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My miracle son #Arthritis #Preemie #mom #Awareness #Kindness #ADHD #NICU #Parent

This is my awesome son, Sam. He has fought many battles,being born three months premature and only weighing 1 pound 13 ounces. Being diagnosed with adhd, fine motor, gross motor and speech delays, sensory integration disorder at a young age. And a couple years ago diagnosed with juvenile arthritis. He’s the most awesome and toughest boy I know. He always has a cute smile on his face and is the kindness little boy I’ve ever met. My miracle and hero……. My son. This is a link to a beautiful story our local newspaper did. I hope it brings hope and inspiration to others ❤️


How do I do this?

I had a micropreemie in the NICU for over 3 months. He’s been home for almost a month now and I just feel so overwhelmed. Due to covid 19 my husband has been off but he will have to go back to work soon. And I am so afraid to be on my own. I feel like my son hates me. And my husband is just so much better with him. I don’t know what to do.
Also I think I may have postpartum depression but I’m not sure. Haven’t been diagnosed.

#Preemie #PostpartumDepression

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#stayhome #COVID19 #Preemie #Prematurity #TheMighty

"Stay at home for the people you love, keep our little fighters safe."

So grateful to be sharing the important message of staying home with our friends and amazing NICU Advocates around the globe. We are sending love and hope to you all, wherever you are in your journey, wherever you are in the world.

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At Home- @fromminitomoose
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Help us- @Lilyslittlelungs
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https://safe.- @Preemiehood

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