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Self love is the best kind of love

My silver lining of 2020 was realizing that the most important relationship you will ever have is the one with yourself, and there’s nothing more powerful than the power of self love. Loving yourself is everything you need to sustain a meaningful life. It is accepting yourself unconditionally no matter what, which frees you from the burden of needing acceptance from anyone else. Loving yourself is realizing that every compliment and every kind gesture from others is just an add on to what already exists. It allows you to become more loving towards others and makes you want everyone to shine because you know for a fact that it will never dim your light. The energy that comes with loving yourself is magical that will inspire others to glow as well. The strength that comes with it is fulfilling that will make you acknowledge your worth and value. Self love isn’t being selfish. It’s respecting yourself enough that makes you not settle for anything less than what you deserve. At the end self love attracts the love of others and shows you that you are lovable with all the imperfections you have. The truth goes with this saying “no one can love you the way you love you” and you owe it to yourself.

I love you Rana♥️

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COVID19 #CheckInWithMe

Although the #COVID19 nightmare has made things really hard for some people, I am finding that it is doing wonders for my #FamilyInteractions .
As a family unit, it is actually been a beneficial experience. My family has only been #workingfromhome for 2 weeks, but the way we are #communicating has already changed for the better.

Is anyone else finding little #SilverLinnings in #selfisolation ?