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    Grateful Anal Cancer Survivor

    What on my mind is this cancer really sucks and my god has to have a sense of humor,I say this because I was born under the sign
    Cancer ,but now after going through it I dislike the word, I was diagnosed with anal cancer and Hodgkin lymphoma in 2009 survived both but anal cancer came back this Mar of 20022 and that left me with a permanent colostomy bag.

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    Hi new to group

    #Hodgkinslymphoma I currently am 31 and I have had Hodgkin’s twice in my life starting when I was 22 and again when I was 24. It has taken a lot from me been 6 years in remission since September 12 when I had a bone marrow transplant. I have damaged lungs memory problem and anxiety. I keep trying to push my life forward seems like I’m starting over in my 30’s and hopefully won’t have anymore life stopping diagnosis like this again.

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    Cancer survivor but still struggling

    Today is National Cancer Survivors Day

    When I was diagnosed with cancer (Hodgkins Lymphoma) in 2015, my world was turned upside down. I never saw this coming and it shook me to my core. Thoughts went running through my mind. I was scared, worried and depressed. Thankfully I caught early before it had a chance to spread. I went into surgery to remove the cancerous lymph node, quickly got chemo and radiation treatments. I was determined to beat this but the toll it took on my body and my mind made it one of the most challenging times in my life. By the grace of God, the treatments worked and within a year there was no more evidence of the disease. I don’t know why I was blessed to beat this when so many other people would not. Being a cancer survivor does not make everything better. Sure I was spared a death sentence, but it took so much out of me that my dive and positivity disappeared. It’s been 7 years since my diagnosis and not a day goes by that my mind does not worry about it coming back. I went into a deep depression and it ruined my relationship with family. I may have seemed strong on the outside, but I was torn up inside. I am deeply thankful for all of my family and friends who supported me because without them I probably would have given up the fight.

    I hope my survival is an inspiration to others. I pray I never have to see cancers ugly face again and I hope that with more time passing I will climb out of my depression and begin to enjoy life to its fullest. This is not an easy journey and I still think of “why me?” almost every day. I wanted to share this with everyone because so many people don’t have a clue what someone goes through when they hear the words “you have cancer”. If I can open a small window inside me to let people understand my struggle and fear, then perhaps it will educate at least one person to be more compassionate and then it is worth the vulnerability I must face.

    Take time today to reflect on this importance of this day and realize that being a survivor is not as easy as the word implies. Say a prayer for all of those who faced cancer head on and don’t have the blessing of being able to use the word survivor. I hope no one has to go through this, but I know that will never be possible in my lifetime. Reflect on the word survivor today and give support to those who are struggling post treatment. We are only as strong as the people around us and if we can form a strong army supporting those in the battle of their life then hopefully people will find the strength and positivity they so desperately need!


    #nationalcancersurvivorsday #teamdoug



    Following CT scans that my GP/MD organised for me; blood tests and a consult with my haematology specialist last week, I can reveal I've now passed the three year mark as far as my remission is concerned. I was diagnosed with High Grade B Cell (non) Hodgkin's lymphoma in September 2018. This was considered to be a relapse from lymphoma I had in 1992.
    I will continue to have six monthly check-ups and I think annual CT scans. I'm allowing myself to become a little excited despite my my complex mental health issues issues! I'm on track to pass the golden 5 year mark, when 50% of lymphoma patients are considered to be cured.

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    Hi my name is Kerry and I have depression anxiety and Myotonic dystrophy type one

    Hi my name is Kerry and I have depression anxiety and Myotonic dystrophy type one Also had to cancer at 18 Hodgkins disease


    I’m new here!

    Hi, my name is Doogie29. I’m new to The Mighty and look forward to sharing my story.

    #MightyTogether #Depression #Migraine #Anxiety #crohn'sDisease #hodgkin'sLymphoma


    Feeling #lonely and depressed. Scared I’ll always be alone romantically.

    I'm 33, single and have only had one long term
    relationship, 3 years, but he didn't love me, and would
    say really unkind things that made me feel not good
    Prior to that relationship I dealt with
    alcoholism in my immediate family as a young child and
    teen. So I've always had very low self esteem. I was
    teased very badly for the entirety of secondary school
    because I turned to food as a comfort and was 24 stone
    by the time I left school at 16. My Mom then became
    very ill and spent many months in hospital with MRSA
    and septicemia, and didn't recognise me or my brother
    because she was so ill. It ended with her having her
    right leg amputated. She was unwell for years.

