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Do not interact with me if you believe that equality movements are “no longer needed” | TW mentions of racism, sexism, sexual assault, transphobia

Also TW for some caps and swearing
Some a-hole on a Fandom page claims that equality movements such as Black Lives Matter and MeToo are “no longer needed since it’s popular in Western society”.

…Excuse me?!

Black trans women are still being murdered to this day. Many women are still getting raped to this day. And DO NOT SAY “but men get raped too” as an excuse! Yes, it’s sad and it should never happen to ANYONE, but saying that as a combat is just an attempt to excuse the situation or make it seem little. It’s sickening and gross.

Black folks are still being targeted for racism especially by the authorities. Black churches are burning. Asians were JUST compared to the virus not that long ago and still are today (please don’t say the virus name, it haunts me). Non-white folks and LGBTQ+ folks are still facing unfair challenges such as pay gaps, unequal healthcare, sexist/racist/queerphobic remarks on a day to fucking day basis. Non-binary and genderqueer folks are STILL often ignored in our society.

Just because they are fucking popular sayings or beliefs DOESN’T MEAN that there are little issues or that they’re “no longer needed”. That is such a horrible, disgusting, pig-ish way to even look at this. These are still big fucking issues that we deal with not just here, but in this world as well. They still exist on a daily basis and it’s hurting many of us, and to say that bullcrap is just so fucking selfish! 😡😡😡

#blacklivesmatter #Feminism #stopAAIPhate #unfair #triggerwarning #Sexism #Racism #Racism #MeToo #ignorance #anger

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Do you all feel you learned an honest history in school of do you think it was biased?

I think historical bias can cause truma for a lot of people because it teaches us to be inherently bias twoards ourselves and others I am wondering of others see this too? Have you had to unlearn things?
#Racism #Sexism #Abelism #audism #homophobia #actuallyautistic #Autistic #Transphobia #History #colonization #


Tired of sexism in medicine

TW: sexual assault mention
Dealing with #Sexism in medicine has been so exhausting and frustrating, especially as someone with multiple chronic and mental illnesses. It devastates me that it’s become so hard to find a doctor who listens and is actually trying to help me and doesn’t try to convince me my severe pain/other physical symptoms are due to “stress” or a need for counseling when I’ve recieved therapy/psychiatric meds for years.
Almost a year ago I had a gynecologist, after an extremely painful pelvic exam (#vaginismus likely), who told me to work on controlling my facial expressions because “you’re acting like I’m raping you”. A few months later I was vomiting constantly and got an endoscopy to find out I had esophogitis/gastritis, and after my amazing mom asked if my psychiatric meds (#cymbalta and #lithium ) could be contributors he said “yeah we see that a lot”, when I already asked my psychiatrist to see if these meds could be cause for my #bladderpain and was told these meds could be helping me and to stay on them. To try and work on these problems (and other symptoms) I’ve seen several specialists, most of whom have said my symptoms were all due to stress and there was nothing they can do (and actually suggested increasing cymbalta), or they said “all medications have side effects”. My female practicioners have been just as disappointing, with many telling me I just “needed to wear more tampons” or have sex to help my vaginismus and pelvic pain.

I’m not anti-medical establishment, I’m willing to try new treatments/do what doctors say, and I do everything I can to be as assertive as possible, but it doesn’t seem to be enough. Luckily I’m working with my wonderful GP to withdraw from cymbalta, someone who actually listens to me and recognizes I should have a say over my own healthcare. But I’m still so tired of feeling alone and frustrated by this pervasive sexism and dismissal by so many medical professionals. What hurts more is this sexism has existed for many, many years, and it doesn’t feel like I can do much beyond “be more assertive”. It’s also hard to find much support and mainstream coversge for these experiences.
I understand much more needs to be done to educate medical professionals about unlearning sexist practices, and there is an apalling lack of research on women’s health/gender differences in treatments, but I really think doctors can do WAY better than they have been. I care about my health, I’m a willing and informed patient, but women deserve so much more than what we’ve had to deal with since the beginning of medicine.

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