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    depressed, suppressive feelings and anger rising up

    I never thought I would be here again.
    After sooo much inner work and making plans... less than a month ago, we tied the knot and tonight he already said the divorce word. After all I’ve been doing, after paying all the bills when he got fired. He still treat like this?
    I was so mad so rejected so disappointed I got loud and the neighbors called the cops.
    Now we have a record on domestic violence and more anger and unhappiness.
    what do you do with someone with adhd? someone that just still easily cracks at his ex and gets physical with me?
    after 4 years. still so much sadness in my heart and so much questions unanswered. #Marriage #ToxicMarriage #issues #ADHD #adhdpartner #Depression #Anxiety #Divorce #MarriageWithDepression #Marriageissues

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