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    Dear workplace & management

    These types of letters and convocations should not be an issue under normal circumstances, but we live in a world where most people are closed-minded, we live in a world where medical resources are developing at a faster rate than anyone can imagine, and we live in a world where people are judgmental of what they see.
    More people are being diagnosed with chronic illness as a result of this. Which, in a perfect world, would be a comfort for a lot of people, including myself (to a degree), to finally get some answers as to why you're feeling so horrible, and in some situations, even receive some pain relief and at the very least alleviate the symptoms.

    However, not everyone, particularly those in the workplace, can embrace this ideal truth. In my case, now that I'm in a work where my superiors respect me and my chronic disease, it may not be an issue on a daily basis. But, in the end, I'd like to apologize to those in management who have to deal with me taking three days off for health concerns, even though it doesn't happen very frequently (in my case).

    I feel bad, of course I feel bad! But, at the end of the day, I'm working in an active job where I'm on my feet all day; it's not the ideal job for someone with two chronic illnesses, but it pays for my university, my cost of living, and my future.
    I apologize if I don't always do my work to the best of my ability, as you know I can; sometimes I'm tired or want to reserve my energy for the last 3 hours of my 8 hour (or 12 hour) shift. I'll use any opportunity to sit down, whether it's to use the restroom or to clean the bottom of the refrigerator. I'm exhausted and in pain, but I provide excellent service to my customers.

    To my coworkers whose shift was abruptly changed after I called in ill, whose shift with me wasn't up to par because I was having a poor day, and who can't fully rely on me since my brain isn't working.
    But one thing I've learned from having a chronic illness and working full-time is that I'm not sorry for taking care of my body, for taking a sick day, and, most importantly, for my chronic illness, because when I leave those restaurant doors at the end of the day, I leave my coworkers, managers, and upper management behind, and I'll always take my chronic illness with me.

    From an extremely appreciative employee that enjoys their job and would never want to cause any trouble under any circumstances
    #ChronicIllness #Workplace #Thoughts #Lupus #MultipleSclerosis #Fibromyalgia #ChronicFatigue #StayStrong #YouGotThis


    What to do #Workplace #Caregiver #mighty #Uncomfortable

    I went to see a patient tonight and he grabbed my boob. Any thoughts?


    Post work trauma #Workplace abuse

    I have PTSD, undiagnosed as of yet, from workplace abuse, possible prior trauma. How do you cope with this daily? And knowing others are experiencing the same as you but can't escape or leave the situation?


    Negativity is draining #Stress #Workplace #Depression #chronic #Caregiver #Drained

    I’m having a really hard time at work now. I sort of need work to be an escape from the rest of the craziness in my life. I’m at this job 10 months so I don’t have the luxury of tons of seniority. Some ppl left and some new ppl joined and such an air of NEGATIVITY and malaise has descended. I find it so hard to stay upbeat (not easy anyway) and provide appropriate patient care. Every job has positives and negatives please .
    Anyway thanks for listening. Any ideas validation or helpful comments would be appreciated #chronic #Caregiver #HealthCare #negativity #Drained #miserable #watercooler #Workplace

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    #Anxiety #Burnout #Workplace

    Preventing Burnout

    Early recognition of burnout and related risks

    self-denial can occur

    Cultivate ability to self-reflect

    attend to your own needs

    realign goals and expectations for yourselfexercise2

    Evaluate a typical weekly schedule and reduce or eliminate unnecessary items

    Complete a periodic assessment and realignment of goals, skills, and work passions

    Exercise regularly

    Eat a well-balanced, healthy diet

    Get enough sleep

    Include daily enjoyable “timeouts”, such as yoga, a hobby, or meditation

    Build up your professional and personal support system

    Dedicated family time

    Meeting with mentors to discuss setbacks, time management strategies, and other perceived barriers

    Develop resilience!.

    You can refer to this:


    Happy Holidays

    Hi everyone,
    firstly I want to start off by apologising on the low activity recently. Unfortunately due to a new additional diagnosis it led to a bit of a personal crisis of acceptance and took me a while to realise that just the diagnosis was new, I am not and with that researching in to what I could do or get to help me manage this condition both at home and at work. I started this group with hope that we together could help addressing adult autism within the workplace as a lot of information I feel is targeted towards children with autism or parents on managing and very little on adult autism and what there is in terms of workplace support, the challenges that arise and the problems we might all face, or even what support we've had that works etc. The numbers of people with autism in the workplace is not only low, but the rate of people with autism who lose their job is shockingly higher and with that a lot of those numbers were due to a lack of support or understanding which I believe strongly that by working together we can overcome these statistics by not only sharing with each other but also by highlighting issues and even overcoming them, with that and my new diagnosis, it gives me the opportunity to do so much more as one thing I enjoy doing a lot is research, even if I am my own guinea pig and a chance to share the route between new diagnosis to support and barriers. I want to wish you all the happiest of all holidays! #Autism #Workplace #AutismDiagnosis #AutismAcceptance #AspergersSyndromeAwareness #ADHD #happy Holidays

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    Concerned for colleagues

    I am extremely concerned for other people I work with in the workplace, at the moment it feels like a new business strategy was implemented to work from sickness to sickness. I have raised this as far as I can go within the company and still it feels like it isn't being taken seriously yet. This has started to really get to me, I want to be able to help my colleagues; a lot of the things they're reporting are similar to how I feel on a daily basis and going through similar thoughts or ideas myself, the whole reason I got in too the whole public realm is because I don't feel it is right and nobody should be made to feel this way - has anyone had similar experiences in the workplace, any ideas or advice?#MentalHealth #AutismEmployment #Depression #Anxiety #worry #Autism #Workplace



    I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself to the other community leaders here. I started a group the other month called Autism in the Workplace (link:

    The idea for my group was for a safe place for people with autism in the workplace to share and discuss how they feel, post problems and potentially work together to overcome barriers and encourage others to hopefully feel they can disclose their disabilities to the workplace. It is also for anyone to join and to learn, see how it affects people and also promote awareness. I am happy for anyone to share or refer on but ultimately I want to keep it voluntary whether or not someone decides to join the group #AutismEmployment #Workplace #Awareness #hi #togetherwearestronger #Disability #equality