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    Healing from chronic stress

    New written interview posted!

    Fran speaks with me about the effects chronic stress had on her physical and mental health as well as the steps she took to heal

    #Stress #chronicstress #MentalHealthAwareness #stressed #selfcare #Selflove


    Hi, my name is Mayalerntleben. I'm herein to learn more about and understand myself. #MightyTogether #ADHD #puberty #chronicstress #Hyperacusis


    How can I be better about having positive convos w/ppl close to me? I'm often venting, which can get tiring for people even if they want to help.

    #CheckInWithMe #Anxiety #ADHD #adultingwithadhd #Loneliness #friendshipstruggles #Family #datingwithdisabilities #adhdpartner #RejectionSensitiveDysphoria #Adhdandanxietyinarelationship #FamilyInteractions #chronicstress


    does anyone with #Fibromyalgia,#chronicstress have a swollen tongue? 😳


    Toxic Relationships and Moving On

    I am borderline personality diagnosed comorbid with depression and anxiety.
    For three years now I have been in denial that my relationship is unhealthy and very much toxic, anot just for myself but my significant other, as well as our children.
    I begged him to start therapy to get over my infidelity that occured 3 years prior to the birth of our first daughter two years ago.
    Things have only gotten worse between us; we have had fist fights, we are constantly fighting or bickering to the point that I'm in tears daily.
    Our kids have watched all of it including me attacking him with a bedroom lamp.
    He is controlling and monitors everything in my phone and has gone as far as to hide cameras around our house.
    He accuses me of still cheating, throws my past drug addiction in my face and makes me relive embarassing and mortifying life experiences like the night three men used my addiction against me and took advantage of me sexually while I was not coherent enough to realize what was happening until after.
    He has also threatened to use my mental health diagnosis and past indiscretions against me in court if I was to try leaving with my kids.

    Thank you if your still reading this long ass post....

    The thing is that I have started creating an escape plan but I'm so conflicted inside. I want to stay but I really dont.
    How did you, if you have, finally get the strength and courage to leave? What helped you face the fear of being alone? How did you break the news to your significant other that you were leaving. Was your mental health used against you? what was the outcome of the court hearing for custody?
    #breakup #Relationships #movingon #Love #heartbreak #Abuse #DomesticAbuse #familylaw #Toxic #chronicstress #whatdoido
    #Adviceplease #Advice #seekinghelp #toxiclove #


    If it’s just stress, then what? #CheckInWithMe

    Some back story - I’ve been on disability for about a year for my migraines. Most treatments have never proved to help me with the exception of minor relief here and there.

    I’ve been working through a lifestyle program since April that has a huge focus on overall wellness (mind body soul stuff) and it has caused me to retest a bunch of nutrient levels.

    One pattern that emerged has been my EO level that has been low for the last year - meaning I produce an excess amount of cortisol. In addition, my glucose level has gone up quite high - this has never been a problem but I’ve seen connections to glucose and stress/cortisol so for now I’m assuming they’re fully connected.

    But, I’ve been working to address stress so much that I feel like at this point I’m stressed about stress.

    I’ve adjusted my natural reaction to stressful situations and been able to separate myself if there’s nothing I can do.

    I’ve gotten much more into journaling and having a set morning and evening routine.

    But, the stress is still there. Having a chronic condition is stressful, you all know this.

    So, what do y’all do to manage stress? Is therapy of some sort going to be my best course of action?

    #chronicstress #Stress #Migraine


    Does anyone feel like the bottom of there throat in between the color bone is tightening up or like there is something stuck in the throat?

    #Anxiety #Depression #chronicstress


    #DailyReminder If you can't see past today, that's OK.

    Sometimes it's easy to get so overwhelmed by the stresses of life, whether it's health, work, or family. Sometimes, you can't even identify the cause of why you might be feeling so poorly. Whatever the case, you're doing all you can; take a moment to just be. Tomorrow is a fresh, new day. #ChronicIllness #RareDisease #chronicstress #MentalHealth #Anxiety