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    What did you do to celebrate the end of you #Cancer treatment?

    On your last day of radiation chemo etc. did you do anything special to mark the occasion Share what you did Your answer might be included in a Mighty post. #Leukemia #BreastCancer #ThyroidCancer #LymphomaHodgkin


    Millennial dating life post cancer #Cancer #LymphomaHodgkin

    I was diagnosed with Stage III Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at age 23. I was in the prime of my life - one year away from graduating with my DPT in Physical Therapy. I was someone who enjoyed hanging out with my friends. I enjoyed drinking alcohol. I enjoyed eating pizza and tacos. I enjoyed Law & Order: SVU marathons. I enjoyed sleeping in. And I enjoyed sex. These were all things in which a “twenty-something” would most likely find enjoyment. However, cancer decided to tell me that I was no longer in control of my life and that it was its turn to tell me what I could enjoy.

    Cancer took away my energy and with that it took away many things I enjoyed. In particular, it took away my dating life. I (rightfully) focused on myself and my healing for the nine months in which I underwent treatment. During this time, I lost my hair and undoubtedly some self-confidence. Now, as a survivor I struggle with re-entering the dating world. The majority of millennial dating occurs online. If I were to ever meet someone online and agree to meet them in person, the following anxieties would run through my mind:

    Do I wear my wig and then if he dare asks why my hair looks different in pictures do I tell him this isn’t the real me but a facade?

    Do I wear my pixie cut and when he asks why I have one do I lie and tell him that I chose to cut it this way or do I speak the truth and say it’s growing back after being poisoned?

    Do I tell this (essentially) complete stranger all this personal medical history of mine in the hopes he’ll be somewhat more understanding? And what if I do and he isn’t understanding?

    I have no problems sharing my story or the hell that I have been through. However, it can feel tiring to go over and over the pain this past year has caused. Especially with a complete stranger.

    So, how does one date after cancer?


    Double Whammy- Feeling Caged

    Sometimes I feel like my body just can’t get a break. My life has always been abnormal. I couldn’t do the things others could due to my Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, but little freedom I had has been stripped away from me since I was diagnosed with Hodkin’s Lymphoma. It makes me so angry. Even on days my EDS gives me a break I hear that I can’t do certain things due to my cancer. I feel like I’m in an unending nightmare, caged, and hopeless. #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #LymphomaHodgkin #Cancer


    Pro tip for the service industry

    You DO NOT know a client's story.

    For those wondering what prompts this post: I was asked in a rather rude/judgemental tone about the wig I wore today at a gas station I stopped at by the recepetionist (“can I ask why?” While looking judgy at the color of my wig). I said nothing because I was in a hurry but I wanted to tell them “cancer, hope that makes you feel good now” 😑
    #Cancer #LymphomaHodgkin #lymphoma