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I’m Lucky?

When I first got my potential internship at a news station in town, I was told two different sets of hours - 2pm to 11pm or 4am to 1pm. This was because there was originally going to be another intern working with me & they obviously didn’t have a need for two interns coming at the same time.

The first week was really just a test run because the other intern had a potential spot & was waiting for their response. I was told by the manager to come in at 8am, so I did, and I worked until 4pm.

I have a seminar that meets once a week, on Thursdays, to discuss our assignments & how the internship is going. I stated that my manager was having me come in from 8-4pm during the week and she said, “You’re really lucky!! Most people have to come in at such odd hours.” It made me think to myself, “Do I really need to consider myself lucky? Is it so bad to have ‘normal hours’? Is my work any less important or worth less if I still log 8 hours a day, five days a week than if I came in at 4am or 2pm?

Idk. I’ve had many people tell me to consider myself thankful or lucky because of my current circumstances in different areas of my life. I know that people have it worse but especially if it’s something that all human beings should have, is it really ‘lucky’? It makes me believe that I should think I don’t deserve it.

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Should You Put a Traumatic Job on Your Resume?

I experienced a severely traumatic internship last summer, out of state from my hometown and away from my support system. (Please note: I do not use the term trauma lightly, as I suffer from PTSD because of this experience)

As I find myself updating my resume, I struggle to list it in my series of positions held. I dread the day someone asks me about it in an interview and I become triggered. I’m early enough in my career that it could really go either way and truly may or may not be the single breakthough bullet point in my career journey. On paper, it’s impressive because I recurved the postion immediately following my university graduation, but the postion was abusive at worst and uneducational at best.

What do you recommend?
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Ouch. In So Many Ways #CheckInWithMe

I’m not use to working 6hr shifts in the first place. #EhlersDanlosSyndrome and #PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome make being engaged and functioning for that long really hard. Working 6hr shifts TWO days in a row? I feel so exhausted I want to sleep for a month. My legs ache and my ankles are throbbing. The only reason I didn’t go straight to bed when I got off was because I had an assignment due tonight before midnight and now I’m in a POTS flare. My BPM has been between 95-105 since I sat down 15 minutes ago. I know for POTS that’s not bad but it’s normally pretty controlled right after my meds so this is not my norm. I’m so tired I could cry. I hope the pain and my HR settle down enough for me to fall asleep soon. Thanks for letting me vent. #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #College #Internship #ChronicFatigue