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Anyone wish they were less emotional?

I love being an empathetic person and a highly sensitive person but sometimes the way society can judge us
As being too sensitive or weak
Is hard
We are strong in our own way, sometimes it’s tough though if I really need to cry I do

But I guess at times I kind of envy people who can seem more cold or stoic/ so called “stronger”

I wouldn’t change how I am but at times can be draining or feel like a gift and a curse. But I know just learning to cope with it better is best

#Emotions #emotional #hard #lovemyself #sensitive #Shame #Trying #HSP #Curious #personalities #interested #dontknow #easierbetter #Anxiety #Depression

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How to live with Loneliness

Whenever I'm going to make any decision, I always say to myself that buddy you're in depression or any type of mental disorder ( haven't diagnosed), So let that Disorder to influence your decision.


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it’s very I don’t know

there’s a guy
he gets my bus and he stares at me the whole journey
I normally sit at the back because that’s where I have the least anxiety but recently he sits at the back on the other side and I get really anxious I can feel him looking at me and the other day I moved further forward on the bus and I still felt him looking at me
he doesn’t speak to me but he just looks at me and I don’t know what to do #helpme #dontknow #creeped