cons or whatever is relevant. Writing is one of the most helpful things. Or perhaps you can talk to someone else about your problem, that can be a great help in rationalising it. Whatever you do, it sure as hell beats lying awake all night twisting your thoughts into knots.

For those of you who, like me, are chronically ill, or in a wheelchair, worry is a constant companion. We can’t change our situations, at least not short term, and some of us not at all. And certainly not in the present situation.

So, it’s important to try and knock worrying on the head. Drinking chamomile tea at night can help to calm the mind. If you have trouble sleeping listen to a very boring audiobook. I have ‘The Brothers Karamazov’ by Fyodor Dostoyevsky on my phone. I can guarantee sleep comes very quickly!

#Anxiety #DontWorry #self-care #Disability #Problemsolver