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Expressing Feelings

I was telling my mom about a conversation I had and I got teary-eyed about some of the things I mentioned which lead to us talking about our home situation. The man of the house and I still don't talk and she suggests that I should go to him first and I brought up that in every situation she is the one who has to both talk things over and apologize even if he doesn't speak to her for a week. Things did get heated and I left. I told her about how I felt about everything. How small i feel around her, that it always feels like she takes up for him, and that I seem to fail at being the woman she wants me to be. She says that I shouldn't live life as the victim and that I need to make the first step. The whole conversation made me feel like every conversation we had that was serious. It felt like I wasn't being listened to and that all I'm given is solutions. The last thing I said was, "I'm the one who's bat shit crazy in this whole thing". I feel like I have to stand on my own now. I'm being a drama queen like always. Its my fault for opening up. I'm trying to get past this and my trauma,but it feels like nothing I do is enough. #MentalHealth #Depression #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #FamilyInteractions


COVID19 #CheckInWithMe

Although the #COVID19 nightmare has made things really hard for some people, I am finding that it is doing wonders for my #FamilyInteractions .
As a family unit, it is actually been a beneficial experience. My family has only been #workingfromhome for 2 weeks, but the way we are #communicating has already changed for the better.

Is anyone else finding little #SilverLinnings in #selfisolation ?