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Food & Nutrition Friday: Cauliflower Beef Bowl

When I was first diagnosed with diabetes in 2019, cauliflower was gaining popularity in low carb dieting.

Cauliflower was my first choice as an alternative to rice and potatoes until I found other choices.

As of now, I will only eat them roasted with other vegetables or in the occasional cauliflower mac and cheese dish.

Looking for a quick and tasty lunch and dinner idea? Check out the Cauliflower Beef Bowl Recipe from Beyond Type 2:

Cauliflower Beef Bowl - Beyond Type 2

❓What is your favorite way to eat cauliflower?

Share your favorite ways in the comments. If you’re not into cauliflower, say that too 😀

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Cauliflower Beef Bowl - Beyond Type 2

This Cauliflower Beef Bowl is a flavorful and low-carb dinner choice that takes some chopping but is a breeze to prepare.
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