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Stuck in this hell hole

I've been told that my mom is psychologically abusive towards me. Things are pretty bleh at home because of my moms homophobia. Whenever theres a gay couple kissing on the TV, her words are, "ugh that is disgusting!"... yesterday my aunt told my mom a story about a gay woman and my mom said that its disgusting, INFRONT OF ME, while she know I'm gay. They all know I'm gay. They put my mood in a shit place because of their homophobic comment. It wasnt directly said to me, she indirectly called me disgusting and I hate being here I fucking hate being here with her homophobicness.
This morning I went to sit my my uncle and aunt and my aunt didnt even touch me at all, it's like she treated me aside I'm a positive covid case...
Some days I feel like I'm the wrong one, that if i wasnt gay and didnt did what did they would accept me.
I'm trying to get as much evidence against her to take her to court for psychological abuse. I have a nice mot of her where she threatened to take away my insulin so I hope that well win the case...
Any advise or help anyone have?

#homophobia #PsychologicalAbuse #hopelessness #pleasehelp


Do you all feel you learned an honest history in school of do you think it was biased?

I think historical bias can cause truma for a lot of people because it teaches us to be inherently bias twoards ourselves and others I am wondering of others see this too? Have you had to unlearn things?
#Racism #Sexism #Abelism #audism #homophobia #actuallyautistic #Autistic #Transphobia #History #colonization #

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Struggling #Depression #homophobia #Familydrama #ItHurts

My mum has always had a problem with me being gay. There is a lot of history there. She has now ‘turned a corner’ and become a celebrant. She now celebrates love is love.. so now I get to see her posting on Facebook for her business about #gayweddings .. not just #Weddings .. it’s got to be #gayweddings .. because they are so different..


aggh super tired after school

#Depression #Anxiety  #LGBTQIA  
 augh super long day at school, we had MAP testing for 3 hours in a row. It sucked. also...my first-hour teacher made a homophobic comment so I ran into the bathroom crying. my friends came after me and we went down to the counselor's office so I could talk to the school counselor. She helped me a lot. She talked to my teacher, they got in trouble :). I am surprised that they said what they said because our school is like 'we accept everybody, no bullying' you know that kind of stuff. I was completely shocked. but i'm doing better, no worries.

  #homophobia   #stopthehate #Selfharm