    I went to do my A Levels at 21, got down to 15 stone
    7, was happy and doing well..the month I
    completed my A Levels I was diagnosed with stage 4
    Hodgkin's lymphoma and had 6 months chemotherapy
    and lost my hair and dealt with everything else that
    entailed. That obviously had a huge impact on my
    mental health and I honestly don't think I've been the
    same since.
    I met my ex boyfriend not long after all of that and
    stayed with him for 3 years, but as I said it wasn't a
    particularly healthy relationship.

    My Mom then became very ill again as a result of
    neurological painkillers she was given for the phantom
    pain in her amputated limb, she was taken off of them
    too quickly which caused grand mal seizures for years.

    After that I decided to go forward for weight loss
    surgery, I had a vertical sleeve gastrectomy, and lost 10
    stone, however I did put about 1.5 stone back on in the
    initial lockdowns as I had only had my op under a year
    prior and my new lifestyle was not ingrained yet.
    Then obviously covid happened which has caused most
    people a lot of stress.

    I have a job in a retail store that I enjoy, when I can cope
    with my mental health. I am also doing a degree in art
    and design, including learning ceramics and
    printmaking which I really love! I often get anhedonia
    though and so can struggle with it when I'm not well.
    Since being diagnosed with cancer at 23 I've been
    certain that I want to marry and have children of my
    own. My brother is married and has a wonderful wife
    and two gorgeous children. So I have a lot of joy in my
    life, I also have a very good relationship with both of my
    parents dispite the alcoholism in my childhood.
    I have some very good friends and I know I'm very
    blessed to have all of these things.
    I want so badly to find 'my person' though and it
    genuinely worries me that I never will.

    Met someone at work last year who I liked and he
    seemed to like me, but all he wanted was fwb which is
    not something I can do, I get too attached and it's not
    what I want. I then went on about 4 dates with a guy
    who I just 'clicked' with, we talked all the time, he
    seemed to be as interested as me and then he just
    disappeared. Came back said he'd made a 'huge mistake' then did it again. It hurts like hell and I'm so confused. He’s now blocked me on everything. #lonely

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    Hero rock-heroes of oncology

    Edit-I said I would share some of my rainbow rocks for keyworkers on here so here's the next big one alongside the article .

    This one is a big one again guys. I am choosing carefully what to use these few large concrete bits on and oncology teams definitely deserve one. In your life you have a 38.4% chance of ever getting cancer, that's high so yes covid is a big deal but ignoring cancer could become a biggier one.
    On this rock I have big ribbons for all the core types of cancer, there's more, the rainbow smaller ribbons, they are leave for people who have passed away due to cancer and for those still fighting.
    The staff that work in oncology work as doctors, nurses, HCAs, pain speacilists, phsios, Macmillan nurses, palliative care teams, hospice staff, care workers and this list goes on so please know if you work in this area this rock is for you . They trully care, they are they for the patient and families.
    Covid has caused alot of problems for this service. They had periods in the beginning where they had to cancel treatment so they could safely have patients come in especially since they were at high risk of getting covid.
    They are in some areas using buses to do chemo, some separate buildings but they put they work in to get there.
    The other worry was in patients spirits, they were alone. We actually sent some comfort rocks to some including children to help here. Then people haven't gone to screening due to fear of going out, these are so important, it's not just the screenings it's believed they are ignored Lumps, headaches and so forth all for fear of Covid.
    Right now yes covid is bad but follow the guidelines and be sensible, don't let it stop you getting vital health care otherwise we give covid a different victory. Right now our waiting list for cancer care has rocketed to 2 million people. We need this not to be our story so get checked and attend screenings.
    Thanks to the staff for your professionalism, compassion and understanding. Xxx #Art #ArtTherapy #Cancer #COVID19 #BreastCancer #ChildhoodCancers #Leukemia #braintumors #BrainCancers #HeadAndNeckCancers #ThroatCancer #CervicalCancer #TesticularCancer #ColonCancer #CervicalCancer #NonHodgkinsLymphoma #Hodgkinslymphoma #EsophagealCancer #SkinCancer #BoneCancers #LiverCancer #KidneyCancer


    How did you feel mentally after auto #stemcelltransplant ?

    I'm six months post auto stem cell for Hodgkin's Lymphoma. I fought hard to not do it, and I'm still having a lot of regrets about doing it. Anyone else in this boat? I was just getting out of isolation when #COVID19 hit and went right back in, which I know is having some impact too. But mentally I'm just struggling to keep up. #MentalHealth #Cancer #Hodgkinslymphoma #ChemoBrain #BoneMarrowTransplant