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Trans friends, how do you experience gender euphoria?

Wow, it's the middle of Pride Month already!

🏳️‍⚧️ Let's keep the celebrations going by elevating our trans siblings (and of course our non-binary, genderqueer, two-spirit, and gender fluid pals are part of this!!) and celebrating amazing moments of trans joy!

So, trans Mighties, if you're comfortable, please share your moments of gender euphoria in the comments below! 👇

And if you're not comfortable sharing, just know your fellow LGBTQIA+ Mighties are here for you and are quietly cheering you on. 💙 💖 🤍

👋 Psst, don't forget to share your recent small victories with us here! What’s a small victory you achieved recently?

#LGBTQIA #trans #GenderDysphoria #gendereuphoria #CheckInWithMe #CheerMeOn

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My "Gender Envy Board" 🏳‍⚧🏳‍🌈💚😄😅

Okay, so I have recently come out as #Transgender (female to male) and with this, I decided I want to publicize my "Gender Envy Board" lol

People have always been curious about some of them, so, even though nobody asked I'm gonna explain some of them

The "Percy Jackson" book series: I can't explain it. I just feel a kind of #gendereuphoria when I feel the books Ranboo, Wilbur Soot, Troye Sivan: He's a very pretty boy. Yungblud: He's a very pretty boy and he's #comfy with it. He doesn't let people tell him how to dress simply because of how he identifies his gender Outfits: I really like the outfits and wish that I was #comfortable enough with society to wear them. If you have any more questions about anything I'd be #happy to answer them!!









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