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I have the genes of queens, kings, and conquerors infusing each cell of my being.

I shall no longer tolerate the minimization of my person.

#dna #BPD #epressiveDisorder # #Depr #Anxiety

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Niagara Falls Lights Up for DES (Diethylstilbestrol) Awareness Week

With special thanks to the Niagara Falls Illumination Board, #niagarafalls will illuminate Orange, Red, and Black for DES Awareness Week on Monday, April 26, 2021, at 10 pm EST for fifteen minutes. Six other locations in America will also illuminate this week.

Do you know about the #DES #tragedy ? For decades, millions of pregnant women were given the synthetic #estrogen, DES (Diethylstilbestrol), thereby exposing them and their future offspring to a teratogenic, carcinogenic mutagen. Adverse effects are now appearing in the fourth generation after these genetic mutations, including vaginal #clearcelladenocarcinoma in girls under ten. Major issues related to the reproductive system and fertility, causing excessive miscarriages and birth defects. Serious #cardiac issues are common.

At least 200 separate #genes are impacted by #diethylstilbestrolexposure. #Bigpharma and the #fda does not want this publicly discussed. As such, a group of DES Exposed women led by Daphne Grant, teamed up to create an illumination awareness campaign around the cause to make the noise they don’t want us to make! We need research, education, better health care... we need to save lives! Too many have died too young due to #DESExposure . Do you know if you or anyone in your family is DES Exposed?

#DrugDEvaStation #DESSyndrome #Diethylstilbestrol #EndocrineDisruptor #Cancer #dna #heart #GenderDysphoria #trans #nonbinary #DESSyndrome #DESInfo #DESAwareness #DESAwarenessWeek



My life the past two weeks have been blow after completely blow. With the COVID-19 virus making its rounds, and mandated social distancing, I was forced to cancel and postpone my wedding for this upcoming weekend. Over a year of planning to cancel it a week before it happened. I am so blessed with the support of my fiancé and our family.. I took it extremely hard, but what no one knows is not only was I going through all of those emotions, but I also found out ONE DAY before the cancellation, that my dad, wasn't my biological father. My brother and I, for fun, decided to take a 23andMe DNA test to see where we came from. I, a fair-skinned red head, and he, a tan and dark haired guy, always joked that I was "the mailman's kid" Besides looking like my mother in the face, I didn't quite match my siblings. A rumor went around when I was born with red hair, but my family shot it down..We always joked about it but I never thought of it seriously. I didn't think there was even a possibility. I received my results first and matched with two girls, around the same age as me as "half-sisters." My hear absolutely sank. I hurried and shutoff the DNA sharing, I needed time to process... and since my brother hadn't received his results yet, it could be that my "dad" had more kids..
The next day, my brothers results were in and he was in fact, a half brother, not full sibling, like we thought for our entire lives. Both of our hearts were shattered. Although my mother and father were not together and hadn't been since we were babies, my entire life suddenly felt like a lie. My Grandpa wasn't my blood family, aunts, cousins, everything I felt like I knew, was an absolute LIE. I decided I was going to wait to reach out to the new found sisters until I am in a better head space, but I did a little investigation on my own into the 2 girls, and found one of them, had a dad, with my color hair, looked like me and everything, like truly (kind of scary) but he passed away in 2015. IF this was him.. I was robbed of the chance to know my real dad, and now I never will get to.. So much to process and my heart is completely broken. I feel people who haven't been through this, truly don't get..
I am open to advice, suggestions, and any solace during this time..

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This is Pretty Cool!

My sister did a DNA test and she just got this in her email 😋 I dont know much about him or if it is 100% true but its pretty neat. Made ny day :) Just had to share :)

#Anxiety #Depression #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #dna #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Epilepsy


DNA Testing. A gift? Your heritage? Your homeland? A shock?

I’m Irish/Scot and Hungarian. Maternal side arrived in 1906 from Hungary. Paternal side arrived from Scotland and Ireland in 1700s.  Couldn’t wait to find out what percentage of what and which regions my ancestors came from!  

I’m one of 7. 4 boys, 3 girls. I’m third born. Parents married in 1953.  Strict Catholics on both sides.  Well, results are in my friends,  I’m German European.  I had tested on 23andme. After my confusion I told my oldest sibs about it and they decided to join in and we all did ancestry dot com at same time. We eagerly looked at the results to find where this glitch Moms side or Dads?

Imagine the biggest shock of them all.  We were only half siblings. I had a different father.  I went from 1 of 7 to an only child with six half sibs.

Mom is still alive. Turns out, they were separated on and off when I was conceived.  They remained married married until he died in 04. I had questions, and lots of them. Narcissistic mother refuses to answer them. Even when I showed her the dna and my birth fathers name.

I’m having the biggest crises of my life. Have you been thru this? How did you cope?   I’m not asking about meeting or not meeting new family. I’m asking about your emotions.  I really thought I was doing well.  I have other serious issues (health)   I was mad. I was sad, I felt betrayed, I felt mocked, I’m just feeling everything there is!  My identy is gone. Just vanished. Where do I go from here?  Where do I fit?

The very few told this to, have told me to let it go and move forward. My life flipped. I can’t do that. Help? #Family #paternity #betrayal #dna #ancestry


#dna testing for medication

I would like to know who has had DNA test to tell which antidepressants might work better, and if it has helped you find a more suitable med?


Has anyone had a DNA medication test? #Medication #MentalHealth #treatment #Genetics #dna #Medicine #Depression #Antipsychotics #Anxiety

I am just wondering if anyone has had one and if so did they find it helpful. It would be great to cut out a lot of the trial and error with a lot of medications. #MentalHealth
#MentalIllness #Anorexia #Recovery #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #EatingDisorder