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I'm new here!

Hi, my name is Susieqk. I'm here

#m #Migraines #Fibro HypoAdrenalism, Hypothyroidism,#ADD
.Took me abt. 9 yrs to get any doctor to take me serious. Retired medical person.it is disappointing that t we are both retired next year, I won’t be able to do so many things I wanted. BTW, can’t take narcotics due to reactions.the only med that I could take was taken off the market. :-)


ZenCleanse #MCS #m .E.CFS #Fibromyalgia

Hi, everyone! I've heard that ZenCleanse helps release the biofilm from the digestive tract and that it can help with MCS. I also hope that it will allow my body to gain the ability to better absorb supplements, nutrients, and vitamins. I'll come back on once I try it, to let y'all know how things worked out! Peace in body, mind, and spirit!💛🌻💛Wendy


Looking for Good Quality Sheets! #m .E. #CFS #Fibromyalgia #MCS

Hi! What are your sheet recommendations? I am looking for quality, cool to the touch, reasonably priced, and smoothness. Thank you!😘


Anybody Want to Trade? #MCS #m .E./CFS, #Fibromyalgia

Hi, everyone! Wanna trade conditions with me? One condition I have is MCS, multiple chemical sensitivity, which means that if I have any physical/ mental issues, many times my body rejects the medication or herb to ease the issue. So I just have to deal with it. It also affects my smell, what I eat, and what I put on my body, like creams, etc. If I take, for example, pain meds, that my body does not like, my symptoms are searing headaches, feeling nauseous, like I'm being poisoned, weakness, and dizziness, which can then be exacerbated by a smell like candles, etc. So do any of you wish to trade conditions with me😋? Looking forward to growth from this little exercise. Love to you all! Wendy🌻


Side Hustles and Chronic Illness #m .E./CFS #Fibromyalgia

Hi, everyone! I had to quit my job and have not worked for over 3 years. Although I get a disability retirement check, I have a couple of side hustles that have helped me financially. I would describe my condition as moderate. Check out my video, if you like! youtu.be/bMdiCFciZNY


Kambo Frog Medicine Has Boosted My Health!#Kambo #MCS #m .E./CFS #Fibromyalgia

Hey, everybody! I had 2 sessions of Kambo over a month's period. It has boosted my physical and mental states. I have more stamina, less sensitivity to strong odors, and less depression and anxiety. Do your research! It is definitely not something to play with. It can take you to the mountain top and to some unfamiliar places, but it was worth it for me! Most people recommend that you get more than one treatment. Find a great Kambo practitioner; Google it, and search for any reviews they may have. I live in the Dallas area and found a great practitioner! Also, make sure that they source the frog medicine ethically. (I've also had UBI treatments, which have helped tremendously. See my earlier posts.) Blessings!! Let's keep trying things until we get "there"!❤🌻💛 Wendy

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