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#Preemies #MicroPreemie #quarantinethoughts #cerebalpalsy

After witnessing my twins fighting for their lives and living their first 7 months in the hospital, the social-distancing we are living today has came without difficulty. We have been unknowingly practicing social-distancing since my little ones came home from the hospital. My twins were born 26 weeks weighing under 2 pounds and where on oxygen for the first month and after to survive. They are considered the most vulnerable due to their lung complications and other medical conditions when born. My husband and I had no social life nor did we have time to... it was a traumatizing experience and we wanted our little family to be protected & safe.

Already then I was in disinfection mode, left the house only for essentials matters, limited the visitors who came to the house, we asked to immediately wash hands when walking through the door and to wear a mask if necessary. My husband and I did suffer a lot during these first years, not being able to be with family and friends, especially ones with children because we knew we could end up back where we never wanted to be. Unfortunately to some may have thought we are being too extreme, but we proved that the less contact with people means less chance of exposure and social distancing reduces your chance of spreading the virus to your loved ones, vulnerable children like mine, or others.

Trust me you never want to witness your child or yourself hooked up to a ventilator. It doesn’t matter what the situation is but with the virus situation it can be preventable.

Be safe & stay home 🏡

-words from a micro-preemie mommy

#Preemies #MicroPreemie #PreemieParenting #SocialDistancing #quarantinethoughts #cerebalpalsy #preemiestrong #warrior #COVID19 #stayhome

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