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Switched Care Provider

I was seeing a Nurse Practioner a few miles from where I live. Well she just up and left. Didn't tell patients. Nothing. So I saw the Dr she was in with. Not a fan of him at all. He was one of those that kept saying Fibromyalgia was all in my head. There was no way anyone could be in that much pain all the time.

So I switched. I was recommended to another Nurse Practioner by a friend. I absolutely LOVE her. She came into the room and just talked to me about everything. No rush just talked. She changed all my meds around and ordered more testing. Apparently I tested positive for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Had no clue. She thinks that is part of my nerve damage. Come to find out why she is so good with Fibromyalgia patients..... She has it too. I'm so lucky to have found a provider that understands!!! Things are definitely looking up!!! #fibromyalgia #newprovider #Lucky #ChronicPain


I’m Lucky?

When I first got my potential internship at a news station in town, I was told two different sets of hours - 2pm to 11pm or 4am to 1pm. This was because there was originally going to be another intern working with me & they obviously didn’t have a need for two interns coming at the same time.

The first week was really just a test run because the other intern had a potential spot & was waiting for their response. I was told by the manager to come in at 8am, so I did, and I worked until 4pm.

I have a seminar that meets once a week, on Thursdays, to discuss our assignments & how the internship is going. I stated that my manager was having me come in from 8-4pm during the week and she said, “You’re really lucky!! Most people have to come in at such odd hours.” It made me think to myself, “Do I really need to consider myself lucky? Is it so bad to have ‘normal hours’? Is my work any less important or worth less if I still log 8 hours a day, five days a week than if I came in at 4am or 2pm?

Idk. I’ve had many people tell me to consider myself thankful or lucky because of my current circumstances in different areas of my life. I know that people have it worse but especially if it’s something that all human beings should have, is it really ‘lucky’? It makes me believe that I should think I don’t deserve it.

#Work #Internship #thankful #Lucky

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Rush of emotions

These past two days have been pretty rough for me... Just three days ago I was packing all my things, getting ready to move across the country and start fresh...

Earlier this week, I went to my last therapy session with my recent therapist and explained to her how I couldn’t wait to finally relocate and begin this new chapter of my life. I also explained how everyone I know was rooting for me and showering me with love and positivity.

But then Thursday came around and I found out that my new employer wouldn’t be able to give me an exact start date just yet and it could be about a month before I can begin working (and that’s not even including when I would finally get my first pay check). I was also told that I would be taking a severe pay cut.. which I had no idea about since I was told I would be getting paid the same as I do now.

Hearing those things made me feel discouraged. It made me wonder if God was giving me a sign to not go, to not put myself in that position... already knowing that me and my significant other were on a rocky road did not make me feel any better... I started to get a very unsettling feeling about the move.

Throughout all of this, I received news about my childhood best friend passing away. The news really hurt me, especially considering the fact that I knew there were times that he felt more rainstorms than sunshine.

I expressed my feelings about everything in a complete meltdown to my boyfriend and he said that he would talk about everything that night and that he fully supports whatever decision I make; whether I make the move now and figure it out from there -or- wait it out until I get a better and more stable job offer... that was something I really needed to hear and I was grateful for that response... but later that night things went south with him and I felt as if that was the icing on the cake...

Could it be that, that last argument between us both was all I needed to finally open my eyes about relocating? That timing really is everything?

Today I contacted my boss and let them know my situation with the potential new employer and luckily enough my job welcomed me back with open hands... and requested I resubmitted my resume for a raise...

God... I don’t know what your plan is... but I will not doubt you anymore...

#relocating #Anxiety #Depression #Work #Lucky #Relationships #startingover #hurt #Grief #Childhood #Love


Thank you

I had my first session with my counsellor since receiving my formal diagnosis. She changed our session up a bit, focused on my past and how this might make me feel instead of focusing on present issues. I’ve been really happy with my sessions anyway because I find her technique to work so well, but now am even happier because I feel exploring past trauma is only going to help with these seizures.
My neurologist has advised I see her every two weeks at least, and my counsellor has agreed to the plan. I’m so happy for the area that I live in and the services and support I can access because of it. This might have been a very different story otherwise.

Thank you to my neurologist, for investigating thoroughly.

Thank you to the SHO one night who explained why these episodes might be caused by stress, as no one had bothered to explain before. You probably don’t know it but this decreased my seizures so much.

Thank you to my counsellor for standing by me and allowing me to explore my past in a safe way.

I am so grateful and very lucky. #ThankYou #NHS #PNES #Nead #Lucky