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Bipolar Type 2

Hi just wondering does anyone experience extreme lows coming into the summer months? I’d say from April till about a week ago I had a really bad low where I could see little hope for the future. My inner crtitique was on fire and the sense of worthlessness I had about myself was accelerating. I’ve noticed over the last number of years this is a common experience for me. I tend to come out of it June/July. Just to note I had a very good high prior to this loads of energy inflated sense of self and took on loads to do and got loads done. I felt like I took a very abrupt swung from being on top of things to struggle to get out of the bed literally every day. Just wondering does anyone else have such an experience? Does anyone have an explanation for the seasonal element? I understand people get low during winter but this baffles me as to why mine seems to get set off coming into the summer. Thanks in advance 😃
#BipolarDisorder # #Depr #BipolarTypeII

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My Mum❤️💙

The most important thing that i learned from my mum is that one should never give up hope.She has been suffering from extremely painful tragiedies since 14 years and she had thought of suicide many times but she has a hope that one day i will be grow up and she will see a day full of happiness.She has never given up this hope.

I am suffering today but i am sure one day there will be miracles in my life when i will breath the new fresh air and give my mum days full of happiness.
#Anxiety #PTSD #s #suicideattempt ##PTSD # #Depr #MentalHealth 🍁🍁


NEW Mantra

I have the genes of queens, kings, and conquerors infusing each cell of my being.

I shall no longer tolerate the minimization of my person.

#dna #BPD #epressiveDisorder # #Depr #Anxiety


What if?

I find myself wondering a lot about the ‘what if’. I took a promotion and was so unhappy for a year I nearly took my own life due to how bad my mental health was.

Currently, I’ve started a new job (almost finished my first week) and am happy. I know that there isn’t a perfect job out there, but this isn’t bad as far as jobs go. This being said, I’ve found myself wondering what would have happened had I not accepted the promotion and was moved away from the team and building I was use to. If things would have gotten as bad as they eventually did or if other things would have happened to push me to resign. Or would I still be there and have been happy-ish.

I wonder…

#s #SuicideAttempt # #Depr #Depression #MajorDepression #Anxiety #Suicide


Anyone know of some good anxiety/depression meds?

I am a 115lbs 20 year old female who struggles with off and on severe anxiety and depression. I am wondering if anyone is in the same boat as me who knows of some good meds that I might want to try for it. I am looking for something with the potential to have minimul side effects. #Depression #Anxiety #MajorDepressiveDisorder #SocialAnxiety #AnxietyAttack #AnxietyMedication #DepressionAndMentalHealth ##PTSD # #Depr #Suicide


I wished I’d never meet my fiancée .. he has ruin me mentally , emotionally, he cheated on me twice... and I’m too dumb to leave him bc I’m in love.

#toxicrelationship #sad #anx ##ptsd # #Depr

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My “brave tattoo”

A while back I saw where someone had the word brave tattooed on their wrist. I finally did the same thing. My first tattoo. I tell people it’s just for me to look at when I’m feeling anxious. But it’s so much more. It’s a true wonder that that wrist hasn’t been slashed. And one psychiatrist actually complimented me that I was indeed VERY BRAVE. I know there’s a lot of you out there who understand what it’s like to live this life of mental illness and the true bravery it actually takes I’m so proud when I look at my tattoo. #BipolarDepression #Bipolar1Disorder #s #SuicideAttempt # #Depr #Tattoos #Depression


Severe depression sufferers- total honesty- what’s the longest you’ve gone without showering? #honesty ##PTSD # #Depr #Showerless #hygeine

I was reflecting today about my cycles and the signs when I’m in a down time. My hygiene is the first to go. A few years ago in some of the worst years of my depression everyone around me tip toed around how bad off I really was. Most even ignored it. Sad part was that I spent weeks, 2 different houses , with blankets over my living room windows to keep it dark. Uhhh how was that not a sign? I also was not showering at all. I hated how gross I felt. I hated what I looked like and was so ashamed. my longest was probably close to 3.5 weeks. I still can’t believe it. Anyone able to relate?


Is it okay to fight anxiety without medication? #AnxietyMedication #AnxietyTips #panickattack #HowToFightDepression #epressiveDisorder # #Depr #Medication #BipolarDiorder

I’m 22 and I decided that I’m done with being abnormal
I’m changing and I try to help myself to be better because I came to believe that no one else will help me but me
I started therapy because I want to learn more about my conditions and how to overcome them
I have #Anxiety, #panic attack and mild #Depression
Is it okay if I fight what I have with no medicine?
Is it possible?
My doctor gave me a drug to take when I get panic attacks and another one to use it daily to fight my anxiety
But I believe that I really want to change without any help of medical drugs
Can you help me please????