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    My "Gender Envy Board" 🏳‍⚧🏳‍🌈💚😄😅

    Okay, so I have recently come out as #Transgender (female to male) and with this, I decided I want to publicize my "Gender Envy Board" lol

    People have always been curious about some of them, so, even though nobody asked I'm gonna explain some of them

    The "Percy Jackson" book series: I can't explain it. I just feel a kind of #gendereuphoria when I feel the books Ranboo, Wilbur Soot, Troye Sivan: He's a very pretty boy. Yungblud: He's a very pretty boy and he's #comfy with it. He doesn't let people tell him how to dress simply because of how he identifies his gender Outfits: I really like the outfits and wish that I was #comfortable enough with society to wear them. If you have any more questions about anything I'd be #happy to answer them!!









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    I live in leggings

    Just got a new pair of Halloween lularoes. I can live in comfy ass leggings with horror designs 😍 #leggings #comfy #Halloween #outfit

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    when you realize this isn't #normal and #comfy

    So I was sitting like this today just chilling with some coffee when someone walked by and was like "ok pretzel". I responded with "I'm not hungry but thanks".
    yeah... turns out they were talking about my seated position on a computer chair. apparently this isn't normal even for skinny people. Go figure. I was cozy!... took my foot falls asleep then I switch lol anyone else a pretzel?
    I can only pretzel in certain directions though...

    #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #bendy #EhlersDanlosSociety #Flexibility