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Safe place #Stress #Anxiety #Depression

The shower is my safe place. It always has been, water is one of the only things that has ever been able to calm me. With that being said when I have a lot of anxiety or anything hits below a 5 on the emotional scale I can’t handle it and I retreat to the shower where I feel safe. It’s been so bad that I spent 6 hrs in the shower in one day. I’ve tried just listening to water sounds, sitting in the bathroom, listening to shower sounds while sitting in the bathroom but nothing can calm me down quite like sitting in the water. I hate baths and I have well water so it isn’t very costly but this definitely isn’t a solution. I share a bathroom with 2 other people and they need hot water and a chance to get clean. Thankfully everyone in my home understands that when I’ve had a lot going on I’ll be in the shower for at least a few hours. We’re getting a pool put in so that I can be in water and feel calm without using all the hot water. However that only works for a few months out of the year. Does anyone else feel like this or have these struggles? I so want to be the kind of person who can shower in half an hr or less. #safeplace #Showers #water

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Make a wish💫

Positive energy ✨.

My favorite things to look at can be found in nature. Flowers are my favorite. Delicate beauty. Does anyone have a safe place? If I had the chance, I’d build my own secret garden with a quiet stream. A hammock, the sound of the breaze, birds and water engulfing me in a safe and happy cacoon. Sigh… if only. 🌺🌸🌼🌻🌷🌹☀️🌈😴 #SafeSpace #safeplace #solitude #peace #silence #recoup #Life

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I imagine it to be so nice and calm under water

Just the water making those gargling noise, you feel like you are soaring, all around you the water. Imagine you could hear the whales singing their songs for you. You feel like you are part of this, fearless, free. Your breath is calm and your muscles are relaxed. 🥰🐋

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"Safe Place"

You know how a therapist will sometimes recommend going to a "safe place" in your mind when you are triggered? I really struggle to come up with anything. A few months ago, I did think of somewhere, but it has somehow become clouded over and it feels like it's completely disappearing from my memory now.

It's not that I had a terrible childhood or anything - maybe it was just a general feeling of insecurity and unease within myself and about myself. And I don't even know anymore if I actually felt those things at the time or if it is just thoughts from the present transforming my memories. Every place I try to imagine gets taken over by this insecurity and unease.

How did you identify a safe place?

#safeplace #Therapy #Memories #MentalHealth #Depression #Anxiety #Trauma #triggered



Okay, after repeated chat requests from complete strangers, and reports from other Mighties that the same thing is ALSO happening to them REPEATEDLY, I seem to have no alternative but just to block people who DM me before they've ever spoken to me any other way. #frustrating #safeplace ?

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#safeplace #photogrophy #Selfcare #EUPD #Bipolar #Support

Last night thing spiralled out of control after a dip the last few weeks and years of battling. I ended up in a safe house today near where I live to get away from everything, my head still didn’t stop racing and the safe place didn’t work for me this time around. I have the crisis team coming to visit me tomorrow for the 100000000th time let’s see if I get any decent answers and support this time around. Is anyone else sick of up and down up and down all the time I feel like I am not in control of my head. My 2 kids stop me from doing anything stupid but it is tough and I wonder how long this can carry on. I took this picture yesterday and have been looking at it. It’s glass one a door it gives me a sence of peace. I hope everyone is ok today?

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A safe place doesn’t have to be a place, it can be a state of mind, a smell, a playlist, a picture or anything .
#safe #safeplace #Depression #Anxiety #calm

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What/where is your happy place? #Depression #Selfharm #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #calm

Where do you go mentally, or physically, to calm yourself?
I discovered I have a place, in my head, where I can get away from the chaos of my mind. It took being hospitalized for me to find it.

I have a porch swing. Every single time I go there it's the exact same. I can hear thunder occasionally see lightening and rain. I am sitting on the swing with a warm mug of mint tea that I can smell. I'm always wearing the same clothes an over-sized sweater of the softest material and comfortable jeans, it's usually cool here. Only change is if there's a dog with me or not. #safeplace #grounding