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NEW Mantra

I have the genes of queens, kings, and conquerors infusing each cell of my being.

I shall no longer tolerate the minimization of my person.

#dna #BPD #epressiveDisorder # #Depr #Anxiety

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Update: Baking the pain away!

Sonehowni doscovered two months ahí how much i love to prepare cupcakes, cookies, cakes and other treats, so I subscribed for a profesional chef degree and I’m happier than ever before, I also created a profile on twitter, Facebook and instagram (@dirobakery) and try to sell my creations, it’s awesome cuz everyday I do something different, my family judge it and almos 1/9 days it’s not that great my creation.
Finally once in a long time I go to sleep wanting to be the next day so I can do something sweet, I go to sleep physically tired, but happy, I don’t have suicide thoughts, neither I hear the voices in my head or have a dissociation, it’s beautiful, I finally found my way in life, what makes me happy and I hope this is the start of something new, great and beautiful 🥺💕 #dissociativeamnesia #Anxiety #epressiveDisorder


Not stable with thoughts at all...

Sometimes I feel there are many people those who may have much more problems in life but still... I m not able to help myself ... i still feel that i don’t want to live anymore as I m not able to overcome my past... #epressiveDisorder #Loneliness


Is it okay to fight anxiety without medication? #AnxietyMedication #AnxietyTips #panickattack #HowToFightDepression #epressiveDisorder # #Depr #Medication #BipolarDiorder

I’m 22 and I decided that I’m done with being abnormal
I’m changing and I try to help myself to be better because I came to believe that no one else will help me but me
I started therapy because I want to learn more about my conditions and how to overcome them
I have #Anxiety, #panic attack and mild #Depression
Is it okay if I fight what I have with no medicine?
Is it possible?
My doctor gave me a drug to take when I get panic attacks and another one to use it daily to fight my anxiety
But I believe that I really want to change without any help of medical drugs
Can you help me please????